Betternet++ iOS 15 [Premium VPN for iOS]

BetterNet++ iOS 15 is one of the apps which will improve internet usage. Also, the BetterNet app provides better internet usage by giving unlimited and also the fastest VOn service in the whole world. It has the immersive advantage and because of this, it is loved by all the users.

BetterNet++ is one of the mod and tweaked versions of the BetterNet app and it was released recently if you want to download its IPA file then you may be able to get it from this article. 

Betternet++ iOS 15

Betternet++ iOS 15

This betternet++ repo app gives the fast VPN service which is required to simply boost the online experience of the users. Also, all the paid premium features of the BetterNet VPN are generally available in the mod version and its best feature due to which it has become so popular is the “One Tap Connect” button.

In the selected countries, it is having mostly all the countries and this app is so important for the location spoofing also it gives the true online security which is required. Another benefit of this app is that it is one of the tweaked versions of the real BetterNet app and it is not a separate app. 

As one of the mod versions, all the annoying ads will get removed from this app, and jailbreaking your device is not required in terms of running this app. Also, this app is mainly available for free on the internet. 

Betternet++ iOS 15 Features

Betternet++ ios 15 is one of the best one-tap VPN proxy services which is mainly available for the IOS platforms, Because of having lots of features, this app is loved by everyone. It has lots of advantages because of which it has become so popular with iOS users. Some of its best features due to which this app became so popular are:

  • It offers the 1 tap login feature into the VONs which will allow the users to simply connect with the VPN service by making a click on the connect button. 
  • You can be able to use the VPN service as we want without having any limitations. 
  • Its quick connection is also another advantage of the BetterNet++ app as it is one of the fastest VPN services at present. 
  • In the selected country menu, there are a huge number of countries that are available and we can be able to connect with any of those countries in terms of simply changing the location to that particular country. 
  • Online privacy is so important and this app also takes care of it. 
  • This app is now available for free of cost it is one of the tweaked apps and all kinds of ads will also get removed from it. 
  • You don’t need to jailbreak to start using this app. 
  • Another advertisement is that this app is not one of the standalone apps and it is one of the modified versions of the real app. 
  • This app mainly works on all iOS devices and iOS versions as well. 
  • Its UI is so attractive and it is so easy and simple to use. 
  • This app is mainly available on the internet for users to download. 
  • At present, it is not having bugs or errors which are encountered in this app. 
  • Also, it is not having any viruses, malware, or also adware in it. 
  • This app also gets updated on a regular basis to simply add more features. 

This app provides the same additional features such as Facebook Wolf iOS 15, Spotify++ iOS 15, and Snapchat++ iOS 15. Also, in terms of getting the user-demanded feature for free without jailbreak, you don’t need to forget to try it. 

Betternet++ IPA iOS – Details

App details for betternet plus plus IPA is available below. Simply check out the suggested details to simply sideload it on your iPhone and also the iPad without the cydia or jailbreak. 

App Info

  • Version: 3.4.1
  • Size: 10 MB
  • iOS Version: iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13
  • iDevice Model: iPhones/iPads Supporting iOS 10/11/12/13

Betternet++ iOS 15 IPA Download

You can easily be able to download betternet++ Cydia IPA with the help of the link which we are going to provide in this article. When the download gets completed then you have to simply follow the instructions which we are going to share in this article to install and sideload it on your iOS device without any jailbreak or also without using cydia as well.

How To Sideload or Install BetterNet++ IPA On iOS Without Jailbreak

Here, we are going to briefly share the method about how to sideload the app in a successful manner on the iOS 10,11,12,13,14 and also on the iOS 15 device without using the cydia or also without jailbreaking your device as well. 


  • You are required to have a mac or a windows PC. 
  • Also, make sure to have a working internet connection. 
  • You are also required to have an apple account or apple ID. 


  • You have to download the IPA file from the internet and then you have to simply place the downloaded file on your ios device with the help of iCloud, Airdrop, or another method. 
  • Now, you have to download and install the altserver on your mac or windows device. 
  • Then, make a right-click on the altserver, and then you have to simply select the install altstore option. 
  • Now, simply make a sign in to your account with the help of the apple Id and password. 
  • Now, the alstore will start installing on your iOS device. 
  • Simply open the altstore and then you have to navigate to my apps option. Simply click on the plus option which appears on the right side and then you need to open the downloaded betternet plus plus IPA file. 
  • When prompted then you have to simply sign in with the help of the apple Id. 

So, now finally you can be able to see the installed app on your iOS device. 


Altstore Faqs

  • If you see the please sign in with the particular app password then it means that you have the two-factor authentication enabled and you need to make a login into your account. Now, you have to simply create the app-specific password to continue the process. 
  • Altstore will simply install the apps without the requirement of the account developer. 
  • The nondevelopers account will have the app expire within 7 days but the altstore will automatically re-sign it when you connect your phone with the PC. 
  • Now, the app doesn’t have iCloud and push notifications support. 

Is Betternet VPN Available On AppStore?

Yes, the official version of the app is mainly available on the app store of apple. Also, the additional features are mainly available for the premium subscription and you can be able to use the free VPN hours and also the premium features by simply downloading the betternet++ for free. 

Is Betternet++ IPA A Real App?

Yes, it is one of the real tweaks ported to iOs which is based upon the real app in terms of simply providing the paid features for free of cost to any of the users. 

Is BN++ For iOS Free?

Yes, it is one of the free iOS apps for android users. Also, it doesn’t work on iOS 14 and iOS 15 because of the no recent update of the cracked app. 

Is Betternet++ Safe To Use?

There is a risk of privacy at the time of using such a type of modded app but is unlikely and rarely reported by any of the users. 

Is Betternet++ IPA For Android Available?

Yes, the betternet++ APK mode is mainly available for android users and it also performs the same features as the IPA iOS versions. 

Does It Require Jailbreak?

No, it can simply install without Cydia using the altstore and Cydia impactor. If you are having a jailbroken device then you can simply get this app. You simply need to have the app sync for iOS installed on your iOS device for signing into the VPN tweaked apps. 

More IPA Files:

Final Verdict

So, we have shared all the details and methods about how to download betternet++ ios 15. By using the IPA, you can be able to get lots of benefits in an easy manner. People will prefer to use Betternet++ App over another app as it has advanced and high-quality features. 

If you have installed this betternet++ IPA, we love to hear your feedback which you can mention by using the below-given comment section. Also, if you are having any issues or queries related to this article then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article.

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