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How to Disable Desktop Composition Windows 10 [Full Guide]

Disable Desktop Composition Windows 10

If you want to know about desktop composition then we will tell you that desktop composition is one of the visual experience features which first comes in windows vista. This feature will change the displayed pixels which appear on the display by using several apps. So, if you really want to know the details about …

Connection To Microsoft Exchange Is Unavailable – Fix it

connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable

The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable when starting Outlook – Sometimes while using Microsoft Office Outlook on Windows you might see the error which says the connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable Office 365, Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.  In such a case, you can use various methods in this article to resolve …

KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR issue in Windows 10 Fix

Kernel Data Inpage Error

On starting the computer from sleep when you see the error Kernel Data Inpage Error, it feels very irritating. This error usually occurs in the operating systems of windows. If you know a bit of administrative work on the computer you can easily resolve this error. It’s an alarming stage of the computer if you get this …