USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time: Tracking, Hours & Rates

USPS Priority Mail Delivery is a widely used service by various businesses across the United States. This service is used to send important documents and mail items, bills and it is also used for business promotion.

For such kind of delivery, USPS has 2 types of service priority mail and First-Class Mail. Both these services allow the business to send an important and urgent delivery to any location. At the time of festive season like Christmas or New Year, many customers send out mail in bulk at a different location. These emails are important to reach the desired location in time.

USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time

USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time

Both of this USPS service is perfect for such type of mail delivery. In this post, we will tell our readers how they can send out important mails using the priority mail service.

You will get information about timings, rates, tracking, and working hours and likewise related to the priority mail service. Read below to find out more.

How Long Does USPS Priority Mail Take?

According to USPS policies, Priority Mail delivers your mail item in about 1-2 days. But it has a specific size and specification for its mail item, only then it delivers you mail in the said time.

To make the process easy and to understand the specification and size USPS facilitates free envelopes, boxes, and labels meeting the required specification.

Priority Mail service delivers only six days a week from Monday to Saturday. The exception is sometimes made around Christmas. It also delivers Amazon and Priority Mail Express packages on Sunday.

Last to last Sunday before Christmas is an exception when USPS delivery staff works to meet the demand of its customers.

When Does USPS Priority Mail Service Hold Your Package?

USPS is liable to hold your package in case it does not meet the specification of the service provided. If you leave the mail item at the USPS office after working hours it might take more than a day for it to reach the destination. But if the package is given within the working hours then it is surely going to reach the destination within 24-hours.

Delivery Timings – USPS Priority Mail

The delivery service time also depends on the distance of the delivery location. Such cases are seen when the mail is sent outside the country. The global location takes more than 2-3 days for priority mail service to complete the task.

The time also differs in the case of where some parcels take longer than usual to reach. Mail item is kept on hold if Sunday falls in between.  If you have submitted your mail item on Saturday that too for an international delivery then the delay is inevitable to take place.

Federal Holidays can delay Priority Mail service

If the mail items are dropped before the federal holidays then priority mail might not be able to meet its promise of delivery in 2-3 days. Postal holidays, federal holidays should be taken into account before dropping the mail item at the USPS office.

As a customer, you can plan your delivery keeping in mind all the holidays so that you can also get satisfactory service. USPS does not deliver the mail items on several designated holidays including Sundays. This ends up in the delay of delivery service.

USPS is the largest caterer of delivery service across the state receive number of a mail item on daily basis. The holidays usually increase the work and creates confusion.

There can be a huge blockage of the mail item thus this can result in more delay of the package. After holidays also you might receive mail items much later after the aid date.

Bad Weather can Delay Priority Mail Service

Another reason for delays is seen in the case of natural reasons like bad weather conditions or some serious conditions like a natural calamity. Such cases stop the whole network of delivery. These types of conditions are out of human hands so even USPS can’t help it when the mail item gets delayed in such situations.

Sometimes some specific area gets affected by it and USPS mailing staff can’t reach the customers in that area. Customers have to wait for the weather to clear up before they can expect their mail.

In such cases, USPS does not promise any delivery time to any of its clients.

USPS Confirmation Service on Priority Mails ­ – Delivery Approval service

For the satisfaction of the clients, USPS has the service where it offers the Delivery approval service priority mail feature.

The clients who need the service of confirmation need to pay the extra cost for it, doing so will at least ensures them that when the mail is reaching the location they are informed by the USPS staff.

Delivery Approval service allows customer allows you to track the location of your mail item in real-time. To check the location of your mail item you will have to log in to the official; account on the USPS official website. There you can find the option of tracking the mail.

Track your USPS Priority mail

Enter your tracking id number and all other required details, in seconds you will see the location of your mail item it will show you each and every detail about your mail item in the real item.

Where is currently located, how much more time will take to reach the destination, are the content of the mail item safe or not and likewise you will get a detailed report about the mail package.

On the delivery, you will be informed about the package. This self-tracking system helps the customer to remain calm and satisfied.

USPS First class mail

First-class mail is used mostly for official purposes. Thin letters and documents of up to 13 ounces can be sent out using the said service.

Letters envelop, postcard, legal document, etc are the common item which is sent out using the first class mail service. Commercial customers also use this to send informal letters cards and postcards hence the demand for this service is high.

The speed and reliability of the service is something to be trusted. The load of the package can be increased up to 1 pound.  It is only made for a limited number of mail items. You can send a number of items to it.

How to Calculate USPS Priority Mail Service Time

You can easily find and calculate the exact time of your package delivery through the official website of USPS.  Open the official website and look for a priority mail map.

Steps to find and calculate Priority Mail Service Time

  1. On the page in the search bar located on the left side – Search on Zip Code
  2. Enter the zip code of the place from where you have sent the mail item.
  3. Enter the 3 to 5 digit zip code.
  4. The wrong zip code will not give you any result.
  5. It will show you the map and you will the destination of the arrival.
  6. It will take 2 to 3 days to reach the destination and all along you can see the location in real-time.
  7. The map shows you the timings in different zones.
  8. It will calculate the exact time of your delivery.

This tool is helpful in notifying the delivery timings and you can plan the date of sending the shipment accordingly.

Keep a tab on your delivery status and know when you can expect the mail item. Different places on maps will calculate delivery timings based on the location, distance, postal holidays, Sundays, and the content that is to be mailed.

The timing shown will only include the business days. It counts all the working days and then gives you the final timeline.

USPS Priority Mail Service – Rates

You can also calculate the price of your mail item and can also print a shipping label following the link of the – print your shipping label

The shipping rates of priority mail service start at $6.70 and increase on the basis of add-on service, product to be mail, and location to where it will be shipped.

It offers you a flat rate for any destination. You can visit the official website and also can call customer care for more info on the Priority mail service.

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Final Verdict

USPS Priority mail delivery is one of the reliable and the quickest way of sending the mail item across the United States.

We have given you the details of the information about USPS priority mail delivery. You have read about tracking, timings, working, and likewise.

Priority mail service keeps up the promises of mail delivery in the given time. So you can easily choose this option over others, especially for domestic delivery. Also for the item which is not too heavy and meets the specification of the Priority Mail Service or USPS

If you feel that we have not covered any information of the USPS priority mail service the right to use in the comment section below and we will add the information.

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