Sites Like Alibaba – Top 10 Best Sites Similar Alibaba Alternatives

Sies Like Alibaba – Nowadays, directly purchasing stuff from the B2C companies is trending since the companies are offering the stuff at low prices. Alibaba is one of the biggest B2C and B2B stuff suppliers all around the world, so we are dedicating this article to find out the sites similar to Alibaba.

The companies are working on the concept of supplying the stuff without any middle man between buyer and supplier. The companies are approaching not only the consumers but also other small businesses. This idea makes them be called the e-commerce mammoth.

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In this article, we are going to introduce more sites big like Alibaba, which are working in the servicing as C2C, B2B, and B2C sources.

Top 10 Sites to Alibaba 

Sites to Alibaba 

These business sites are easily accessible as well as highly reliable. As these are the global names so they can reach various consumers easily without border issues. It is of course that there are not many of them available but we are going to present the top 10 just like Alibaba. So choose any of them as per services in your country.

  1. Global Sources

According to us first pick from the list of top 10 sites similar to Alibaba is the Global Sources. The official site of it is Global Sources is B2B Media Company which is a business based in Hong Kong. It functions just like Alibaba. Mainly the consumers who demand the bulk stuff prefer Global Sources. This includes the small business which likes to purchase products in the wholesale from the Global Sources due to the same reason. Global Sources is providing its services for the last 46 years and indulged in supplying stuff to buyers in 240 territories as well as countries.

Global Sources offers the numbers of products just as accessories, auto-parts, Mobile electronics, smart living solutions, hardware, fashions apparels, bags, luggage, and many more to their customers. It provides the facility to get registered with the Global Sources as the seller along with the buyer. Global Sources is the best site similar to Alibaba which is working continuously to provide services of at least 1000 types to any consumer. And it has millions of consumers. It the market it is known for as the best in quality.

  1. TradeKey

TradeKey is a China-based company for the B2B market, and the official site is the globe, it is offering its’ services to more than 9 million customers. And it serves as one of the biggest ventures in the wholesale supply fields all around the globe. TradeKey has been providing its services since 2006 and still maintaining its name for providing services for both fields’ imports and exports. TradeKey is known among the biggest sites similar to Alibaba which adjoins the Businesses and consumers, buyers, exporters, and importers from across the 240 countries of the globe.

TradeKey is providing premium services for the registered sellers. It is serving on the basis of several programs paid basis. These premium services include services like GoldKey Membership, SilverKey Membership, VIP Membership, and GoldKey Plus Membership. These all services are at various types of prices as well as services.

If you want to go into the details of the various types of the categories you can find the categories like Agriculture, metallurgy, medicines, minerals, accessories, automobiles, energy products and the fashion apparels and it is just a tip on the iceberg. You have an opportunity to be a member of the services for free right now, once you have done you are can use it for selling as well as purchasing.

  1. EC21

EC21 is our next recommendation in the list of the top 10 sites similar to Alibaba. It is also a china based e-commerce but has paws all across the globe. It is responsible to provide its services in more than 150 international boundaries all around the globe for import and export. Its official site is is a great opportunity to people to look for the own online business.

It is active since 1997 and maintaining its venture as the B2B market. It is popular for promoting small and medium-size enterprises. This worldwide network has set up its EC21 URL and can start the trade right at that time.

EC21 is busy providing services to more than 7 million staff, in a wholesale manner. So the price you can get as you can get on the bulk volume purchase means there will be a discount. The kinds of products that you can get there are personal care, agriculture, consumer electronics, real estate, and construction and manufacturing machinery and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are three types of different membership substitutes for the sellers. These substitutes are free of cost. The features are Pro and OK which are the paid services. Get more about it on the homepage of the official site

  1. IndiaMart

IndiaMart has an official site which is Have you any idea that IndiaMart is well known and the 2nd largest B2B e-commerce followed by Chinese giant Alibaba? It is very demanding what makes it like? That it is providing the B2B model as well as the B2C model. These different features make it as desirable as Alibaba for the small as well as a medium business both, also as websites similar to Alibaba.

Some features make it different from other B2B sites. These features include that IndiaMart does not take any charge for being a registered seller with it, the second feature is that it is providing its support to the emerging business more than any other similar service provider. The kinds of products that IndiaMart is using are mobile and telecom, industrial machinery, automobile parts, building and construction, fashion accessories, and many more.

IndiaMART makes its place in the list of the sites like Alibaba, no doubt, which is responsible to connect different consumers from around the world. Big brands like Finolex, Force JCB, Motors, Kohler, Lenovo, Philips, and many more from different countries are associated with it and you can find their products in the IndiaMart.

  1. Amazon

Amazon has its official site Amazon is the biggest portal for e-commerce all around the globe. It comes in the list of sites similar to Alibaba due to its connectivity and network. Amazon brings the best enterprise all across the globe. And it also sells within its registered name also. They produce their products on their own.

The electronics items are restricted under B2B services. But B2C services are restricted to many services.

After Alibaba, Amazon has ranked up second in revenue generation. With this, online many enterprises, as well as individuals, has achieved millions of business.

With Amazon, you can find different types of categories of the products such as accessories and fashion apparel, food and grocery, eBooks, handmade stuff, electronics, home improvement, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Whenever you choose the Amazon platform to sell your products, the Amazon Platform will charge some amount that is needed to be paid for that. In the return you will get access to the millions of consumers who are already established in the market, these will offer the services to you.

  1. Made in China

Made in China is an e-commerce company that is china based as the name suggested. It is B2B third-party e-commerce platform. The official site of Made in China is Their aim is to provide access for the Chinese indigenous products to get supplied all around the globe. That is especially to employ the Chinese small business. Their aim to bridge a gap between the Chinese suppliers and the global purchasers. For that, they tried to maintain the security concern and trust concern as well. So they verify you carefully before you are going to sell your products through this platform by registering and providing the demanded information about yourself.

It is dealing in 27 categories or more than that and having a subdivision of 3,600.  The products are transportation, apparel and accessories, lights and lighting, consumer electronics, manufacturing machinery, construction and decoration, and much more.

Made in china functions just like the above-mentioned sites like Alibaba but somewhere it has limitations. And lack behind from many of sites. There you can find the option of premium membership once you have indulged in the supplier registration. It will provide you much access to some additional specifications.

  1. ThomasNet

In order of the best suitable alternative of Alibaba is ThomasNet or top 10 sites similar to Alibaba. ThomasNet’s official site is The design and the functioning methods of this ThomasNet are quite different from the other similar sites.  It works as a third-party platform via it you can have access to the verification of suppliers of Canada and the USA, it is working for the supplier’s searches.

What makes it different from others is that it is not working as a direct B2B functionary but having complete support to the middle and the small businesses which are searching to the suppliers who are indulged in providing enterprises the wholesale prices for the bulk products.

Herewith the ThomasNet, you can get more than 500,000 verified and registered suppliers in the numbers of services and industries.  Here we are giving you some of the product details which include Metals along with Metal Products, Process Equipment, Fashion, Customer manufacturing, Chemicals, and fabricating, and this just tip the iceberg.

ThomasNet is no doubt a trustable source of getting the best supplier in the number of the Categories that make it different from the list of the sites like Alibaba.

With the ThomasNet you can find different types of categories which are having the CAD models these you can find on the preview of ThomasNet. As a Seller, it gives you an opportunity to join the ThomasNet, free of cost.

  1. Grainger

Grainger was established at the year 1927. It is our next in the picture of a list similar to Alibaba or top 10 sites similar to Alibaba. Grainger has the official site This is well-known for the B2B model and generates revenue from the same model. But it has started to deal in retail sector too. Grainger Company is having the business in other forms of subsidiaries as well.

It is functioning in various categories as info library, distributors’ alliance program, Grainger energy services, green resources, and many more. Along with that, there are many categories that are enlisted with the Grainger: hardware, brasives, security, lab supplies, power transmissions, hydraulics, and many more.  You have to order the items in the bulk not piece by piece because Grainger is working on the B2B model.

It gives you an opportunity to be a seller or a buyer, once you have registered with Grainger. Here you will find the complete process quite verified that is necessary to maintain the website security. Their mobile application is useful to operate. With mobile accessibility, you can use Grainger as your best e-commerce.

  1. DHGate

DHGate is another site in the list similar to Alibaba. DHGate interestingly belongs to China. DHGate is a kind of website which is B2B e-commerce, it is just like the site listed in the similar to Alibaba. It is able to provide its services all around the globe to consumers.

DHGate objective is to get the products for manufacturing from the medium and the small enterprises along with the individuals. The official site of it is

It has its wings to the retail sector, but not such as other listed sites mentioned above. Below we are providing some sectored till where it is extended to electronics, lights and lighting, home and garden, sports and outdoor, automobile and motorcycle, health and beauty, and hundreds of a lot of other sectors.

As the same of Chinese e-commerce, the main aim is to promote Chinese enterprises all around the globe. But it is keeping in mind the reasonability of the price as well as the wholesale prices. DHGate is eligible to bridge the gap between the supply and demand chains by providing protection to 100% of buyers. It has given protection to the buyers, so you can go with that without any hesitation.

  1. ECPlaza

We are picking ECPlaza as our final pick for our list of similar sites to Alibaba. It has the official site This is another top 10 B2B portal which are based in Korea. ECPlaza has been come into operation in 1996 and inclined to top leader that provides e-commerce services with the methods online and offline medium to the consumers more than numbers 1 million.

This is the only site like Alibaba which has the facility to keep the process for registration-optional. But this facility is only for the buyers.

There are many categories of services in which ECPlaza does exercises are hardware, agriculture, telecommunications, chemicals, electrical equipment, health and medical, and thousands of many more services and products.

Here is the offering for the sellers too, these offers are for the premium memberships as an option these include the name Yes Silver as well as Yes Gold which are well versed to provide extra benefits.

There are many kinds of brands as well, which are tied up with the schemes but as we know that these are mainly focused on the Korea, so they are promoting the enterprise in the Korea and trying to connect the Korean sellers with the global buyers. If you want to make a deal on Korean products you can happily and reliably choose this e-commerce.

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Final Word

We think that all the consumers needed to give their support to the concept of the sites similar to Alibaba. As they are the direct source for the consumer’s requirements that will make you save a big amount while doing direct shopping from sites. These are responsible to cut off another middle man. We have provided you top 10 sites similar to Alibaba.

We recommend that these options are necessary to serve in a well way. As we know that the main field of the services of Alibaba is China, this article is containing the other giants of e-commerce that are serving all around the globe. There are plenty of sites which you can buy from. We are unable to mention all of them due to the writing limitation.

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