Home Office Ideas: Make Your Space Liveable and Cool

Home Office Ideas – Over the past six months, I have slowly been improving my home office space. It was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. My back was aching, my tush hurt, my concentration was erratic, and I was staring at a smaller screen than the one that I was used to be starting to take its toll. It was not just a lack of office space, but it was also a very bad environment.

Home Office Ideas: Make Your Space Liveable

Home Office Ideas

It was an amazing bonus to be able to transform a spare bedroom into an office in my new home. My home office space was short-lived. It consisted of an IKEA desk, an over-ten-year-old TV that I had been using as a screen, a vintage laptop stand, a metal folding stool, and some other Apple accessories I found on the desk.

This setup was shared with me back in March. While the apartment got plenty of natural light, my bones hurt by the end of each day. To make my office less painful and more enjoyable to use, I started the slow process of replacing and comparing different parts of my office.

Let’s take a look at the top ideas, crafted by online thesis writing professionals to make your home more comfortable.

Who are you?

Because you can’t sit on a chair other than the one in your living room, your back will hurt from straining from typing.

Our choice: X-Chair Executive Task Chair X2 (Beginning at $525

My experience during quarantine was not unique. I had to rethink my seating options within my home. Six weeks into my fully-work-from-home schedule my whole body felt like it was made of dust. Every part of my body shook, creaked, and ached. My back and belly were the worst. I began by replacing a metal folding chair. I believe I have found several good options.

To be completely honest, I don’t understand why you would spend hundreds of dollars on an ergonomic chair for your office. The most expensive chairs can cost upwards of $1000, which was a lot to me before I started living in one and working remotely. A chair with “proprietary ergonomic comfort technology” promised great heat massage and massage.

I was intrigued when I received a pitch for it. The X-HMT Heating and Massage Office Chair has been in my possession for about a month. While I was disappointed with the lackluster massage, which felt more like a heating pad buzzing, the chair is absolutely adored.

The best thing about the chair is its ability to adjust the resistance as I lean back. It’s also so strong that I can lean all my way back with my knees raised and be sure it won’t tip over. The most basic version of these chairs costs $525, while the bestselling X2-Chair version retails at $800.

Although I didn’t set out to promote Big Seat, it is true that I was not intending to. However, I have not had the same back pains in the past few months since switching to more ergonomic options. Ye olde folding chair? You don’t know her, Reader!

If you are looking for a more comfortable chair that can be used in conjunction with a standing desk, you might also consider the Fully Tic Toc Chair. Fully was the first place I found out about because I was searching for a standing desk converter that didn’t look like Megatron.

I’ll be back to this in a moment. After I had my standing desk set up, the Tic Toc chair was a wonderful addition to my home office ideas. The only problem is the $275 price tag, which is slightly higher than comparable chairs. It’s also not something you will be able to sit on for long periods of time, like standing desk leaning stool. However, that’s not what it is for.

The Tic Toc chair is a good middle ground solution. It’s great for when my feet need a break, but not enough to sit all day.

This chair’s beechwood is beautiful and can be tucked under my desk when not in use. One thing I will say is that I have tried the cushioned version and cannot recommend it without one. You will be glad you bought the cushion.

Or you can simply upgrade your current chair.

Who are you?

You are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot on a new chair. You may really love the current office chair and don’t want to part with it.

Our Pick: Purple Double Seat Cushion & Back Cushion ($140).

Matthew Reyes, Gizmodo’s video production producer, loves this Purple cushion bundle. He says it is cool and breathable every time he sits down, helps him maintain a better posture, and has grid technology that makes it feel great on his tush.

He also claims that it has not sunk in the month since he bought it. He also plays at his desk so it’s quite impressive. This is his opinion on Home Office Ideas: “If you’re looking to upgrade your office chair/gaming area, this is the place for you. It’s something I love.

Standing desk? Standing desk!

Who are you?

You are looking for an alternative to a fully seated desk, or perhaps something in-between.

Our choice: Fully Cooper Standing Desk Convert ($300).

So, back to the Fully desk. I knew that sitting for long periods of time was bad for my back and wanted a standing desk. I found that most of the available options were either too small or ugly for my needs.

Contrary to what I have shown, my desk is often soaring over Box Mountain on either side. My desk was not large enough to move, but I did need my keyboard, mouse, and monitor to move.

Fully offers a beautiful Cooper Standing Desk Converter with a bamboo surface that lightens up the space. This desk converter is only $300. The hydraulic lift system is surprisingly smooth, so I didn’t have to rely on the crank system.

Consider Investing in a Monitoring System

Who are you?

An old man whose eyes strain from staring at a tiny screen or who works in multiple windows at once, dual screens could be a good option to help with workflow. Someone who works at best paper writing services.

Our choice: Dell UltraSharp 25 inch QHD USB-C Monitor ($355)

Remember that ten-plus year-old TV I talked about earlier, and how easy it was to see an office makeover? It was found under my stairs when lockdown began in New York City. I was uncomfortable traveling to Times Square to get it. It was a terrible mistake. After realizing that I was causing irreparable damage to my eyes by straining my eyes to read on the TV-turned-monitor, I began looking for options that wouldn’t prematurely blind me in my thirties.

A decent monitor can be had for as little as $100 these days. I was aware that I wouldn’t use it for gaming, since most of my gaming happens in front of a projector or TV set-up. The Acer 27″ CB272 ($170), and the Dell UltraSharp 25,” QHD USB-C Monitor ($355 as of this writing), are both solid options for anyone looking for a TV. The screen can swivel and plug directly into my MacBook Air, so there was no need for additional cables or dongles. Personally, I prefer the Dell.

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Someone who values a sense of comfort and relaxation in their workspace. Your work environment should include sights and smells.

Our choice: Hue Filament Edison bulbs ($28).

These ambiance hacks, if I’m honest, are a few of my old in-office era ideas. Plants that can withstand office light were one of the first things I brought to the new Gizmodo office last year.

You don’t have to water your plants every day. Planta, an app that I discovered recently called watering and light management has helped me keep my plants happy and healthy. I don’t love them anymore. A pothos or snake is my recommendation for beginners. Both can recover from neglect.

My lights were more important to me. I finally made the jump on smart lighting after years of putting off smart bulbs. My office light fixture is an old, exposed-bulb type.

It’s a real pain in the neck that I would love to just take out and replace with something newer. For the immediate future, however, I chose a pair of dimmable Filament Edison bulbs by Hue.

They let me adjust the lighting in the room throughout each day and I don’t have to decide between total darkness at night or blinding light at 7 am when I begin my workday. Dimmable light bulbs are not something you need if you don’t like to start your morning with coffee before the sun rises.

For me? For me, this change was significant to my happiness and my early morning sanity. I can’t wait to take the next step. So what is your opinion about these Home Office Ideas? 

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