How to Connect Phone to TV with USB? – Complete Tutorial

Hello friends! Today we will talk about How To Connect Phone to TV with USB. You can follow our simple and easy methods to connect your phone to TV with USB and read our full article to know about the whole procedure step by step without any struggle.

People love their phones like their own kids, and sometimes they want to experience the same thing on the big screen such as their 4K TV. If you don’t know how to do that then simply grab a good quality USB and connect the phone with the TV easily.

How to Connect Phone to TV with USB?

How to Connect Phone to TV with USB

USB means Universal Standard Bus that commonly can be seen in android phones. It allows their user to charge and can transfer any file to your PC. Nowadays, a USB comes with an adaptable port in your android phone.

Three Methods to Connect Phone to TV with USB easily

You will notice that every TV has a different configuration and port. So, it’s not that easy to connect your Android phone to the TV as such different televisions have their own configuration.

You can follow our simple and easy method to connect your USB available in your android phones to your TV without facing any issue:

  • Connect your Smart TV by Virtue of USB Port:

You can try this easy method if you have a smart TV by connecting with your android phone and have the efficiency of video output. Your android phone acts as a remote control after connecting with your Smart Tv. After connecting your smart Tv and your Android phone to each other through plugging USB, you may have to select an input channel.

You have to check the efficiency of video output in your android phone because all Android phones may not have this video output capability. You can also face a struggle in connecting your tv with your android phone because some old smart TV has their own configuration that might be not suitable or doesn’t allow you to connect to your android phone. You can only read the storage of your Tv. 

  • Connect Your Laptop first by Mirroring and Then Connect to your TV:

If you are facing any issue while connecting your Smart Tv to your Android phone due to the configuration of your Tv then you can try our second method to make the connection between your Tv and Android phone through USB.

In a survey, you have to connect your android phone first as such the video signal of your phone is transferred to your PC and then connect to your Tv through an HDMI cable which can be seen on your Tv screen.

There are also some apps that help you to connect your Android phone with your Tv so that you can transfer your file into your TV through USB:

  • MIRROR GO: This app acts as a Screen Mirroring which is mostly used by game lovers who love to play games on their Laptop or PC through mirroring.
  • VYSOR: You will have to need a Google Chrome installed on your PC to use this App because the service is provided by Chrome.

You can connect your android phone with your Tv through HDMI cable only after connecting your phone with your PC or Laptop. Nowadays, most smart TVs are available in the market with HDMI wharf.

You can also connect your android phone to your Tv simply by using the shortcut keys of Window+P on your PC and selecting the option of “Duplicate”.

  • Making Wireless Connection by using Specially Designed Hardware:

You can also mirror your TV and your phone screen wirelessly {through EricaJoy/Flickr} by simply using the device of Chromecast.

Chromecast and Mirrorcast are the two common specialized hardware that is discussed in this method to make a wireless connection between your phone and Tv. You don’t need to have any USB to connect in this method. 

You can connect your phone screen to your Tv simply by adding these devices to your Tv through an HDMI cable. You can stream your phone screen on your Tv wireless due to having a feature in these devices of incorporation of Wi-Fi.

The cost of Chromecast and Miracast per unit comes up at around $20-$40. You can also try new devices similar to Chromecast or Miracast or other brands consisting of other advanced features. The functions of similar devices are the same and can be managed on any smart Tv. 

This is simple and easy to connect your android phone to your TV wirelessly and also you don’t need to have any USB to connect.

Why You Should Know How to Connect Phone to TV with USB?

 These are the three methods which are mentioned above through which you can mirror your phone screen with your Tv.

  • You can directly connect your phone screen to your Tv through the USB wharf.
  • You can connect wirelessly by using devices like Chromecast or Miracast that have a feature of in-built WI-Fi.
  • You can also connect your phone to Tv by using Computer software.

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Final Verdict: 

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