Phone ATT – AT&T Phone Claim Document Upload

If you are willing to know the details about phone att which is the platform for AT&T phone claim document upload then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Phone ATT

Phone ATT

You need to simply read this article till the end to simply know the complete process of claiming in a simple and easy manner. 

Phone Claim AT&T Uploader

  • You may be able to submit the additional documentation online which is related to the AT&T phone claim. 
  • The primary AT&T account holder can be able to submit the documents which are related to the claim and it helps them to simply protect against unauthorized AT&T account use. 
  • The document will be a digital picture or scanned for upload. 

The phone claim AT&T uploader service which is completely free to use and also it will take nearly 5 to 10 minutes to get completed and depending upon how many documents the AT&T customer is required to upload. At the time of submitting a phone claim with AT&T and using the upload, the service customer is required to enter these details. 

  • Completed sworn claim affidavit and proof of loss statement. 
  • The government-issued IDs like the driving license or passports. 
  • One of the copies of the latest AT&T wireless bill for the mobile number in question. 
  • Also, one of the copies or the proof of purchase for the claimed device will come in the form of the receipt or UPC code form box. 
  • A copy of the supporting document is not required in every claim and also it will take the form of the police report or the insurance document and much more. 

You need that in terms to download and complete the affidavit the customer will need to enter the mobile number of the addicted device. Also, live chat service is mainly available for the customers who are having issues getting documents to upload. 

Phone Claim AT&T Comments

  • The claims completed by the daily cut-off items will simply get shipped and in most cases, it gets delivered the next day. 
  • If the claim gets closed Monday – Friday before 5 PM CST then the device will simply get shipped to the next day. 
  • If the claim gets closed on Saturday prior to 2 PM then the device will get shipped on Monday morning. 

If you are having any questions related to the phone claim ATT uploader service then they will be directed to the Asurion customer service representative at 1-888-562-8662 between the hours of 7 AM to 9 PM CST Monday to Friday or from 8 AM CST Saturday and Sunday. 

FAQ on Phone ATT

  • Does AT&T Phone Insurance Cover Cracked Screens?

Yes, AT&T phone insurance will simply provide coverage for the cracked screen by a small fee for the repairs. 

  • How Do I Get My Exact Deductible Cost?

The deductible may vary on your insurance plan and also the make and model of your device. You can also be able to create a particular estimate of the deductible by making a visit to

  • Does ATT insurance Cover Accidental Water-Damaged Phones or Water Damaged Phones Period?

Yes, AT&T insurance will mainly cover the damage which is related to the water and also related to the other liquids. 

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