Phonto for PC 2021 – Add Text on Photos via Windows 10 PC or Mac

If you are willing to know the process of how to download phonto for PC 2021 Edition then you are required to read this article till the end. With the help of this article, you will get to know the complete process to download this app on your windows or mac devices. Also, this article will be helpful for you to simply download this app in a simple manner so that you will be able to use this app properly.

Phonto for PC 2021

Phonto for PC

Phonto is one of the simple apps for the iOS and Android Operating systems which you can simply be able to use if you are willing to modify the images and also be able to add the text as well. Also, don’t underestimate its functioning as it is one of the useful and flexible apps which you can simply be able to use to edit photos. 

Also, with the help of this software, you can be able to create nice text along with some of the different effects and also the styles on the photos. You can also be able to select some of the cool fonts which you can be able to apply in an easy manner. If you are willing to add more fonts then you can simply download and install the phonto app on your PC. 

Some people are looking for the windows or mac version of the phonto for Macbook Pro and Air and if you can’t find this app in windows as this app is mainly available for android or iOS devices. If you want to know about how to run the phonto for iMac then you have to use some of the tools in terms of opening the app file in your operating system. 

How to Install and Run Phonto For PC 2021 Edition With Some Tricks:

Phonto Add Text on Photos

As you know very well that this app is not available for windows or mac devices. Also, with the help of this app, you can be able to use the tool for emulating iOS and android devices. Also, this tool is mainly known as an emulator and it will replicate the behavior or also the iOS or Android OS on the system. 

In order to complete this, we have to download an emulator app which is known as bluestacks emulator for PC. You need to download this from the internet simply. Also, if you are willing to get to know about its alternative then you can also be able to look for the Nox app player. The installation process of the Nox app is completely similar to bluestacks. Also, you need to know that you can only use one app. So, we advise you to simply select any of the appropriate apps for you. Both of these emulators are completely good and really fast and also capable of running phonto for Laptop. 

In terms of installing any of the emulator apps, you are required to make a double click on the .exe file of the setup file installer. You have to check out the options which ask for the agreement. By doing this, it will allow you to make a click on the install button. When you install it successfully then you will see an icon on your PC. It is one of the indicators of the installation. You need to go ahead and then simply run the emulator. By running it for the first time in your system will show a prompt window where you have to enter your email account. 

Mainly it is for access to the play store and after doing this, you will be able to access the playstore where you are required to simply download a particular android app like the Phonto for Mac. Make a click on the search panel in the play store and then type phonto in it. When the results appear in front of you then you have to select the app and install it on your device. 

Does Your Emulator Slow or Lag?

First of all, you are required to simply check for the BIOS in your motherboard. After this, you have to reboot your computer and then click on the delete button continuously. You have to find out the option related to the intel-vt or AMD-v which will completely depend upon your processor model and then simply enable it. This option will allow for the virtualization of the process as the emulator such as BlueStacks or the Nox with the help of the virtualization technology. Also, it will enhance lots of emulating speed for any of the virtualized environments. 

You are required to simply check out for the video card which will get updated into the latest version. Several times, it will fix small problems when using any of the emulator programs. Also, the storage of your devices required the proper space and also the RAM which must need to be 64GB or above. Also, there is no brainer as the low RAM and storage will affect the performance of your laptop or your PC.

If an error occurred at the time of using BlueStacks or Nox, you may be able to download the .Net framework by using the official website of Microsoft. If you are already having this in your system then you have to update it into its latest version to fix this problem 

The above-given details will be helpful for you to simply fix all the common issues. If you are still facing any issues then you can simply let us know by dropping a comment below. 

Phonto App Features

If you want to know about the features of the phonto app then you have to check out the list of the features which we are sharing below.

  • It will provide lots of text style options that you can simply use and it has more than 200 fonts. 
  • If you are not happy with the built-in fonts then you may be able to download or install the fonts from the internet. 
  • You can be able to manage or edit the size of fonts and also the color or the shadow of the text as well. 
  • Also, you will be able to rotate the fonts in terms to match the style. 
  • It will also allow the users to simply create the stroke color or the width of the font as well. 
  • It can also be able to change the background in the text. 
  • It will also create a line spacing in between the text. 
  • Also, it will allow you to adjust the letter spacing of the text. 

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Final Verdict:

So, this is one of the methods to use this app on your device like laptop or desktop. Also, it is one of the long processes compared to installing the app on your device in a direct manner. We will suggest you simply use the Phonto for PC 2021 instead of the smartphone.

At the time of editing the images, you will be able to get lots of benefits and also the large and better screen size of the monitor. If this article is helpful for you to download phonto app for PC then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article. Also, if you have any issues or queries related to this article then feel free to connect with us by simply dropping a comment below.

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