Windows 11 Default Browser – Switch to Default Browser Easily

It will become so easy with the latest windows 11 update to change the system’s default browser and it is mandatory for the system update as well. The company also rolled out the controversial change which will be pushed with windows 11 in June 2021 which is one of the moves which chase the frustration of the users of Firefox and Chrome as well. 

As windows 11 went live in the previous year and Microsoft has been criticized to force users to register a third-party browser manually like firefox for every web protocol which also it is known as well file extension. It is made up of hard to easy to simply switch between the third-party web browsers as you are required to simply change the default browser for all the available options.

Windows 11 Default Browser

Windows 11 Default Browser

In other words, all the users are required to register chrome or firefox preference for the web protocols manually like the HTTP or HTTP and the other popular web file extensions such as. HTML, .HTM, and so on. It is still possible for the users to completely switch the third-party browser and Microsoft makes it hard to flip the switch. 

To Microsoft’s credit, the company is paying less attention to the criticism and they rolled back the complicated default browser setting with the April 2022 cumulative updates. Starting up with windows 11 KB5012592, you can easily be able to switch between the Microsoft edge and the other browser by just making a single click. As you see, there is a new option available for you which will allow you to simply change the default web browser for all the known web protocols and also for the file extensions as well. 

Mozilla Welcomes Microsoft Decision But More Can Be Done

In one of the statements, Mozilla said that these changes will simply improve the default web browser settings experience and also the Microsoft heading in the correct direction but they can do more to simply respect the default browser choice on the windows operating system. 

For the people who are unaware of it, Windows 11 doesn’t respect the default browser selection for all the links into the OS. Also, at that time, the company will push all the links in its own products such as the start menu, and widgets panel into the Microsoft edge so that your default web browser selection gets ignored until you use the third-party apps to simply bypass all the redirects. 

People will have the ability to simply set the default and also all the operating systems offer official developer support for the default status and a Mozilla spokesperson told this in a statement. Mozilla is willing to simply honor the user’s default web browser preference everywhere and also to reduce the number of stems which is required to simply set the browser such as Firefox as the default. 

The organization is also willing Microsoft to simply make the edge APIs available for the remaining browser so that they can also get used to simply improving the integration along with some of the other apps of Microsoft.

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