IMSDB: How to Read English Movie and Tv Series Scripts Online

IMSDB provides the facility through which you can easily read any original script of any movie which is available only for directors and actors of that movie. You can also download any script according to your choice to read afterward.

You can also search the script of any genre and even alphabetically. You can find all the content or movies like the latest one, older movies, newly released movies.

IMSDB – Read English Movie & TV Series Scripts Online at


You can read the script without downloading any script because of this great advantage of IMSDB: all scripts are feasible in the form of Plain HTML.

Also, you can find every transcription of any TV shows, serials, drama, movie including South Park, Seinfeld, Futurama, or any other popular script.

Salient Features of IMSDB:

  1. IMSDB offers the facility of free Scripts to read.
  2. You can also view the generous list of movie scripts originating from older to the latest ones.
  3. Due to the availability of the script in the Plain HTML format, you can download any script without installing any software for reading your script.
  4. By clicking on the name of any movie, users can easily use their simple and clear portal of IMSDB.
  5. You can easily discuss any matter regarding any script with other IMSDB in their comment section.

Easy Methods for Reading Any Script of Movies & TV Shows: 

  1. You can search any movie script by entering the name of the movie.
  2. You can also find any script Alphabetically also.
  3. You can also search the movie script by their Genre.
  4. You can also find the script directly on the Homepage of IMSDB website.

There are also various methods instead of these listed above to read the script of your interested movie without any inconvenience or interference.

You can follow the procedure mentioned below step by step to read the script of any movie without any annoyance.

By following this process you can read your movie script without any interruption:

  1. You will need a good Internet connection to connect to the website of IMSDB.
  2. Now, you have to open your PC and start browsing the URL of this site.
  3. Enter the link: in the URL bar of the site.
  4. Now, this link will redirect to the main Landing page of this website.
  5. Finally, you can view the format of the site on the homepage of the IMSDB website.

By using the pattern are mentioned below, you can search your interested movie script easily:

  • Searching by Name of the Movie: You can directly access the script of any movie, TV shows only by entering the name in the search bar option available on the upper left-hand side of the homepage.
  • Searching by Alphabetically: You can also search the script alphabetically also by clicking the alphabets of the movie or TV shows. The menu for alphabets is available in the below search bar of the IMSDB website as an option of A to Z.
  • Searching by using Genre of any movie: You can also search the script by using any Genre like action, adventure, horror, suspense, comedy, romantic, thriller, Sci-fi. etc. This option will directly connect to the movie or show related to that genre.
  • Homepage: You can also browse the newly released movie on the homepage of this site by default. You can view the script of any latest movie which you want to read.

How to Submit a Script to IMSDB?

You can also read the latest script and even upload that script from the IMSDB website. Users are mainly attracted to this site because of this advantage through which anyone can upload the script which is unavailable on any other site. This option is located on the bottom of the homepage of this website.

You can choose the option of “SUBMIT” to continue your process of uploading by scrolling down the homepage of the IMSDB site.

After submission of your process, this has to be verified with your name to continue your procedure of uploading the script.

Here is How You Can Read Scripts?

After clicking the “SUBMIT” button available at the bottom of the Homepage of IMSDB. Now, you will see an option of “Submit a Script to IMSDB” on the control panel of the screen.

Read all the instructions carefully before submitting them. Remember that your script has to be in either TXT or PDF format before submitting your script. Because only these types of formats are acceptable.

You have to fill in all the details are listed below:

  • Title of your interesting movie.
  • You have to Upload your File.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Enter your name in the required field.

Now, you have to submit all the details mentioned above by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button. You will be notified after making your script live. You can view your live script on the official website of IMSDB.

Best Alternatives of IMSDB

If you want a complete guide on IMSDB then you can check out this complete article and follow these procedures mentioned above to view your favorite script of any movie or TV show. You can take a printout of your script. You can also download your script to read even without having any internet connection to your PC according to your preferences.

If you are among those people who like reading the script after downloading then you also want to know about the Top 10 Best Script Downloading Site similar to the IMSDB site so that you can download your script directly into your PC.

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The above article is a complete guide on the IMSDB site that helps you to know about how the IMSDB site works? How can you Download your favorite script according to your preferred language, genre and How can you land directly on the platform of scripting in an easy way. You can also know about the whole procedure of submitting your interesting script according to your interest. 

We hope that this article on the IMSDB site will be helpful to you. Share your article with your friends, family, and other relatives who want a complete guide on the IMSDB site, and also drop your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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