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MyMetroClaim – If you are a T-Mobile customer and recently bought a mobile from the T-Mobile store where you can be able to select to get your device insured in terms to protect your device from any type of damage.

Also, you can get the benefit of the Premium Handset Protection program which will provide the insurance of your device and security of your mobile as well.



So, if you want to know in detail about PHP Program like what it covers then you need to read this article till the end. 

  • Loss and theft. 
  • Liquid damage also covers all types of accidental damage. 
  • Breakdown in mechanical or electrical parts even after the expiry of the warranty of your device. 

How to File A MyMetroClaim

If you are facing any of the issues which we shared above then you can easily be able to file a claim online by using MyMetroClaim. Simply follow the instructions which we are sharing below. 

  • You need to visit MyMetroClaim official site the
  • It will be available 24 hours a day. 
  • Simply click on the option File/Track My Claim button. 
  • Then, you need to enter your mobile or serial number. 
  • After this, simply check the box captcha. 
  • Finally, click on the Submit button. 

If you don’t have your serial number then you can easily be able to get it from several places. 

  • You can get it from underneath your battery. 
  • Also, it will be available on the original packaging of the device. 
  • It is also written on the purchase receipt. 
  • You can also dial #06# which will get your IMEI number. 
  • Simply check the settings of your device. 
  • Also, you can get it by simply calling your carrier. 

When filling, you just simply need to have the below-given information. 

  • Must need a Mobile Number.
  • Also, requires a Serial Number.
  • You need to have your IMEI number. 
  • Also need to have your device model number. 
  • Enter the details about what happens with your device and also the date when it takes place. 
  • Also, simply enter your contact information. 
  • Need to enter your Account PIN number. 
  • Also, I need to provide the security questions. 
  • Select the payment method. 

Also, in some of the cases, you may also be required to enter some of the additional documentation like:

  • Proof of loss form. 

File a Claim By Phone for MyMetroClaim

If you want to file a claim by using your phone then you can be able to simply bypass the mymetroclaim com website customer by making a call at 1-800-316-2075 and then simply asking the executive or specialist about the problem. 

Check Your Claim Status

After filling out your claim file, you need to get back to the website in order to check your claim status. Also, you can simply be able to check the status by simply following the instructions we are sharing below about MyMetroClaim

  • Simply open the website which is
  • Then, you need to simply click on the File/Track My Claim button. 
  • Now, you need to enter your serial number or mobile number. 
  • Then, you need to complete the security check. 
  • Make a click on the submit button. 
  • When your number gets verified then you need to click on the Track My Claim button. 
  • Now, you need to enter your zip code. 
  • Simply click on the submit button. 

How to Enroll in MyMetroClaim

If you purchase a T-Mobile device then you can simply be able to sign up to register your device in a direct manner by simply visiting any of the T-Mobile stores. 

  • Claim Limit. 
  • You can be allowed to get 2 claims in 12 months in a year from the date of first repair and replacement which is not more than $1,500 for each. 
  • When your claim reaches the last limit then the coverage gets terminated automatically. 

Items That Are Covered

Now, here we will tell you about what devices will get covered in mymetro claim. So, simply read the details below. 

  • Your device will get covered in it. 
  • Also, the battery of your device will get covered in it. 
  • Your standard home charger will also get covered in it. 
  • Standard SIM Cards will also get covered in it. 

Lost or Stolen Instructions

If your device gets stolen or if you lose your device then you can simply be able to make a call at Metro by simply using the T-Mobile at 1-8000-8metro8 in terms to suspend the service. 

Contact Customer Service

Simply visit the official website of MyMetroClaim which is On the website, you need to make a click on the Contact Us button which is available at top of the page. 

Simply complete the form online in case of any questions, you need to enter your details. 

  • You need to select the reason for the inquiry. 
  • Also, you need to enter your name. 
  • Then enter your email address. 
  • Now, enter your claim number. 
  • Also, you are required to enter your phone number. 
  • Then, you need to enter your query. 
  • Finally, make a click on the Submit button. 

You can also make a call at

  • 1-800-316-2075. 
  • Fax 1-866-450-4080

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Final Verdict:

So, we hope that the above-given article is helpful for you to know the details about mymetroclaim by which you can be able to get a claim in an easy manner. If this article is beneficial for you then simply let us know by dropping a comment below. Also, share this article with other people so that they also benefit from this article.

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