Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS [Best Anonymous Apps 2021]

Apps Like Whisper: If you are looking for an anonymous apk like whisper then you are at the right place. With the help of this article, you can be able to get 10 free applications like whisper which you can easily be able to use. Also, with the help of these whisper alternatives, you are able to use them for adults and also for children. 

As you know that whisper is one of the free apps which is available for Android and also for the iOS user as well. It is one of the anonymous social media apps which allow the users to simply post and also to share the images and also the video message which is also anonymous. The postings are also known as “Whispers” which also include the text superimposed on the images and also the background gets uploaded by the users. 

Apps Like Whisper

Apps Like Whisper

In these kinds of anonymous apps, things are never nice for a long time. Also, the recent app Sarahah is looking for a change. As it is one of the difficult tasks in terms to manage the posters invisibility which gets used in terms of the app Whisper. 

Whisper App Alternatives for Android and iOS

So, that’s it for this article. Now, we are sharing some of the best apps which are available for both the devices like Android and also for iOS as well. We hope that you will get to know about the best whisper app alternative which is suitable for you. 

  • Sarahah
  • After School
  • Yik Yak
  • Cloaq
  • Steams
  • Wut
  • Popcorn Messenger
  • Matter
  • Backchat

You may notice that there are lots of apps available which can easily be able to become an alternative to whisper and also every app provides its own features about how to anonymously connect with the strangers around you. 

So, if you really want to know about anonymous apps like whisper iOS and android then simply read this article till the end. This article helps you to get to know all the possible details in a proper manner. 

Top 10 Apps Like Whisper in 2021

Here, under this section, you will get to know about some of the best apps like whisper in 2021. Due to some issues, the whisper is not available for several users and if you really want to know the best apps like Whisper then simply check out this complete article. 

As we all know why Sarahah is one of the best anonymous chat apps like whisper. Also, this app gained lots of popularity on the social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Sarahah was also introduced in Saudi Arabia in November 2016. This app also enables the users to drop a constructive message which is anonymous to the other’s profile. 

Unlike the other anonymous apps, this messaging app is also in the app which is having a reminder that says: “leave a constructive message :)” by which the developer will hope to encourage positivity in all their colleagues. Also, the meaning of Sarahah is honesty in Arabic. So, if you need some good things and also if you want to be anonymous at that time then you are required to simply try to connect with them with the help of Sarahah. 

Now, if we talk about After School then it is also one of the other apps like whisper for android and iOS. It is one of the least anonymous apps due to its user base restriction “high school students only” which is completely clear by its name. This app was developed in the year 2014 and also it is available for children above 12+ in the Apple app store. When two students posted threats that include guns then the app will request for the Afterschool to update the ratings to 17+. 

When we talk about digital identity and also anonymity, the vice president of the app Jeff Collins which says: “nothing is black and white”. Also, we are having a particular audience as he said. We are not for adults and also we are not also for college students. We are looking for this as we are responsible in terms to monitor this feed and also to take the things down and also to curate. We are looking to keep things positive. 

As per the after-school app, it is in use in more than 85% of U.S. high schools. 

Moving towards the which gets introduced in the year 2010 and also this app asks the user to post the questions and also to drop a comment for being anonymous. Due to the teen suicide series, then grab the attention to the lack of protection against the harassment of the in the United States and also in the United Kingdom. 

This site gets banned by regaining its fame by simply announcing a “rebranding” in the year 2016  which will place this app as one of the platforms for the questions and answers. This site also hosts the activity by having more than 150 million active users at present time. 

Yik Yak is one of the famous anonymous social networks and also takes place in this article under the top 10 apk like whisper due to its fame and also due to having some of the amazing features. 

Also, this app allows the user to glance at the posts which were made for the people and also within the ten-mile radius. This app also allows the users to simply connect with the other people’s content by simply upvoting and also by simply commenting on their posts by which you will get healed to connect with a huge audience. 

One of the major features is “Peek” which you can simply use in terms to view famous posts in some of the major cities. It is one of the busy networks and also has the proper introduction to these types of apps. 

If you want Yik Yak Alternatives then you can try these amazing Apps Like Yik Yak and download them for free.

If we talk about Cloaq then it is one of the best anonymous apps like Whisper Reddit for android. Also, it is one of the best apps because it doesn’t need you to enter any type of personal information at the time of the sign-up process. Also, it provides you a username as well. 

The complete solution of this is only if every hack takes place and also your identity doesn’t get connected to the confession you take place. If anyone tries a lot then by using some methods, you can be able to simply find out what they said. Also, you can’t be able to become better as compared to the Cloaq for daily anonymity. 

Now, moving towards the other anonymous apps like whisper for android and iOS then Steams is one of the apps which is having a different way of working. Also, it is really clear as per its name which has become an outlet for the people who are looking to get off their steam. Also, this app allows the users to simply rant and rave to their heart’s content. 

The reason behind this app taking place in this list is that this app allows the users to simply rant in a different manner and also in an attractive manner. This app is really easy and simple to understand due to its user-friendly interface and also this app is completely able to create nice content with the help of texts, photos and also by the videos as well 

As I guess, this app is one of the most downloaded apps by the people because everyone deserves to move out their anger which they are having. 

  • Wut – Whisper App Alternatives for iOS

You need to know that Wut is one of the anonymous networks which also describe its meaning ännonymish”. It will help you to get the meaning behind the world. It will especially give a message for being anonymous by providing any of the posts of the messages which you create and send to all your Facebook friends. 

Also, its posts will appear on the lock screen of your device and also when you unlock your device then the post will disappear. This is the thing that makes this app anonymous and interesting as well. These types of anonymous messages could be funny in a large friend circle. 

If we talk about popcorn messaging then it is one of the best apps only if you grew up during the time of chatting with random people or also during the time of messaging services or the chat rooms as well. Also, this app allows you to talk with anyone at any time. 

It may not be an anonymous app as compared to the other apps but it is one of the useful ways for people to connect with the people during that time when you are having connections with anyone else like in events, concerts, parties, or also when you are moving at any of the new places. 

You need to know that Matter is one of the different anonymous apps which is mature to use. It provides minded people to connect as per the subject like parenthood and information, LGBT issues, and also the relationships as well. 

This app also provided writing prompts to the users in the process to help them to loosen up and also to connect with the civilized discourse as well. It is the platform that is available for the educated people in terms to converse anonymously and also it is not an app that welcomes the trolls. 

Here we came up with the last anonymous apps like whisper for iPhone which is known as Backchat. This app is created by a 14-year-old child in terms to attempt to “gamify” the subgenre of social media. 

Also, the backchat allows the users to be able to talk with the Google+ and Facebook friends in terms of being anonymous by simply providing them some of the clues which help to get to know the details related to the user’s interests activities and also about some of the other identity of the person which may be controversial sometimes. You can buy this app at $0.99. 

Also, these apps like Whisper are having apps that you can simply use as a kid or also as a college student and as an adult as well. It all depends upon your interests and your age as well. Also, there is lots of fun in these apps, and you just simply need to pick out anyone. 


  • Are there any apps like Whisper?

Yes, there are lots of other whisper alternatives available which you can be able to use. 

  • Are There Whisper Alternatives Free?

No, basically not all the apps like whisper 2021 are free to use. Some of these alternatives need a subscription and also they will allow in-app purchases as well. 

  • Is My Identity Safe With These Whisper Alternatives?

Make sure to use precautions always at the time of using these apps. When you use these apps, then sometimes it may require you to enter your personal information which may be risky sometimes. But, most of these alternatives are considered safe app. 

  • Do all Whisper Alternatives Allow Anonymous Use?

No, not all of the apps like Whisper for adults are anonymous in a complete manner. Some of them will allow for complete anonymity.

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