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Hello, today we will be talking about MCDVoice Con. McDonald’s is majorly known as McD all over the world and if you are looking for its customer satisfaction survey, then you have arrived at the perfect place for McDonald’s McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey which is carried out on

MCDVoice Con

MCDVoice Con

“McDVoice Con” is created by McDonald’s and is specially designed for their loyal customers in order to give their reviews and provide their valuable feedback, which will definitely help in the improvement of McDonald’s.

McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey will beneficial for McDonald’s and their loyal customers as well, as they will be perfect in all the cases of Service, Customer Satisfaction, Staff, and Cleanliness and in all other aspects which should be improved by the McDonald’s.

Participating in this survey can let you win a surprise gift or even a gift card provided by McDonald’s which can be redeemed at McDonald’s in the future. Then, what are you waiting for? Just! Follow the simple steps below in order to participate in the McDonald’s McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey.

By filling up this survey you win exciting rewards from Mc Donald’s. I’m Loving It.

MCDVoice Con | What is McDonald’s Customer Feedback Survey?

So, you must be having some questions. Like, What is McDonald’s? Or What are the advantages of the MCDVoice Con Survey? Or What rewards I will be getting in McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

McDonald’s is a world-famous restaurant, which is famous as McD, it has more than 40,000 restaurants over the world.  After the subway, it becomes the world’s second-largest fast-food chain.

McDonald’s serves meals to more than 90 million people per day in over 121 countries. McD is basically known as burgers, and it sold more than 4 million hamburgers at its first outlet.

Mcdonald is a restaurant chain in the United States of America. It was founded in the year of 1940 as a restaurant. The restaurant was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald. They started the first restaurant in San Bernardino in California, United States of America. They first started the business as Hamburger Stand. They for the first time gave that arches logo in the year 1953. This golden arches logo was used in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the year 1955 the person by the name of Ray Kroc (he was a businessman) joined in under as Franchisee agent and then later he purchased the chai from Richard and Maurice McDonald.

McDonald’s have their first and original headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, US. Later McDonalds moved its headquarters to Chicago at the start of 2018.

McDVoice Con – Mcdonald’s according to the revenue stats is the biggest restaurant chain that serves around 69 million customers every day & they serve all these customers in more than 100 countries.

Importance of MCDVoice Survey

MCDVoice is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants chain across the world. So, the company offers its restaurant survey for their customers to know more about the customer’s likes and dislikes regarding its restaurant services and to know more about the customers’ requirements and feedbacks, the company can improve its services for their customers, which can help in the development of the company as well.

The main motive behind McDonald’s Survey is to provide the best services for their customers to know more about the customer’s requirements. is the official website of McDonald’s and through this official website, you will be able to take part in this customer satisfaction survey successfully and to become a part of this survey, you will get a chance to win a coupon code also, which you can redeem on your next visit.

McDonalds has around 37000 restaurants all over the world according to the 2016 stats. Although McDonald’s is mainly known for serving hamburgers, it has been serving cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken products, soft drinks, wraps and milkshakes and desserts and many more items.

To collect all the performance related to this data, you have to provide the best quality for certain products. To know the quality of their food McDonald’s started the MCDVoice Con customer service survey. Under the McDonalds Survey MCDVoice Con provide you with the best quality of products that are required for customer satisfaction.

McDonald’s Questionnaire Survey

In this MCDVoice Survey, you have to attend some survey questions with your answers that will be based on your McDonald’s visit experience.

This questionnaire session will help the company as their customer’s feedbacks regarding its restaurant services.

And to know more about the customers’ requirements, McDonald’s can improve its services for their customers.

So, below we are going to mention the complete information regarding the McDonald’s Questionnaire Survey.

  1. First, mention your gender.
  2. Then mention your age.
  3. After that mention the makeup of your household.
  4. You have to mention that are you an employee of the company or not.
  5. After that mention your occupation details.
  6. Your address.
  7. Then you have to mention your last visit experience of the restaurant.
  8. Staff Friendliness.
  9. The reason behind the Restaurant visit.
  10. If you feel any problem at the restaurant, then mention that problem.
  11. And so on …..

McDonald’s Questionnaire Survey will just take your 5 minutes to complete the survey. And your 5 minutes will help the company in the improvement of its restaurant services. is the official website of McDonald’s, through which you will be able to take part in the MCDVoice Customer Feedback Survey.

MCDVoice Survey Rewards

To become a part of the MCDVoice Survey, you will get a chance to win MCDVoice Survey Rewards also. After completing the survey, you will get a coupon code or discount coupons and to redeem the code on your next visit, you will get free food from the McDonald’s Restaurant.

Below we are going to mention the kind of coupons, which you can get after becoming a part of the MCDVoice Survey.

  1. An MCDVoice Survey Coupon Code.
  2. A BOGO Coupon Code.
  3. Free meal from the menu of McDonald’s.

Ways to Get McDonald’s Coupon

Below we are going to mention the information regarding the ways to get McDonald’s Coupon.

There are two ways to get the McDonald’s Coupon that is online and offline.

Online Possibilities to get McDonald’s Coupon:

If you are looking for the McDonald’s Coupon online, then you have three online ways to get it that is Google Search, Official Application, and Email List.

Offline possibilities to get McDonald’s Coupon:

You have also three ways to get McDonald’s Coupon Offline that is through the mail, at its store, and through Newspaper.

Requirements for MCDVoice Con Consumer Feedback Survey:

To continue the Mcdonald Customer Satisfaction survey you need to follow certain guidelines and need certain requirements under which you can prepare yourself for the survey. Here is the full list of requirements for the survey that are required for Mcdonald Feedback Survey:

  1. A fast and working internet connection for processing the survey.
  2. A working laptop or PC needed for performing the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. The receipt from McDonald’s Restaurant or McDonald’s drive-thru receipt with the appropriate information for Survey details.
  4. You need the receipt of Mcdonald’s which is 7 days old. Older receipt older than that is expired.
  5. Then the requirement of your time. You need around 10 minutes to complete the survey.

MCDVoice Survey for Mcdonalds – How to Perform McDonald’s Customer Feedback Survey?

MCDVoice Survey

To know the quality of their food McDonald’s started the McDonald’s customer service survey. Under the McDonald Survey Mcdonald’s provide you with the best quality of products that are required for customer satisfaction. To perform the survey you need certain steps under which you can perform survey. Through which you can perform an mcd voice online survey. Here is the full procedure for performing the mcdvoice satisfaction survey:

  1. On your next visit to McDonald Outlet remember to keep the receipt of purchase safe, in order to participate in the Customer feedback survey as you must need the receipt number to get into the survey.
  2. Log on to the official website of Mcdonald’s Customer Feedback Survey at, which says that they love to hear the customer’s feedback about their McDonald’s services.
  3. As you are redirected to the home page, enter the 26 digit survey code in mcdvoice login
  4. Once is survey code is validated, there will be a questionnaire session in which you need to answers them honestly as per your past experience at McD.
  5. All the questions relate to their food quality, price of food, services, cleanliness, and the behavior of the staff at their outlets.
  6. As your survey is done, you will receive a validation code, note it down on the receipt that you have.
  7. You can use the mcdvoice validation code on your next visit to purchase at any McDonald’s Outlet which helps you to get discounts or even free burgers/meals.
  8. We advise you to keep the validation code safely or you can note it down at the back of your receipt and always carry the McDonald’s receipt survey with you during your visit to McD.
  9. On your next visit show the McDonald survey code to the salesperson during ordering the food and he/she will give you rewards or free food.

Now you have completed the survey and you are eligible for winning rewards for Mcdonald’s Customer Survey.

McDonald’s Holiday Hours

If you are looking to visit the McDonald’s Restaurant with your family and make your day special with some tasty foods, then you must have known about the Holiday Hours of the McDonald’s Restaurants and this information will help to make your visit successful.

Below we are going to mention the complete details regarding McDonald’s Holiday Hours. So, keep reading the article listed below.

  1. New Year’s Day                     
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  3. Valentine’s Day                     
  4. Presidents Day
  5. Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday       
  6. St. Patrick’s Day
  7. Tax Day                                  
  8. Good Friday
  9. Easter Monday                     
  10. Cinco de Mayo
  11. Mother’s Day                       
  12. Memorial Day
  13. Father’s Day                          
  14. Independence Day (4th of July)
  15. Labor Day                              
  16. Columbus Day
  17. Halloween                              
  18. Veterans Day
  19. Black Friday                           
  20. Christmas Eve
  21. New Year’s Eve

MCDVoice Con Customer Survey Contact:

If you are facing any technical difficulties in Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey then you need to contact the official customer service for McDonald’s that is required for help in the survey. Follow the procedure for connecting to the Mcdonalds Survey:

Mcdonalds Customer Service Number:  1 (800) 244-6227

About McDonald’s 

McDonald’s is one of the most popular American fast food restaurant companies across the world. McDonald’s started its first restaurant in the year 1940 in San Bernardino, California, and was started by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The head office of the McDonald’s company is in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Today the company serves its services with more than 37,000 restaurants throughout the world.

At McDonald’s eatery, you can enjoy delicious and tasty meals with the foods listing such as wraps, Chicken, Hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, soft drinks, desserts, salads, breakfast and coffee.

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Final Verdict:

MCDVoice Con Now you know how to complete the Mcdonald’s Customer Survey and how to perform the survey under certain conditions. By completing the survey you can win great rewards and through which you can get great gifts in Mcdonald’s Customer satisfaction survey.

If you want to know further details or you want to provide your suggestions then you can provide your comments in the comment section under this article.

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