Realme Launches Convertible AC In India, Priced Under Rs.30,000

Realme AC in India – Recently, Realme entered the space of air conditioners. These ACs will come up with the ability to simply alter the cooling capacity which is completely based on the number of people available in the room and so on. 

Realme not only provides the smartphone or the laptops but it also starts serving the household equipment. The company already provides the washing machine and also the vacuum cleaners and now, it is going to enter into the space of air conditioners.

Realme AC in India

Realme AC in India
Picture Credit: Realme

This tech giant launched the huge techy range of convertible air conditioners in India on Wednesday, 13th April 2022. 

Realme Launches Convertible Air Conditioners In India

These Realme ACs will come up with the feature of altering cooling capacity which is completely based on the number of people available in the room. Also, it comes up with the inverter compressor technology which the company claims for the faster cooling and also the longer durability of the compressor.

The inverter compressor technology will also come up with the ability to simply preserve the life of the compressor and also provide an efficient, faster, and precise cooling service.

Realme TechLife AC Price in India

The Realme convertible air conditioner begins at a price of Rs.27,790 for 1 ton model in India and its 1.5-ton model will cost you Rs.30,999. Also, there is the four-star model but the company said that they will provide the five-star model which is a 1.5-ton model and it will cost you around Rs.33,490. These air conditioners are mainly available for purchase on Flipkart but they don’t reveal the exact date of the sale. 

Realme AC in India – Top Features

One of the major aspects of this AC which differentiates the techlife ACs is the ability to simply offer the cooling at its peak temperature of 55 degrees. Also, the model will also come up with an automatic cleaning system and the company claims to protect the appliance from the moisture and also from the mold, and dust as well. These machines also provide the modes like the Dry, Eco, and also the three sleep as well. 

Realme TechLife AC Cooling Capacity

These ACs also come up with 4-in-1 cooling for the savings of higher energy. The company said that the capacity of cooling cal gets altered between 40% to 60% and 80% and 110% as well. Other features will also include the Blue Fin technology, auto cleaning, silent operation, and stabilizer-free operation

The auto cleaning feature will also run for 30 seconds when the machine is powered off and also dries the water droplets by using the strong air throw. The bluefin technology also comes up with effective protection for the coils from the salt, and deposition and also for the water droplets. 

It is the very first time that Realme launched an air conditioner in India. Also, the company provides a huge variety of smart home appliances and recently unveiled a new range of semi-automatic washing machines featuring the antibacterial silver ion wash technology which the company claims for less exposure to infection.

In terms of recall, the tech giant announced the Realme TechLife handheld vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum mop, and also air purifier in India in the previous year.

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