Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me – Best Place to Purchase Stamps

In this post, you will find all your answers to where to buys stamps and where to buy stamps online. The article is a detailed guide for stamp shopping. It will answer all your question like where can I buy stamps near me, where I can buy stamps online, where I can buy stamps near me.

Reading the details below you can look for different options to buy stamps in different countries like Germany, NYC, Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and all top countries.

In this fast digital worlds, the essence of postcards and letter have almost lost it relevance, there is a major chunk of people who still use these service. This service calls for stamp usage, in today’s world also people love buying different types of stamps for different purposes.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me in 2021

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me

People go on vacation and while sending a postcard instead of the Facebook post can buy stamps near them or buying stamps online.

The use of mailing stamps dated back to 1840. They were used as a substitute for payment for sending emails across the world. Use of letter and post have decreased but people still buy stamps for a different purpose.

Stamps of different places represent the values and tradition of that place, post with a stamp on it increases its importance. These small pieces of paper are bought for the official purpose, stamp collection, sending a postcard to friends or family.

Stamps have not lost their value yet. There are lots of ways to buy stamps near you or in different countries. There is a number of retailers who sell every kind of stamp online. Users can easily purchase cheap stamps online. From cute stamps to wedding stamps to royal mail stamps etc. variety is available on this online store.

Where to Buy Stamps Near me – Read to Find out

If you don’t prefer buying stamps online then you can try many other offline options. The post office will obviously sell them other than there is a number of local places where you can get stamps.

We have listed below the top retailers both online and offline who sell stamps. All of these retailers are easily accessible so start exploring to know the right place to buy stamps.

List of Stamps Selling Online Retailers – Where To Buy Stamps Online

  1. Amazon – Most Easy Online Option

The E-Commerce giant where the A to Z of products is available sells a variety of stamps as well. It is an easy and convenient option to buy stamps online. The top seller of stamps on Amazon in the USA forever stamps. There are many other popular sellers that you can check out.

Amazon is already a trusted name, so buying stamps from here will give you customer satisfaction. They have a number of shipping options available and you can receive your order in the span of 72 hours or maybe less than that.

Along with the different kinds of stamps they also give the options of different price range according to your requirement. The best part of buying from Amazon is that you can use this option anywhere be it your own country or any other foreign land.

  1. USPS – Trusted Place to get stamps

United States Postal Service is the largest postal service agency, which serves its customer across the United States. It is an independent agency that is explicitly by the United States Constitution.

You can purchase from the official website. USPS will deliver it to you step by post. You can number of stamps at a reasonable price. This is the most authentic place to buy stamps online.

Buy online stamps at any time of the day or night and they will be delivered to you at the earliest. Along with purchasing stamps, you can simply send your mail using the postal service and the staff will take care of stamps.

Also, we recommend you to check Does USPS Deliver on Sundays so you will not waste your time.

  1. Walmart Online Service

You can buy stamps using the online service of the largest hypermarket chain in the United States. You need to register on the official website of Walmart look for stamps under stationery sections or postage material section. You will get a variety of options like stamps, book, stamps sheet stamps strips, etc. over there

List of Stamps Selling Retailors – Where To Buy Stamps Near Me

  1. USPS/Post office- Buy Stamps Offline

There are 2,495 kiosks of USPS all over the state and they work round the clock. You can directly get stamps from there in person as well using the touchscreen option.

They have a touchscreen to buys stamps. You need to tap the option ‘buy stamps’ and it will give a number of choices to buy from-priority mail, express mail, international post, first-class mail, forever stamps. Variety also included different occasions like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduation, and likewise.

If you are frequent of stamps you get the subscription of postal stamps at affordable prices. Pay using your debit card, credit card, or EBT card log out, and keep your card safe.

  1. On-Call service – USPS

If you find it too much work to try the online option or going to a nearby kiosk to buy a stamp, simply use the on-call service.

Call USPS office at 1-800-782-6724 during working hours and customer care executive will assist in buying the right stamp. Tell them the kind of stamp you need, share your credit card information and your stamp will be delivered to your doorstep.

In this service, you will be charged for using an on-call service also. On-call makes it easy to get stamps at home without much hassle.

  1. Pharmacy

There is a number of pharmacy chains on which you can easily get stamps. Most of the local pharmacies sell stamps as well. Among other non-health item stamps is one of the major selling products available in different pharmacies.

We Have Listed Below Some Major Pharmacies Where You Can Buy Stamps
CVS Pharmacy
  • You can buy stamps from CVS while running errands. CVS always keep stamps for its customer.
  • The customer can’t use their loyalty points to purchase stamps. Using pharmacy and health ExtraBucks points is limited to some services and products only.
  • Customers can’t order stamps from the CVS website also, you will see the availability but you can’t order them online Mostly you will get a whole book instead of single pieces

Walgreen Pharmacy

  • Stamps are mostly available at the Walgreen pharmacy as well. They sell in the past twenty stamps.
  • Stamps here will cost you $ 10 for a set of twenty. These booklets save you the hassle of buying stamps frequently.
  • You will not be able to order online from the official. You will have to buy stamps in person from the cashier.
  • In some stores of Walgreen you might not get stamps, it better to call beforehand.
  1. Walmart Hypermarket

This famous retailer which is present in almost every neighborhood, city, and the town of the United States sells a variety of stamps. Walmart sells all other material required for postage, like papers, the envelope of different shape and size, sticker and likewise.

Getting stamps from Walmart is the easiest option. Mostly all of the users visit the store for some or other errand or shopping, among all other affordable stuff you will find a variety of stamps in this hypermarket. Just choose from the available options or ask the cashier if you can’t find the section.

Location wise it is the most convenient option to buy stamps. You can also buy stamps online from Walmart as stated in the above section.

  1. Publix & Kroger

Most of the grocery stores in the United States sell Stamps. Buying stamps from a grocery store is also a convenient option. Most of them keep it on the display otherwise you need to ask the cashier’s assistance.

One such store is Publix & Kroger. One of the largest grocery store chains offers a stamps booklet, stamp strips, and stamp sheets. You might get single pieces at the cash counter.

Stop and shop locations of Publix & Kroger also keep stamps. It is better to call the nearest Kroger and ask them about the availability.

  1. Banks

Lots of people are unaware of the fact that postal stamps can also be bought at different American banks. You can different stamps while you are a bank for some work, Bank of America sell all kind of stamps to it, customer, like Stamps booklet, sheets, etc.

You just need somebody’s assistance to get the stamps from a bank. Most of the timestamps are available on the help desk other major banks that sell stamps are Wells Fargo, Key Bank, and US Banks.

You can find the availability of stamps from the official website of the bank. Availability mighty varies on the location of the bank. In some bank, bank teller also sells the stamps and some bank also gives this service through there ATMs.

  1. Bank ATMs

Availability of stamps at ATM is the result of progress in Bank services. Now many bank ATMs have the option of buying stamps from the ATM itself.

Customers can choose the option of buying stamps from the ATM touchscreen option. It will give you the options to choose from and you can select according to your requirement.

This service is expected to become more advanced as it will become more popular.

  1. Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores are not only meant for office supplies, they also sell Stamps. Besides envelopes, pencil, pens, and other supplies office supply also sell various kind of stamps. One such store is Staples.

  • Staples
  • This large chain of office supplies also sells postal stamps to its customers. While you go to pick your office or school supply you can also buy a stamp.
  • Staples keeps a variety of stamps in the form of sheets, books, or strips, you can ask for sales assistance in case you can’t find the relevant section.
  • It is better to call the store first or to check on the official website for the availability of the stamps.
  • Target
  • Every Target store keeps the stamps in the office supply section. All variety and kinds of stamps are available in the section.
  • Target sells the stamp in abundance. They sell stamps in a bundle of 200 stamps which costs around $100. This can be too many stamps if you don’t need stamps in abundance.
  1. 711

711 a Japanese-owned American international chain of convenience stores across the states also sell stamps at some location. Not all the store keep postal stores it is better to call the store first or check the official website of 711.

  1. Gas Station

You can also stamp at a gas station. They are open 24 hours you can buy stamps any time from here. They will have stamps in booklet, strips, and sheets at affordable prices.

Where to Buy Single Stamps

Most of the time Single are not available at lots of places that sell stamps. If you don’t use stamps that frequently bulk of stamps are of no use, it is only a waste of money.

The only place where you will get the single stamp is USPS. You can get single stamps at the local grocery store as well.

Cost of Postage Stamps

Buying stamps depends on the usage of stamps. You have read in the above section where to buy stamps online and where to buy stamps online. Now let us look at the cost of stamps.

As of 2018, a single stamp costs 49 cents. The best part about stamps is that once you buy them they never expire or become lower in value. Once bought a stamp can be used forever.

Now everybody knows that buying several stamps at once is always better than buying a single one at a time. So here is some information for you about the cost of Stamps.

Different denominations

  • Strips –Smallest denomination – 4 to 8.
  • Blocks –Typically consist – 10 denominations.
  • Sheets – Typically 10 – 20 denominations.
  • Booklet – A book can vary in different values. Commonly it is 10 or 20 denomination.
  • Coils – Stamps coil are mostly in the denomination of 100.

The cost of all the postal stamps may change depending on the news policy and economic changes.

Types of Stamps Available

Buy stamps across the United States in a different kind. You can get stamps near you in various places like stores and pharmacies. All of the stamp selling locations has a different kind of stamps. You buy stamps in roll, coil or books. Let look at each of them to get better ideas of what are they exactly.

  1. Stamp Roll

Stamp roll is the most common type of stamp sold. Here are usually 10 stamps on the roll. They are good if you don’t use mail service that frequently. For once in a while use Stamp on a roll is more than sufficient for you. Depending on the domestic or international mail it varies on the purpose.

  1. Stamps Book

Many retailers keep stamps books. A Stamps book is a compilation of 20 stamps. It the preferred type of people who send emails and letters frequently. Book of the stamp is the preferred option for office use as well.

  1. Stamps Coil

Stamps coil is not easily available, it meant for heavy usage.  Mostly it is used in offices or businesses that send a number of packages in a day. A coil of Stamps is made of 10 thousand stamps. It cost higher and is only suitable for the high requirement.

Where To Buys USA Forever Stamp Near Me?

USA Forever is the most celebrated stamp created in the history of the nation. It carries one of the most documented symbols and celebrates patriotism with it. The stamp with the symbol of stars and stripes gives your envelope a touch of grace and a feel of patriotism.

It is a beautiful and widely used stamp in the nation. This honoring stamp is used as a first-class stamp by everyone. You can use this stamp forever, even if you buy it in bulk you can use it forever. It stands true to its name. This classic stamp will never be outdated.

Postcard Stamps

The postcard is the common type of mail sent across the nation. It is a quick way of sending well-wishes and urgent news to the family and friends. They cost less than usual mail and cost around 0.39 cents

For full details of and information of postcard, stamps click here:

Stamp Dealers and Collectors

Stamp collection is one the most interesting hobby that people follow. Old stamps become worthy for stamp collectors. There is a number of stamp collectors and stamp dealers there who value old stamps. They buy an old stamp in real stamp value.

There are many online buyers and auction sites that buy old stamps at a much higher price.

To read more about this interesting hobby and auctions click here.

Why Do You Need To Buy a Stamp For Posting Mails?

Stamps are used as an alternate payment mode. Stamp on any mail indicates that mailing charges have already been paid by the person who has sent the letter.

Stamps on mail give the assurance to mail processing officials that they can process it without any hindrance. And to the sender, it assures that their letter will reach the destination safely.  Although the mailing of letters has been replaced by a digital method on a larger level, still thousands of letters are being posted by people on daily basis.

The stamp usage is important for both the post office and the person receiving it. Specific machines in the post office read stamps on the letter and sort them out in different categories base on mail and packages, how important is the delivery and what is the location it is supposed to be delivered at?

The type of stamp used decides, how your mail will be delivered and what kind of priority will it be given. Mail needs to be sent via air, water route or by road is decided after seeing the stamp on the letter. Stamps indicate the national designation, with the printed country name on it.

Other than the official and state stamps, people are allowed to use their own personalized stamps like wedding stamps, birthday stamps, and likewise. Personalized stamps add personal value to your mail, it adds sentiments and make it look trendier.

Business-related mail can also have a personalized touch with personal stamps, it just costs more but it ensures priority delivery and important stature.


The above guide on stamps has answered all your question regarding, where to buy stamps near you, and Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me. Following the information is given above. You can buy stamps online at any location.

Now you know where all you can get stamps across the United States and how much do they cost. In case you want to share more regarding where to buy stamps write in the comment section below.

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