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User experience (UX) is one of the most important factors to consider in every project undertaken. Indeed, the quality of the UX will 9 times out of 10 be the difference between whether your site is a success or a failure. The ins and outs of great UX design can actually be quite complex, so this post is going to explore exactly what they are so you can get to grips with creating the best user experience for your visitors possible.

Great UX is More Than Just Ease of Use


Great UX doesn’t just simply mean that a site is easy to use for the visitor – though of course, that is one of its inherent imperatives. Of course, you want a user to be able to navigate around your site with as few clicks as possible, but that’s not the be-all and end-all to great UX design.

Usability is only the tip of the iceberg for creating a great user experience, and absolute simplicity does not always equate to that. It’s all about finding the right balance between building a rewarding UX, and simple to use design, and will of course depend on your project.

The UX Honeycomb

Let’s take a look at each cell individually.

  • Useful: 

Does the UX in itself solve a problem? Indeed, there are certain tasks that no doubt your site will try to accomplish or certain information that your site will profess to give the user. And the question you need to ask yourself when designing your site with a great UX in mind is: Does the user experience of the site facilities in the solving of the problems at hand, or indeed in imparting the knowledge that it has to offer?

  • Desirable: 

Does the site look good to produce a great UX? Are the images that you use unique enough? Good quality enough? Germane enough? What about the identity and character of your brand? Is that communicated through the user experience that you are offering? In short, is the site desirable to use?

  • Accessible:

How accessible is your site across different devices and different connection speeds and even different browsers? This is an absolutely essential consideration to take into account when designing your site. Everything may well look great and be very useable on the desktop version of the site, but if this does not translate to the mobile device and the small mobile screen then you’re flogging a dead horse from the outset. With more and more people accessing the internet via their smartphones and tablets, then your UX will only ever be as good as it is on these devices.

  • Credible:

Your credibility is ever at stake when you present yourself to the world on the web, and therefore a brilliant UX must be provided to engender this feeling of trust in the user. Design is everything when it comes to trustworthiness. If you’re falling short on a good useable design on your site, then you’ll be falling short of your potential reach as well.

  • Findable: 

Navigation is of course a key element of a great UX. If your users cannot find the particular sections that they are looking for whilst on your site, then their user experience will be tarnished with frustration, and they will simply leave it for another. Some homepages dedicate so much space to an image and the brand logo, that actually being able to find that little menu of all the important stuff way down below the fold at the very bottom of the page is almost impossible. It’s all about giving a hierarchy to the information, and, frankly, the actual actionable content is far more important than is your brand logo. Concentrate on the navigation if you want to deliver a great UX.

  • Useable:

This runs on neatly from the last point. Every aspect of element n every page of your site must be easy to use, and self-explanatory. Users simply just expect that a site should be intuitive nowadays. There’s no point in going against a couple of decades worth of built-up user expectation of how a site should function just because you’ve got some hair-brained idea that there is added value in trying to be different. There isn’t. Ease of use is vital, and there are certain expectations of how a site should function that absolutely must adhere to.


This makes up the center of the cone, simply because all of the other cells must work towards creating great value for the user. That is the ultimate goal of all user design, and a feeling of value must be engendered from the experience that the user gets from visiting the site. So always ask yourself the question as you build: is this creating value for the user?

With the exception of value, there is no hierarchy to all of the other points provided in the UX honeycomb. They are all as important as each other, and must all be considered very carefully when it comes to building your site. Use it as a guide, and always try and improve the experience of the end-user, and make each visit as valuable to them as you can.

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So as you know, in today’s world, there is not even a single app or website that can be made without UX and UI so now you are aware of the fact that What are the things that make great UX (User Experience).

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