Everything About USTVNow – Free Live Tv Channel App for Android

Friends have you heard about USTVNow which is a very new live video streaming app. Do you know what the use of it is? From where can you get it easily? And such types of several questions are wandering in your head. Don’t feel sorry because we are going to provide you all the related and appropriate knowledge about it in this article.

You are able to watch all popular American Channels From any place around the world. There are a good number of American TV channels which are airing on USTVNow App.

USTVNow – What is it?


Including American channels there are too many channels from the different counties are broadcasting. Among these countries, some names are the United Kingdom, India, and Pakistan, etc.

The channels which are very famous among the users are ABC, FOX, POC, CW TV, and NBC.

USTVNow App is no doubt one of the best streaming apps when we are talking about the services of live streaming. We can find it available on various platforms like Kodi, iPhone, Android, PC, and Roku.

There are too many awesome applications for live streaming video. But they have their limitation of just a single platform. In opposite, you can find the availability of the USTVNow App on too many platforms. That is one of the reasons why this app is the most demanding in nature for live streaming.

Since this app is most demanding in nature, most people all around the world with it to have on their mobile computer or tab. We have all this in our mind when we decided to provide holistic guidelines to download USTVNow App for various platforms.

In the current article, we will guide you about how to download USTVNow for Kodi, iPhone, Android, PC, and Roku. Before directly jumping into it, let me tell you about the important features of USTVNow.

Features of USTVNOW APK App:

USTVNow App has some awesome features. There are steps below about the remarkable features of the app.

  • All the major channels from the United States of America are one of the major features of it. If you belong to another country but wish to enjoy US channels you will surely like USTVNow App.
  • This app is very easy to go through the different channels and types of categories. You can consider it user-friendly.
  • Video plays smoothly when it is streaming live. But the condition is that you should have a decent device. You will not find any problem while streamlining the video. This is also a very important feature of this app.
  • This application uses very little space because it is very small in size. Your much data from the data pack will not be wasted to download the app.
  • In another feature of it, you will get a premium package where you can get some more channels on the app.

Download USTVNOW APK for Android – Complete Guide

There are a great number of streaming applications for the marketplace of android but if you want to watch the US channels, you will not find a better option than USTVNow App. This app is very simple to download for android device users. No matter if you have the older version of Android, the app will surely work on it.

You can find below the link to get the app and the requirements for Download USTVNow App on your mobile and another device.

  • First, you need the name of the app which is USTVNow Android.
  • The version of Android is $0.2 and above.
  • The file size will be 2 MB.

USTVNow App for Android – Installation Guide

Now if you have downloaded the USTVNow App, you need to install it for getting all services provided by it.

In order to do this, you ought to follow a simple process. I am providing you a complete procedure of this process in installing the USTVNow App on android.

  • First, you need to download the app. After it, you should go to the setting in the device.
  • In the Settings menu, you will find the option with the name Security.
  • Now here you will see the option with the name ‘Unknown Sources’. Click it to enable the option which allows the app to install from Unknown Sources.
  • If you have followed all the steps and enabled the Unknown Sources, you have to open the APK file once more.
  • Now you are set for installing the USTVNow App.

After completing the installation of the USTVNow app, you are now set for watching your favorite US channels without any interruption.

Here is one more thing that you would have needed MX Player for live streaming channels on the USTVNow app. You can find MX Player in the play store.

If you are interested in Kodi for USTVNow App, you can use the above steps because the procedure is completely the same.

Download USTVNow for PC – Complete Guide

For PC USTVNow is not available exclusively. As we find in android that it is found exclusively. This is the reason that you have to follow a different process for getting the app for your PC. Here I am giving you the requirements for downloading USTVNow for PC.

  • In the first step here is an important thing to download and that is Bluestacks Emulator. You are wondering why? The reason for it is that it is in your PC Bluestacks Emulator is necessary to run the USTVNow APK. This emulator is very useful in emulating games and apps.
  • You can download the emulator from the official website. If you have downloaded it, now you can install it on your PC.
  • We have already discussed the USTVNow Android section. You can find the application from this android section. Now download USTVNow APK.
  • Click on the Bluestacks and now go to browse the USTVNow APK. Here Bluestacks come for the rescue in installing the application. Now you can happily run the application on your PC.

Yes, that is all you needed to download USTVNow Apk on your PC. You are defiantly feeling happy that you have found such an easy way to download the application.

If Bluestacks is not functioning on your PC, you can use other Android emulators for your PC. If you ask us, we will recommend you to Bluestacks Emulator. It is because this emulator is most efficient for Windows and Mac.  Bluestacks emulator is the most stable android.

USTVNow App for Plus Kodi Addon on Krypton- Installation Guide

Here comes good news for the Kodi users that now the USTVNow application is available for Kodi Addon. So have a smile on your face. Now you are going to wonder the question of how you are going to install USTVNow Plus Kodi Addon on Krypton?

Well, you need to follow some simple steps that I am going to provide you. The procedure to install USTVNow Plus for Kodi is given below.

  • At the first step open the Kodi and now select SYSTEM > File Manager.
  • Now go to a further step and choose Add Source and now select for None
  • If you have done all these above-mentioned steps then you need to enter the name of the media source, then type fusion, and at last click on OK.
  • After completing the above steps now return to the Home Screen or Main Page. Now choose the option System>Add-Ons. After completing it install it from the zip files.
  • A further step in order to installation you need to go to select fusion> kodi_repos>English> repository.xbmchub-x.x.x.zip
  • Once you have enabled the add-on you need to install it from the repository.
  • After it Selects TVADDONS.ag Addon Repository> Video add-ons and choose USTVNow Plus.
  • If every step is completed, the last step clicks on Install.

Now USTVNow Plus for Kodi has installed. You may find the process lengthy but it is very easy to follow. You need to be careful while you are following the steps. Now allow me to introduce you to the process to get USTVNow App for Roku.

USTVNow App for Roku-Installation guide 

You should have a Roku Player if you want to use it for live streaming channels with help of USTVNow APK. I am here going to give you some important steps that will be helpful to download USTVNow for Roku. One most important thing you should know that you are not allowed to lose your internet connection when you are up to performing the steps of the procedure.

  • In the very first step, you need to connect your only Roku box to your TV set and make a connection to it with the internet.
  • Actually, in the Roku Channel Store, USTVNow is not listed. You can add it like a private channel with Roku. you just need to open your computer and type the web link ‘https://owner.roku.com/add/ustvnow’ and then just enter the linking code which is ‘ustvnow’. After it clicks on the option ‘add channel’.
  • You need a Roku Player, open your Roku Player now just refresh your channels for continuing further process. In channel selection now you are efficiently able to see USTVNow. Only the thing you have to do is select the channel and then click OK in further sequence select ‘continue’.
  • Once you have done all the above steps now open http://www.ustvnow.com/roku on your device. Now look at your screen you will find a code.
  • You need to type the code and with it go for login details and then click on enter.
  • Again you need a Roku player to grab it and first go for the option Continue and then choose option OK.

Congratulations, you are successfully linking with USTVNow APK to Roku Player.

UStvNow App for iPhone/iPad

Sorry iPhone or iPad users we have bad news for you. For iOS devices, there is no facility of USTVNowAPK until now. There is the possibility that in near future UATVNow may be launched for iPhone or iPad but at the present time, you are not able to use it on your iOS devices.

But there is some relief for you that you are able to access your favorite channels on the USTVNow’s official website. But here comes the condition too that you need to register there first.

One thing can happen that you should go for the alternative apps for watching the Live shows on TV. Yes, there are several streaming apps available for your iPhone to watch live shows. You need to search for that.

Premium Package of USTVNow App

You can get a large number of American channels if you have a premium package of the USTVNow APK App. I am giving you some names of those channels which you can find in the premium package list.

NBC Sports, Nickelodeon, Spike, Sundance, Syfy, TLC, USA, BBC America, Bravo, CNBC, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, My9, NBC, PBS, AMC, Animal Planet, Freeform, MSNBC, National Geographic, CW, FOX,  ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, CBS, FX, Fox News.

Safety Concerns Of Ustvnow App

There may the question is arising in your mind whether it be safe to use UKTVNow APK App or not?

We can understand, it is very natural to have the concern but we assure you not to worry. USTVNow APK App is completely safe for your device.

It is experienced by a large number of people all around the world and still has great faith in the app. They have not faced even a single issue regarding the app.

Before you are going to be dominated by the second thought about the USTVNow APK, drop that thought which is pulling you back to enjoy that service.

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Final Verdict:

No doubt USTVNowAPK app is the best app you have experienced ever for watching TV channels Live. If you love watching programs of America then you need to install the app without making a delay.

Also, there are too many channels from various countries. You can also enjoy those channels. You may be exclaimed with joy to know that currently there are more than 150 channels are being watched over the USTVNow app without any interruption.

App also offers smooth video playback. I have provided all necessary information regarding the app there is nothing else to ask for. Safety is no issue for the USTVNow app.

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