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MyBKExperience – As everyone visited Burger king to eat the tasty burgers many times but no one noticed that burger king is giving an opportunity to their customer to a free “Whopper sandwich” or a “Chicken Sandwich” of their choice when they take a part in the BK Customer Experience Survey at

Burger king is a big branch that deals in burgers and it provides a huge variety of burgers to Customers. By using the MyBKExperience survey, customers are able to use a code that was written on the receipt to be a part of the survey.

Burger King gives the option of the Burger King survey to their customer to get to know about the services offered by the My Burger King Survey and the views of the customers regarding Burger King because it helps the “burger king” to develop itself and provide the best service to their customers. It’s a great opportunity for the customers to express their views and feelings about the services offered by BK.



The survey is the best way to get to know about the services and also helps to know the views of the customers regarding the services given by the company to their customers. By keeping that in mind “Burger King” started a mybkexperience by which they get to know the views of their customers.

The survey takes only a few minutes and also the latest receipt of Burger King. As a gift of appreciation, burger King provides a validation code by which customers can get an offer whenever they visit next time.

About: MyBKExperience

MyBKExperience Survey is an online survey where the company asked simple questions to the customers directly on the basis of the experience they had in Burger King and the survey gives a good opportunity to speak your mind without any issues.

The Burger King Survey covers the different elements of the customer experience survey of Burger King at Mybkexperience, which include the views of the customers by giving the overall rating of the food quality at BK.

Burger king creates this survey to get to know the needs and wants of the customers and also helps to meet the requirements and concerns of the customers it also helps burger king to shape their policies.

About Burger King & MyBKExperienceSurvey  – Burger King:

Burger king is an American global chain of hamburgers and fast food restaurants. The BK was introduced in the year 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida as Insta-Burger King. Burger king became the 2nd largest chain of hamburgers in the world and Burger king is having more than 15000 branches in more than 80 countries.

The headquarters of Burger king is at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Burger King Restaurant is famous for giving the high and best quality of food along with great taste and affordable prices.

By giving high-quality foods, lots of people visit Burger king frequently. Burger king is famous for its quality food and quality services. The burger king Brand promise empowers consumers to make good choices in ordering their meals according to their lifestyle.

Mybkexperience –

Every day, more than eleven million people visit Burger King around the world. On every visit to the customer at burger king, the company reviews the policy on their approach to the customers. The menu of Burger king is expanded from offering burgers, milkshakes, French Fries, and sodas to a bigger and more distinct set of products. The BK offers a lot of variety burgers like chicken burgers, and veg burgers and the main is its whoppers. It also provides other items such as Desserts, Hot BeveragesKing Savers, and coolers.

Burger king started to move forward from its old menu and comes up with a new menu that includes new items, different reformulation products, and also the packaging as a part of its recent owner company plans of the 3G Capital’s restructuring.

According to burger king, it had around 15,738 outlets in 100 countries. Where out of the total outlets, 47.5% of outlets are in the United States of America, and in that 99.5% of outlets are owned privately and operated by the new owners of those outlets who are running almost the complete model of the Franchise.

The way in which Burger King licenses its franchises matters depends upon the area or the region where the outlets are running along with some of the regional franchises, which are also known as the master franchises, which are responsible for providing the sub-licenses of the franchise on the behalf of the company.

Survey Prize -MyBKExperience

A Free whopper or a chicken sandwich, of your choice

Survey Details –

  • Prize of the Survey:  Free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich
  • Survey Language:    English or French
  • How to Enter: Online by visiting
  • How many Times: Unlimited Times Survey Process

The MyBurgerKingSurvey will only take a few minutes to complete. Here in this process, we are going to tell you about the survey process of As a reward or a return gift, Burger King gives you the coupon code which is called MyBKExperience coupon code after completing the survey which can be used by the customer to get a discount or an offer whenever they visit Burger king next time.

So below in this, we are going to tell you the step-by-step process of how to do the MyBKExperience Survey. So stay tuned with us and read this to get to know each and every detail of attempting the survey:

Step by Step process to be a part of MyBKExperience survey:

After making all the requirements to be a part of the Burger King survey, here we are giving you the instruction, These instructions are so simple and easy that every customer can do that. There is no rule for age restrictions. So everyone will be a part of the My Burger King Survey if they have a valid receipt from Burger king or if they have an invitation to the survey. Below we are going to share the step guide to MyBKexperience

  • Visit the official website of Burger King:

Firstly you need to visit the official website of Burger King at When you open this website, you reach the portal of the Burger King Survey and are redirected to the welcome page of the survey. The Burger King website is so easy and simple that the customers and the visitors of the website will not get in trouble. The official website of Burger King Survey gives the option of three languages which are English, French, or Spanish in which the customer needs to select the one in which he/she feels free to do the survey.

  • Enter the restaurant number:

Firstly you need to enter the number of burger king restaurants in which you visited to eat and the number is written on the receipt. Look at the receipt so that you get to know the number of the restaurant

  • Enter the Survey Code:

Customers can find the receipt of the Burger King Survey Code which was written on the receipt of the Burger king. Basically, this code is written on the bottom of the receipt, and this code consists of 20 digits.

  • Enter the date of visit:

After doing all the above-given steps, you can write the time of your visit to Burger King. Specify the date & time of your recent visit to burger king. The website also needs you to select the state where burger king is located in which you have visited recently.

  • Answer the Survey:

After completing all the previous steps, you need to continue answering simple questions which were given by burger king. Mostly, all the questions are related to your satisfaction visit at the restaurant. Then you can answer the open question in which they ask you about the reason why you are happy or unhappy by visiting Burger King and the service of burger king. You have to give an honest reply to all the questions because your answers matter a lot to Burger King and your answer reflects the experience you had during your last visit to Burger King Outlet.

  • Get the Burger King Validation Coupon:

When you complete the experience question of the burger king at MyBKexperience, burger king gives a validation code. This code is a coupon that can be redeemed by you at any Burger King Outlet. After this, you need to write this code in your receipt from burger king. Whenever you visit burger king, you can show them your code of the MyBKexperience, and then you can easily grab a free Whooper of your burger king.

Eligibility of the Burger King Survey:

  • To be a part of the Burger King Survey, the customers must need to have a valid receipt of their recent visit to the burger king restaurant
  • The customers will need to save the receipt so that while doing the survey, they can easily find the receipt code to be a part of the Burger King online survey
  • Customer also needs a computer or a laptop and a proper internet connection along with a better internet speed so that they can easily access Burger King Survey
  • Burger King customers also need to select their preferred language between Spanish and English. Select the language according to your choice so that you can’t face any problems while attempting the survey.

Contact Burger King

  • Phone Number: 1-866-394-2493
  • Address: Burger King Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, FL 33126

MyBKexperience Questions and Prizes:

Customers who are going to attempt the survey of burger king at then they must need to know the types of questions they are going to get in the Burger King Survey. The survey will only ask the basic questions about the burger king customer satisfaction survey. The questions are in the form of a scale. So, customers need to select the level of their BK satisfaction.

The survey, it’s all about the satisfaction of the meal that was served to you at burger king restaurant. The survey will also ask about the friendliness of the staff of burger king. You may also be asked about the cleanliness at the Burger King Outlet. The two major factors which are cleanliness and friendliness really matter at a restaurant. The consumers will feel comfortable when they visit the outlet of burger king.

The MyBKexperience survey also needs your rating of the food items w2hich you purchased from Burger King. Later, the survey will ask you the way of buying the menu. There may be also a question in which they ask about the location of burger king which you visit often. Further, you will receive a question about whether you want to recommend burger king to someone or not.

That’s it, all the questions that you find on the MyBKexperience. When you complete the BK survey, you will receive a validation code of BK. That code is the prize for your participation in the My Burger King Survey. The coupons from burger king become the reason for the people to take a part in the survey.

Official Website:

Also Check:


Burger King likes to have your feedback by using the BK Customer Feedback survey because they know the importance of your replies and they want to develop themselves daily. Customers can visit now to get a chance to win BK Customer Experience Survey and help the store to get better.

Visit mybkexperience com before visiting the BK Customer Experience Survey by Burger King to win exciting prizes.

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