List of Kodi Forks for Android, Windows, Linux, Firestick in 2021

List of Kodi Forks for Android, Windows, Linux, FireStick: Looking for a media player application that too open source. Here’s one of the best for you i.e. Kodi. Kodi formerly known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) is a free, open-source application for organizing your media libraries.

Kodi is developed using several languages C++ core with C++ or python scripts as add-ons from third-party developers. Kodi is supported on various platforms like Windows, macOS, tvOS, Linux, Android, Xbox One, Xbox series X, Xbox series S, and FreeBSD.

List of Kodi Forks

List of Kodi Forks

You can manage your local collection of movies, television shows, music, and photos. You can manage your local collection of movies, television shows, music, and photos using this application. It permits clients to play and view web-based media, like recordings, music, webcasts, and recordings from the Internet, just as all basic advanced media documents from nearby and network stockpiling media. Kodi enables you to play your existing media but it does not save you from buying subscriptions of video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime or music streaming apps like Spotify. There are several other features available in this app like syncing your media libraries across multiple devices, setting up a dedicated media player.

Now Let’s Talk about the Various Forks of Kodi. But What Exactly Forks Are?

Forks are an accurate copy of the original application. Forks are created by utilizing the coding of the first applications and redoing them as indicated by the client’s needs. It is not difficult to make forks of open source programming and applications. Kodi being an open-source software have numerous forms of forks available. The best thing about these forks is its versatile nature as it supports a variety of platforms.

There is an expanding number of copyright issues as time passes, as seen by DMCA. Notwithstanding, to shield yourself from that, you can utilize Kodi VPN which is simply the best answer for you to shield yourself from sees, ISP choking, and unblocking of Kodi addons. With the utilization of a VPN, your character will be private and you will be secure even while utilizing additional items like Exodus, SportsDevil, and numerous others.

List of Best Kodi Forks for Windows

Kodi has various forks accessible particularly on the grounds that it is an open-source media player and it is not difficult to duplicate Kodi. The motivation behind why these forks are well known is that they are viable with plenty of stages and the assortment of stages it underpins is enormous. In this article, we have examined probably the best and basic Kodi addons. The best Kodi forks are as per the following.

Among many forks available in the market most recognized one is DVDFab Media Player for windows. It has gained a lot of popularity over time. But what’s so special about is? The versatility of this media player i.e. it compatible with multiple platforms. You can use this application on windows as well as on Android using its flamboyant nature. The DVDFab Media Player got a lot of engagement from the clients at Kodi 17.3 forks and Kodi 17.4 forks. Aside from that, DVDFab Media Player has gotten a spot among the mainstream Kodi 17.6 forks. This makes DVDFab Media Player quite possibly the most noticeable among Kodi 17 forks.

  • Kato Kodi Krypton Fork

The fact being that this fork is considered Kodi 16, as well as Kodi 17, has made it an incredible fork. Huge online community support provides its user with a lot of help effortlessly whenever they get stuck with something.

Semper Media Center (SPMC) is another among the top Kodi forks. It is extraordinary compared to other Kodi forks for Windows which are accessible for the users. Extraordinary highlights make it the ruler as well as the prominence internationally and the way that it is liked over other Kodi Forks. SPMC was developed by Koying who was once an android programmer for the Kodi foundation.

  • LibreELEC

LibreELEC is another superb Kodi fork. This fork is developed on Linux to work with windows. This fork needs an SD Card to boot from.  LibreELEC’s mechanism and accessibility quite resemble the official Kodi application itself.

  • Xbian

Among other Kodi forks, it is one of the fastest. Xbian consumes very little space on your hard disk which is why it is used by most people. Initially, it was developed for Raspberry Pi, however, it can also be used on Windows without any troubles.

  • Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha is a special Kodi Fork and is among the top Kodi Forks on the planet. The purpose for that will be that Alienware Alpha is a media box, which in basic terms is called console. Alienware Alpha is equivalent to different Kodi Boxes and you can install this Kodi Fork on your windows with no problem.


The designer of the famous add-on for Kodi, Spinz TV built up this fork. Numerous individuals know about this mainstream designer in light of their renowned add-on on the early Kodi Media Player. There is no doubt as far as we can say that this is quite possibly the most notable Fork and consequently have an extraordinary help.

  • EBox MC

This stunning Kodi Fork for Android accompanies 3 GB of RAM alongside a huge 32 GB extra room. If you own this container, you will know about its force. It gives the client control of steaming whatever they need. It is impeccably streamlined for utilizing Android-based gadgets.

  • FireMC

This Fork is very notable among the clients of Kodi 17.3. Fire MC is created by similar designers of FireTV Guru. It is viable with Amazon Fire TV and with Fire Stick. It is appraised as the top Fork for the compact TV boxes.

  • Terrarium TV

Outstanding amongst other Kodi add-on for streaming is Terrarium. Every one of the steaming clients knows about this extra and hence the engineers broadened their vision and built up a Kodi Fork. It is a software application that can do practically everything which Kodi accomplishes for entertainment.

  • Jesus Box

Quite possibly the most upheld Kodi Fork is Jesus Box since it multi week’s specialized help and assurance of lifetime refreshes. It is an extraordinary choice to consider on the off chance that you are anticipating replacing Kodi from your Fire Stick or Fire TV. It gives the client an encounter like Kodi Krypton 17.6, in this manner, it is an ideal Kodi 17.6 Fork.

  • MyGica

This is a standout amongst other Kodi 17 Forks, particularly Kodi 17.4 forks. This is made essentially for Android gadgets. It underpins the most recent Android form and gives a superior encounter. Discovering Kodi Forks APK is certainly not a simple undertaking, hence we saved a portion of your time.

  • Vdub Style MC 17.6 Krypton

One of the most trending Kodi Fork of 2018 which made many headlines because of its great functionality is our next pick. This is available for all Android devices regardless of their version thus you can replace Kodi with it and enjoy its features.

  • Nodi

Nodi is another incredible Kodi Fork accessible on the lookout for Android stage gadgets. It gives the extraordinary element yet dissimilar to MyGica is doesn’t uphold the most recent variant of the Android stage. Nodi is viable up to Android variant 4.4 KitKat. It has a devoted index way same as that in SPMC.

  • OSMC

OSMC or Open Source Media Center is outstanding amongst other Kodi Linux Forks which runs on the proverb ‘A media Center worked for individuals, by individuals.’ Therefore, you will get incredible administrations. Linux clients are extraordinary and it is hard for Linux clients to stream whatever they wish to watch through various applications. Other stage clients don’t go over such issues.

  • OpenELEC

OpenELEC is accessible as a media focus now and it is an open-source media focus suite. It proves to be useful for every individual who loves to stream. It is a Kodi Fork that is modified on Linux. Many streaming Gurus guarantee that OpenELEC is more imaginative than Kodi VPN and most clients pick this as their number one Kodi Fork.

  • MrMC

After Amazon eliminated Kodi from the App Store, numerous options have been added. MrMc is one of them and since the time of its expansion, it has procured an incredible standing. MrMc is a changed adaptation of Kodi and is an open-source viable with any gadget. MrMc has a 10-foot UI for TV and video players.

  • CEMC

CEMC or Community Edition Media Center is an extraordinary Kodi Fork that can be introduced alongside Kodi with no issues. It is an open-source Fork that has gotten renowned throughout the most recent couple of months… CEMC designers ensure that there will be no issues or obstruction. Subsequently, you should give it a shot at any rate once.

  • OpenPHT

OpenPHT is a Kodi Fork planned explicitly for RasPlex clients. OpenPHT isn’t only a typical Kodi Fork, however, it is additionally an option of RasPlex. In any case, OpenPHT is viable with different stages and you can likewise introduce it on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

  • RasPlex

RasPlex is an exceptionally planned Kodi Fork for Raspberry Pi clients where you can appreciate every one of your streams on Raspberry Pi. RasPlex is a changed adaptation of Kodi which gives an extraordinary encounter to the clients.

  • ZDMC

ZDMC is created by Zidoo Device Manufacturers and is an ideal Kodi Fork that accompanies RK3368 chips. These are the chips that Kodi doesn’t work as expected on. You can undoubtedly utilize ZDMC without confronting these issues on these chips.

  • WeTek Media Player

To wrap things up, WeTek Media Player is another incredible media focus that takes a client’s experience to an unheard-of level. It is outstanding amongst other Kodi Forks and the clients can appreciate both WeTek programming and boxes, precisely like Kodi.

  • FireMC

FireMC fork is one of the best kodi forks as it is mainly preferred by lots of kodi 17.3 users. Also, the FireTV guru is developed by FireMC and it is mainly compatible with the Amazon Fire TV and also with the Fire Stick as well. 

  • MyGica

You can simply be able to download MyGiza Kodi Fork apk online. It is one of the best kodi 17 forks and mainly one of the kodi 17.4 forks. MyGica kodi fork is mainly available for android devices only. It is completely compatible with the latest android devices and also gives a great experience as well to all the users. It is not an easy task to find the Kodi frocks apk but you can simply download it from here. 

Best Fork Kodi 2021

Now, let’s talk about the best kodi fork for android, windows, Linux, and firestick. Basically. Nodi is one of the best options for you all. You will be able to use this Kodi fork on all your devices in an easy and quick manner. Simply check out the details about it with the help of the below-given details in a quick manner to know more about it properly. 

If you don’t have any idea about what it fork then you need to know that it is one of the modified versions of the app or the software which will allow and prompt as long as it is not an overall copy. Also, you can be able to make changes to it. Also, there is a wiki page about it. 

Nodi by the YouTube sensation LeeTvTech has created a fork of the Kodi 19. Nodi is also running the 19.1.2 version currently and this update needs to fix some of the virus scanners which will show the false positive flag. Also, the latest update can also be downloaded from its official website is

Also, there are some of the other benefits of this that are also available like you can be able to install the Kodi and Nodi by using the same system and get the 2 versions running side by side. It will not stop here, it will also enable the default setting to enable the unknown sources and that’s why it is really good. When we start out Kodi and are willing to install anything into it then we are required to simply go over the process. 

How to Download Nodi 19.1.2 to Firestick or Android TV

With the help of the downloaded app or by using Google Chrome, you can make a visit at, and then you have to look for the downloads page. Simply continue the download process of the latest stable version of Nodi which is recently 19.1.2. 

So, the best kodi fork is the one that is situated with you and by the trusted developer and this is the reason that I suggest you try this version. It will provide you with more and more options and to understand that it will develop as per the needs of the users. If you are willing to download it into your device then you have to simply make a visit to the official website of NODI and download it in a quick manner.


There are numerous Kodi Forks present on the web which could be utilized with your ideal stage. We made an honest effort to think of the rundown of the best Kodi Forks to help you slender your rundown and browse the absolute best. So, use this list of Kodi forks to enhance your Kodi experience.

If you still have any queries or feedback simply comment down below.

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