Is Cutie Garden LEGIT? Let’s Check with Cutie Garden App Review 2022

A very warm welcome on this cutie garden app review 2022. There are more than 1 million people available around the world who have installed the cute garden app in order to merge the cute creatures and also to cash out $100 via PayPal. Also, it is one of the cool and highly addictive games but sometimes, it will become boring when you unlock some of the levels. The cash incentive will help the people to encourage them to simply keep playing and also to watch lots of ads. 

Cutie Garden App Review 2022 – Is It LEGIT?

Cutie Garden App Review

There are lots of similar games that are also available on the Google Play Store and also on the App Store as well but I still want to find someone who will be able to receive the money. We know that you are here as you really care for the money more than the games. So, will cutie garden pay you? Is it a scam or a legit app? 

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Cutie Garden App Review 2021

  • Name: Cutie Garden
  • Developer: MiniJoy Studio
  • Eligibility: WorldWide
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Overall Rating: 1.5 Stars

What Is Cutie Garden?

Cutie garden is one of the addictive merging games which is mainly available for iOS and Android devices. Also, the main aim of this game is to simply combine similar animals in terms to unlock a new one in the level. Also, it is one of the similar games to the puppy game. When you unlock a new level then you will be able to earn the virtual cash rewards which will accumulate the account balance. After this, you will be able to withdraw the money with the help of PayPal when you reach $100. 

You can also be able to use the collected puzzle pieces in terms to win the different prizes like the iPhone 11 or the Gucci bags and also you can be able to win a Versace watch as well. Cutie Garden is mainly funded by lots of advertisers which means that you will be mainly forced to watch the annoying video ads randomly. Also, those ads are really misleading as they will make people believe that they will be able to get a huge amount of money. So, don’t fall for any of those advertisements. 

Cutie Garden Pros and Cons


  • It is really enjoyable and also helps people to pass their time. 


  • You will never reach $100. 
  • People can’t be able to collect the last puzzle pieces in order to win the prize. 
  • There is also no evidence available related to the payment of Cutie Garden. 
  • Also, you will see lots of ads which are promoting ludicrous “money-making” games. 
  • This game will also consume a high battery and also high internet data as well. 

Is Cutie Garden Legit? Does It Pay?

We hope that you understand that I can’t tell cutie garden a scam without having any proof but it is unlikely that you will reach the $100 and also be able to receive the money. It will work like the Puppy Town, doggy Go, and also some of the others. All of these will be merging ames and also they use the same tactic to simply avoid the payments on a large scale. 

It will start by simply providing the particular amount of virtual cash and your earnings will also decrease when you get close to $100. You will also get stuck before you reach the minimum payout. There are lots of people who are writing reviews and saying that $100 is unattainable. I couldn’t find any of the players who chased out. 

The people who gave a positive review did this as the app developer asked them to simply rate the app within the first minute of the gameplay. If you check out the rules of the app then it will say that there are upper limits to the several withdrawals on a particular day. Also, if you reach $100 and simply make a request for the payment then they will show you that it is not available. If you are really sick and tired of using an app that will not pay then you have to check out this app. 

How Does Cutie Garden Work?

Installation on Android

You can simply be able to install the cutie garden by using Google Play or also by the App Store and then you can be able to start playing it free of cost. Also, you don’t need to register yourself for it but they may ask you for permission to access the device’s location and also to manage your phone calls as well. 

There are lots of people who think that they are required to allow these types of permission to play and also they can simply be able to select the Deny option. By doing this, you don’t put your device at risk at all. 

How to Play Cutie Garden on Smartphone?

As I said earlier, you are required to combine the animals of the same level in terms of simply unlocking the new ones at the above level. Check out the cutie garden in the action in this video:

Every animal will generate a particular number of coins every second and also the higher the level, the more coins you will get every second. You need to keep one thing in your mind that you can’t be able to convert the coins into cash rewards. Also, you can use the coins to simply buy the animals so that you can continue merging and also keep growing the level. 

When you unlock a new animal, you will be able to earn the virtual cash which is approx. $1 – $2 in the early stages. As you know already, the more you play, the less you will earn. 

Dividends on Cutie Garden

When you merge the two-level 50 animals then you will get a chance to have a rainbow unicorn by simply merging the 2 fortune unicorn. For every rainbow unicorn, you can simply be able to get the dividends of $200 per day for 7 consecutive days. 

One of the players said that she collects 12 rainbow unicorns but they will not keep saying and she needs more. So, you don’t need to expect more to earn any dividends from this app. 

Prizes – Can You Win An iPhone 11 at Cutie Garden

You can also be able to collect the puzzle pieces in order to win lots of prizes like the iPhone 11, Gucci bag and also the Versace watch. It will depend upon the prize and also you may simply be able to collect 10 or 20 puzzle pieces by simply playing the lucky spin and the bubble of the puzzles. Watching a video ad is always required before you spin the wheel or open the bubbles. 

It will not be surprising for me that lots of people are struggling to simply find out the last puzzle piece. Also, if you are winning an iPhone 11 then it is really so easy and everyone will be able to watch the ads instead of buying the iPhone at $700.

Cutie Garden is one of the games which you will definitely love to make you watch a lot of ads in return for anything. It is because you will get stuck and also give up before you reach $100. There are lots of people who report that they are paying the cutie garden for many days with no money to show for it. If you want money then you have to avoid cutie garden and any other different game which pays via PayPal. There all are advertising machines which will only work in the owner’s interest. 

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Final Verdict:

I really thank you for reading this guide of my cutie garden app review. If you are willing to share your opinions then feel free to share by dropping your feedback or opinion in the below-given comment section. We love to hear your opinion related to the cutie garden app. Feel free to share your feedback so that we get to know the usefulness of this guide and review.

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