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How to Remove Flipboard Briefing from Samsung Smartphone or Tablet?

How to Remove Flipboard Briefing from Samsung

If you are own Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet then it could be really annoying to work with Flipboard briefing. It is really easy to turn off briefing galaxy tab in these smartphones. This guide completely focuses on…

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Samsung S9 Moisture Detected Won’t Go Away – Fix

As you know the Samsung Galaxy S9 will show the moisture detected an error in a continuous manner on the display of the device. Mostly this alert takes place on the display when your Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile…

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How to Disable Badges Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?

Disable Badges Galaxy S7

The latest update of Android Nougat allows the user to simply Disable Badges Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. You do not have to open the app or any other software to clear the number badge. How to Disable Badges…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Keeps Restarting – Fixing Guide 2022

Samsung Galaxy S7 Keeps Restarting

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Keeps Restarting frequently. This problem may be caused due to a software issue on your phone. In this case, rebooting your Galaxy S7 in recovery mode could help you a lot. Many of the users…

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Fake GPS for PC 2021 Edition [Download for Windows and Mac]

Fake GPS for PC

You need to know that the fake GPS location is one of the strengths of the android apps which will continue to work well only because of the GPS or the location. Also, it will simulate the position…

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