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Oxfam Review 2022 – Oxfam is a British-founded confederation of 21 autonomous nonprofit organizations dedicated to alleviating worldwide poverty. Oxfam International is the organization’s leader. Oxfam is a global network of people who believe in a better future where everyone has the ability to flourish rather than just endure.

Since its first charity shop opened in 1948, Oxfam has had stores all around the world, selling numerous fair-trade and donated items. The Oxfam shop is a great place to find cheap clothes, books, vintage objects, and a variety of other hidden gems. 

Oxfam Review 2022

Oxfam Review

Every penny or cent spent in any of our shops in Ireland contributes to our excellent work around the world. Every day, Oxfam’s volunteer staff lists hundreds of goods contributed by supporters like you, such as used women’s apparel, used men’s clothing, and a variety of one-of-a-kind collectibles. 

Not to mention our vintage home furnishings, vintage bridal gowns, vinyl, music, books, seasonal favorites such as Fair Trade Christmas cards, and much more. In Oxfam’s Online Shop, there is always something fresh to discover. Oxfam shops also take unwanted clothes and other stuff, so do yourself and others a favor and stop by today!

What is available at the Oxfam Online Shop?

If you like vintage stuff and frequent thrift stores, there is no better place to go than the Oxfam shop.

Oxfam’s internet shop includes over 100,000 donated and vintage things for sale, and over 165 of their high street shops are listed online. 

This is a terrific site to find totally creative and one-of-a-kind gifts and presents. There’s apparel for men, women, and children, accessories, and some very stunning vintage stuff. 

The possibility to search for garments by decade is a nice feature of the vintage section – so if you’re looking for a 1940’s dress, a 1960’s skirt, or a 1980’s power suit, you’re covered!

Aside from new and used clothing, what else can I buy?

  • You can, of course, shop for books, some of which are actually antiquarian. With over 60,000 books available for purchase online, you can find a wide range of intriguing titles, including some rare jewels and collectibles.
  • There’s also music, movies, and video games, as well as toys and games for kids.
  • They sell household things and even have a bridal area.
  • You can also buy liquidation pallets and liquidation bath pallets.
  • If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts and presents, the Oxfam online shop and some wholesale liquidation companies have some of the most intriguing products in their divisions, offering stamps, coins, art, old photography equipment, and various artifacts.

From where do the Oxfam donations come from?

Donations are coming in from all around the country. They’re most likely products that haven’t found a new home at their local Oxfam shop. Unsold products are delivered to our Batley recycling center and Online Shop since we need to make room for new donations on a regular basis. 

There, they have a second chance to market to a global audience. Items placed at donation banks (for example, at your local supermarket) are sometimes carried directly to Batley. 

Even fashion retailers offer us their leftover inventory to sell! They are all placed at the recycling center’s entrance and sifted on massive conveyor belts to determine what to do with the things.

How does the delivery of the Oxfam Online Shop Work?

Oxfam products are shipped from various locations. Your things may arrive from different dispatch locations depending on whether you order from our Donated items, Sourced by Oxfam, or Oxfam Unwrapped which you can find in this Oxfam Review.

Second-hand things are often shipped by the shop where they were given and posted on the webshop so that they may arrive from a variety of locales.

As a result, the shipping process differs from that of other shops in that things may arrive separately rather than in a single package.

Why should you shop at Oxfam’s online store?

First and foremost, when you shop at Oxfam, you are doing a lot of good by assisting those in need.

  • Many poor people rely on Oxfam, and Oxfam, in turn, relies on us.
  • All of the items sold on the Oxfam online shop were donated to them either directly or through donation banks.
  • Oxfam will either sell them in their liquidation stores or send them to be recycled, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.
  • Oxfam uses all of the proceeds from the sale of its products to fight poverty.
  • You can also contribute to Oxfam, and also you can buy liquidation pallets in the bath.

Pros and Cons of Oxfam Online Shopping:

We have talked about Oxfam Online Shopping, its items, and the benefits of purchasing from it. We’ll now go through the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online at Oxfam Review.


  • Everything is Cheap: This is arguably one of the most important reasons why people purchase at charity shops. Everything is very cheap; £10 will get you a lot in Oxfam online shop.
  • Better for Planet: Climate change is real, and we must act quickly to rescue our planet. Instead of buying new clothes all the time, you can buy more secondhand, which is where Oxfam shops come in. Although many donate garments because they no longer need them, charity shops give them a new lease on life, resulting in less waste in the globe. After all, reduce, reuse, and recycle!
  • Assist Charities: It’s self-evident that charity shops help charities, which is a great plus in my book. You can donate clothes, books, and other products to charities.


  • Selection is Limited: When you walk into this Oxfam shop, it’s clear that they rely on contributions. You don’t have as many options as you would in a conventional clothing store. So, if you’re seeking something specific, you might not find it in a charity shop. 
  • Certain Products may be Damaged: People frequently donate stained items because they can’t get the stain out, so you’re unlikely to be able to. 95% of the time, these shops will explicitly state if there is anything wrong with the things, but it is always best to double-check. However, it may be worth acquiring if the stain or damage can be repaired.

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Oxfam is located in the heart of Oxford and is fortunate to receive a wide range of high-quality donations. Oxfam’s outstanding team of volunteers from around the world helps finance the organization’s mission by selling everything from unique vintage clothing to high-quality records. 

Oxfam is incredibly advantageous because it deals with liquidation pallets, clothing, books, and other wholesale things. Oxfam Review 2022 not only assists in the transaction, but its expansion and excellent quality in customer care have also been one of the most important reasons why one should use Oxfam. 

Oxfam’s online auction is a distinct reason why shoppers can truly estimate the true market scenario for a thing. Oxfam’s worth as a corporation is enhanced by the variety, range, and stock it provides. To summarise, Oxfam is the right choice when seeking a wholesale liquidation company.

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