Sites Like Freelancer – 10 Sites for Freelancers to Earn More Money

We will be talking about the main great sites that you love to try. Today we will be talking about another great site like that you want to hear about and need to know if you searching for some work or searching for a pass time job then you have come to the right place. We will be talking about Sites Like Freelancer.

We will be giving you all the required info on how to use these websites and where you can show your skills and earn money while working on your passion. Let’s start…

Sites like Freelancer

Sites like Freelancer 

What is 

  • If you want to look for new ways for paying bills, seeking professional development under different opportunities, or like the freedom that you want to work on and the opportunities under freelancing offers. Then will tell you all the Best sites like Freelancer 2021.
  • Millions and millions of people have discovered the great opportunity of freelancing and the money you earn from it. The offers are endless in the field of freelancing and if you want to earn money following your passion then freelancing is the best way for further process.
  • So, what is a Freelancer? Freelancer for a global marketplace for crowdsourcing as a website that allows for the employers. The company was founded in the year of 2009, it’s headquartered in Sydney of Australia. also has its offices in Vancouver, Southern California, Buenos Aires, London, Jakarta, and Manila.

Best Freelancer Alternatives in 2021

If you don’t like the website and searching for the other “sites like” then we have some great websites that you can work on. Here they are:

  • Toptal

With an approach that is totally different from other sites in this list, we will be starting our list of top 10 from Toptal. This website has a different approach and helps with talented yet seasonal freelancing. When you pass the total process for screening it provides you the great and unparalleled grant to amazing projects like Zendesk, JPMorgan, Airbnb, etc. and compensation that is pretty fair as in there is no option for low-bids. You also have the option of joining the Toptal community for regular meetups and other events for tech.


  • Upwork

Upwork has around 1.5 million clients, Upwork is a platform that has everything for everyone and for each freelance. It has both long Term plus Shot term schemes and projects. Upwork has something for even though you are in the entry-level of your career or on a higher level.


  • Elance

Elance helps with removing lots of problems and hassles that provide freelancing. You have to make a proper profile and you don’t need to jump hoops. You can enjoy the full protection of payment that you can get plus the surety that you will get the best hours that you work for and some more.


  • Craigslist

Craigslist is seen as a platform from that people buy and sell many more miscellaneous things. But actually, Craigslist is a great platform for freelancers that users can make great money from and earn through freelancing jobs. You have the ability that you can search for offerings easily if you the option of preferring something for the office, plus you have the option if that major city can work for remotely.


  • Peopleperhour

It can be a great platform, which focuses on web projects that are available for freelancing. Are you a designer, a web developer, SEO, etc? PeoplePerHour is really a good option for you and your freelancing needs.


  • 99Designs

The platform is made particularly for designers. 99diesigns gets you for competing for contests in designing’s and let the client choose for the best one and also the clients give their feedback. It’s the best way for designers who want to prove their talent.


  • College Recruiter

Under the name suggests college recruiter under the graduates plus the recruiters of any type. For that being the main source for the different graduate’s College Recruiter is great for jumpstarting the career.


  • Demand Media – Now Leaf Group

Demand Media, a platform that is made and created for creative people and types that include filmmakers, writers, producers, photographs, and much more. The site creates content that Is unique for engaging the audience and promoting talents.


  • GetACoder

This website is particularly made for writers that expertise in programmers, web designers, and writers particularly the use for the small businesses for getting an idea for a Website to start. GetACoder provides millions of related and small projects that you can choose from and you can get the best coders who are professional and the small businesses what they need generally for providing the content.

This type of idea is great for people who love coding and freelance in different areas and in different industries then GetACoder is a website for you that will give you the best opportunity.


  • iFreelance

We kept this website at the last of the list due to some reason. This website is like all the other websites on this website and provides the content for the writers. Coders, editors, and many more like these freelancers need.

iFreelance is last in the last because it gives you the power of keeping 100% of the amount you generated through clients. That means it gives you 100% of what you made. This is wonderful as this is the only site in this list that lets the user keep all his earnings.


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If you are a freelancer and you want to find some work then these websites will be the best for you as the main and important aspect for freelancers that you need for the best freelancing websites we gave this article for going to different ones and starting your freelancing and other services and give a great time for your passion.

We learned about Sites like Freelancer and how you can use them. If you have any suggestions related to this article then give those in the comments below.

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