Best Ways to Stream Witcher Online and Is It Better Than the Novels

Stream Witcher Online – The Witcher is one of the most popular series on Netflix, but only a few people know about fantasy novels. There are 15 short stories and six fantasy novels in this series.

The best order to read these novels is different from the order in which they became available to the public. The first book you might want to read first is The Last Wish. 

Best Ways to Stream Witcher Online

Stream Witcher Online

This article is about the same novel and the web series; where can you stream it? The Witcher TV series is a lot different than the novels. The Last Wish is technically the first novel of the series because it consists of short stories that help you understand the characters, especially Geralt the Witcher.

Where to Stream Witcher Online 

One of the best ways to stream the Witcher series is using Netflix and buying a premium subscription. However, you can save some money by streaming HD content (movies, shows, and more) for free.

For instance, you can use the best torrent sites to download episodes and play them on devices like firesticks, android phones, laptops, and more. Torrenting is illegal in many countries, so you might want to use a VPN to hide your IP address and stream blocked content. But, choosing a decent torrent site is not easy these days.

You might need to consider several factors like download speed, security, and more. You can also use add-ons on the Kodi app to fetch free links to shows and movies. 

The Witcher TV Series

The Witcher TV series is diverse from books and novels as it introduces almost all the characters, their destinies, powers, and other things in the first season.

The second season of this series is about linking the characters and fulfilling their destinies. Henry Cavill is playing the Witcher in this series, and isn’t he just perfect for this role?

Read all the novels if you can, which will tell you more about the Witcher and his stories. You can also listen to their audiobooks on Audible.

The Witcher Novels (The Last Wish)

As mentioned earlier, Witcher novels have short stories, and these are about the main character Geralt the Witcher. These stories start with Geralt taking quests or requests from different people to tackle or kill mythical monsters. Ordinary people could not deal with these monsters as they were too powerful. Hence, they sought help from the Witcher.

Every monster-related tale tells a great story. These stories are fascinating and compelling, with several individual plots and twists related to the main character, side characters, and monsters. These stories tell you about the monsters, their history and curse, the Witcher’s weapons, potions, and several other things.

Usually, short stories lack depth, and people do not feel like continuing to read them after reading 7-8 pages. But, Sapkowski is a clever writer. His short stories are better than almost all out there. He gives you enough information but not too much to keep you engaged. You will know about Geralt the Witcher, what he does and why, but you will not find too many complications or questions that make you feel like the story is unfinished.

  • Witcher Movie Characters

Sapkowski (Author) deals with the characters the same way he does with the stories. He will introduce new characters to you and suddenly move on to the new ones. He will give enough background, description, dialogues, and details about the characters so that you care for them and envy them. 

However, he would not give you too much information and details to make you feel like you know everything or too much about the characters. Providing information in pieces keeps the audience engaged and interested in the characters and what more they can bring.

You will find funny, intelligent, cruel, and kind, but most importantly, compelling characters in this novel. Geralt is one of the fascinating characters because of obvious reasons. 

He is a brooding and dark character who lives a hard life. He hunts monsters and coasts worldwide without caring much about anything or anyone. He only cares about the coins he receives from completing the monster-killing quests.

However, Gerald is a man of morals, which you can figure out from his actions and discussions. He has a heart which started a love story with another primary character in this series. Usually, writers describe a brooding and dark character as mysterious, and you do not learn enough about them. But not in this series because you will know just enough about the Witcher.

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All novels and short stories from this series are worth investing your time in! You might want to read The Last Wish first because the shorter stories in this book are perfect. The introduction of Geralt and all other side characters is unforgettable, and you hope to read more about them soon.

Blood of Elves is the first complete novel in this series, and many people will tell you to read that first. However, in my opinion, ‘there is no fun in reading stories related to the characters you do not know enough about.

You will not regret reading the two books with shorter stories before jumping to complete novels.

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