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If you are having a MyDestinyCard and are willing to know more about this card, its review, and want to know about how to make a mydestinycard login at then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

You have to read this article till the end and understand the complete details about this card so that you can be able to start using this card in a simple and easy manner. 



How Do I Activate My Destiny Mastercard?

You can easily be able to activate your destiny card online by making a visit at or at Also, you can be able to make a call to their number which appears at the back, and simply follow the on-screen prompts for the destiny MasterCard activation. 

How Do I Register My Destiny Card Account for Online Access?

When you make a visit to then you can simply make a click on the My Account link which appears at the upper right and click on the register your account and then you will be able to enter your card number, date of birth, and also your social security number.

Simply click on the continue button to the next step and then you need to follow the rest of the steps like creating a username and password with verifying your email. 

Where Can I Apply For a Destiny Card?

You need to simply make a visit at and then make a click on the pre-qualify to simply see whether you are eligible for the destinycard or not. Also, it generally takes less than a minute to see the offers and also to find out the best option for you. Your destiny card will also help you to build your credit if you are making on-time payments and it will also increase your credit line over time. 

If you get a pre-qualified letter in your mail then you can make a visit to in terms to fill out the short application with the application code. 

How Do I Make A DestinyCard Payment Online?

If you are willing to make a destinycard payment online then you need to enter your username and password at and then make a click on the My Destiny Login button. There, you can be able to simply navigate through your account to simply find out the option of the payment. Simply schedule a recurring payment for the autopay or simply make a one-time payment with your bank details. 

How Do I Make A DestinyCard Payment by Mail?

You can mail a check or the money order to the address which we are going to share below. You have to write your account number in the memo space so that the customer service representative gets to know exactly where to allocate the money. 

  • Destiny Card / Genesis FS Card Services
  • PO Box 23030
  • Columbus, GA 31902-3030

How Do I Make A Payment to My DestinyCard by Phone?

You will be able to use the customer service phone number which appears on the back side of your destiny card. Simply make a call on that number and then you need to listen to the prompts to simply complete the payment by phone. 

How Do I Contact Destiny Mastercard Support?

You can simply be able to reach any of the following contact support if you are willing to get hello with your destiny MasterCard. 

  • Phone: 1-800-583-5698
  • Fax: 503-268-4711

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Final Verdict

It is one of the first and also easy to pre-qualify for this card on the behalf of the first electronic bank and genesis FS card services. By simply making the on-time payment within the first few months, you can easily be able to build your credit score and get an increase in your limit. You can also be able to use your destiny credit card anywhere where the MasterCard gets accepted. 

The customer portal is one of the easy and simple methods for the cardholder to simply access their account 24*7 from any of the devices and you can be able to set up the alerts, arrange the paperless statements, view transactions, and also be able to make online payments. Both the autopay with recurring payment and one-time payment are available online.

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