How to Make Bullet Points in Word Side by Side – Full Tutorial

Bullet Points is a very familiar word style that can be used for making a list or arranging your work in a constructive aspect. The main destructive part of this style is that it uses only half of the page to make a work in a list and is wasting lots of space in the whole document. If you don’t know to format your doc with bullet points then follow this guide on How to Make Bullet Points in Word Side by Side and you can make your doc file in a more professional way.

How to Make Bullet Points in Word Side by Side?

How to Make Bullet Points in Word Side by Side

If you want to look at your work or document in an opaque and organized manner then your document must have lots of points and numerous lists so that it can use as much space as possible on your page and make your document in a constructive style. 

Tips to Arrange Bullet Points Side by Side in a Microsoft Word on a page of your Document:

  • You have to prepare your document on MS Word in the style of bullet points that can be in a single as well as in multiple lists.

write the list

  • Now, you have to select the Blockquote or your list.

Select All

  • Now, you have to click on the Layout option.

Select - Page Layout - Columns - Select Two

  • Next, go to the option of Columns.
  • Select the option of “Two”.
  • Now, you can see your list arranged in a parallel manner.

You can follow these simple methods to convert your selected text into columns and also it doesn’t disturb the left document instead of the selected text on MS Office Word. Hence, you can save your document by converting suddenly into a mess.

How to Make Bullet Points in Word Side by Side?

  • You can also check out the other options of Columns style in Microsoft Word by selecting the option of “Layout”.
  • Then, you have to click on “Columns”.
  • Now, click on the option of “More Columns” to explore more options or styles of Columns.

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Final Verdict:

This is a simple and basic guide of Bullet points style of Microsoft Word. You can use his style to convert your selected text in a listed way so that you can prepare your document without any mess. 

We also introduced a Column option which can be appeared by selecting the Layout option. You can use this option to set your whole document in a parallel manner without wasting so much space. Your work looks more dense and clean.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Share this article with your friends and relatives. If you have any queries related to this article then you can tell us in the comment section.

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