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Do you want to get a chance to win a $500 Sears Gift Card by making a visit to www.SearsFeedback.com Survey? Then you just have to complete all survey steps of the Sears Survey. Before taking part in the Sears Feedback Survey at www.searsfeedback.com, first, you should have to prepare a valid Sears receipt number. After that, you must be the ability to face a bunch of Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions.

www.SearsFeedback.com Survey


You don’t need to worry, because Sears Hometown Feedback Survey just needs your five minutes to complete. Well, after completing the Sears Customer Feedback Survey, you will be able to join Sears Sweepstakes to win the prizes offered by this Survey. So, let’s take a look below to know more about the Sears Survey Sweepstakes.

What is Www.SearsFeedback.Com Survey?

First, you should have to know that Www.SearsFeedback.Com Survey is an official website of Sears Feedback Survey. Without this official website, you will not be able to access this Sears Survey. For your kind of information, the procedures for completing the survey are so simple and easy. To complete the Survey, you just have to pass the Sears Home Services Customer Satisfaction Survey portal. And then to continue the survey, you just have to respond the all Sears Customer Feedback Survey questions. After responding to all the questions, you will be able to join the Sears Sweepstakes.

Now questions will be arising on your mind. What is Sears Sweepstakes? Well, you have to know that Sears Sweepstakes is a kind of Sears’s contest which is for those customers who have completed their Sears Hometown Feedback Survey. In this situation, the Sears Customer Experience Survey team offers a $500 Sears Gift Card for you. Lucky winners of the Sears Customer Experience Survey will grab a $500 Sears gift card. So, now if you want to become the next Sears Sweepstakes Winner, then you have to visit at its official website www.searsfeedback.com and complete the Sears Home Services Feedback Survey.

Www.SearsFeedback.Com Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Before taking part in the www.SearsFeedback.com Survey Sweepstakes first you should have to know about some Sears Survey Sweepstakes Rules. Here in this section, we are going to share the complete rules and requirements of the Sears Survey, and to follow the instructions mentioned below, you will be able to become a winner of the Sears Feedback Survey Sweepstakes. So, let’s take a look below.

  • Sears Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes Participants

Before becoming a part of the Sears Survey, first, you must be sure that you are 18 years old or above. And then, you have to know that www.SearsFeedback.com Survey is only for the legal United States of America residents. If your residents are beyond the US, then you must check the Sears Survey in your country. Then you must be sure that you visit the official Sears Survey website that must be held by your country. Because the different country has a different survey website for Sears Survey.

  • Should have a Valid Sears Receipt

Next, it is also most important for you that you should have your own valid Sears Receipt. For a valid sears receipt, you just have to visit your nearby Sears Store and purchase some items from there. Of course, the aim is to get a valid Sears receipt. For your kind of information, you can use one Sears receipt is only for one Sears Survey entry.  So, if you want to attend more than one Sears Survey, then you should be collected more than one Sears Receipt.

  • Follow the Sears Survey Sweepstakes Procedures

However, you can continue to follow the Sears survey sweepstakes procedures. Well, there must be some steps in the survey that you have to fulfill. In other words, you must complete all the steps. This is because if you have completed the survey, you can only enter the Sears sweepstakes page.

  • Fill Out the Sears Sweepstakes Winner Form

And, the final rule is special for Sears Survey winners. For your kind of information, when you look at the Winners list on the www.SearsFeedback.com Survey website, you can get your name. There is no doubt, you must also receive instructions which must be obeyed. For example, they are like completing the survey form and depositing it on time.

Sears Survey Sweepstakes Complete Procedures

Sears Survey

Here in this section, we are going to share the complete procedures regarding Sears Survey Sweepstakes, and to follow the instructions listed below you will be able to take part in this customer satisfaction survey successfully. So, let’s take a look below.

  • First, make your visit to the Sears Store and get Sears Receipt from there.
  • Then open your computer or any smart device to get access to the internet connection.
  • Then connect your device with the access internet connection.
  • Now, open your web browser and visit the survey page of www.SearsFeedback.Com Survey Website.
  • Once you visit the survey page then on that page first you have to mention the Sears Receipt Number in the given column.
  • Now, you have to answer all Sears Feedback Survey Questions. Try to answer all the questions.
  • After that leave Sears Feedback, Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints.
  • Now, you have to submit the Sears Feedback Survey Form.
  • After submit, you will be entered in the Sears Sweepstakes Page.
  • There complete all your information.
  • Now, wait for the end of the Sears Survey Sweepstakes Period.
  • Lastly, check the Sears Survey Sweepstakes Winner Announcement.

How to Win $500 Prizes from Www.SearsFeedback.Com Survey Sweepstakes?

If you are ready, you can start checking the step by step to take Sears customer surveys to win $500 gift cards. Here, you are going to get the complete information that you need. If you complete the entire steps, then you can be the next Sears sweepstakes winner. Here you go!

  • First, make your visit at Sears Store and Get Sears Receipt

You know, first of all, you can start collecting valid Sears Receipts. For those who do not have a receipt, you can start going to the nearest Sears store. And then, you can continue to buy an item that you need. No doubt, you have to pay the bill. If you do, you have to give a valid receipt to the Sears cashier. If you see, your receipt contains the details you need.

  • Now go to www.SearsFeedback.Com Survey Website

And then, you can try to get your smartphone with online access. Afterward, you can launch browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and even Internet Explorer. You can try to use the latest version of them. And then, on the address bar, you can search www.SearsFeedback.com. No doubt, this is the official Sears Survey website.

  • Now, fill out the Sears Receipt Details

If you have done so, you will need to get the official Sears Customer Experience Survey homepage. Once you do, you can try to get your Sears receipt. If you see, then there should be some details in the paper that you need. For example, you can see the 12-digit Sears receipt number. However, you should be able to get the date and time of purchase on your receipt. Well, you can say that it’s like having the right key to open the right door.

  • Answer all the Sears Feedback Survey Questions

And now, you can continue to answer all the Sears Survey questions. In fact, the questions are simple and definite, easy to answer. All you have to do is choose the right option that can describe the level of satisfaction level of your shopping experience. You know, the rating scales range from the lowest one to the highest one. Yes, few people show frustration and show the highest satisfaction. Some questions may also be about Sears Products, Sears Service, Sears store hygiene, and even Sears Employees.

  • Leave Your Sears Feedback, Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints

If you still have something to give to the official Sears team, you can share it here. As you can see, the Sears response survey provides space for customers to send feedback. Of course, you are free whether you want to send Sears Complaints, Sears Suggestions, or other Sears Responses. If you see, space limits you to type less than 1,200 characters. Therefore, you understand it to be specific.

  • Now, Submit Sears Feedback Survey Form

Yes, the final step of the Sears Feedback survey is to present it. As you know, the previous pages are not editable. And so, you make sure what you did to them. If you submit the Sears Feedback survey form, you will not be able to go back.

  • Enter in the Sears Sweepstakes Page

Now, you will be entered into the Sears Sweepstakes Page. There you have been complete the survey and to complete the survey, you will be able to join the sweepstakes program.

  • Now, complete some survey required information

All of you, just have to complete your information. Mostly, the sweepstakes page asks you to enter your phone number, email address, age, and full name.

  • Now, wait for the End of the Sears Survey Sweepstakes Period

Later, you can continue waiting for the Sears Feedback survey sweepstakes. Of course, you can also check the duration by going to the Www.SearsFeedback.Com survey website. You can read the Sears Sweepstakes and you should get the full information.

  • Now, check the Sears Survey Sweepstakes Winner Announcement

In the last step, it should be good for you to check the Sears sweepstakes winner’s list. Of course, the www.SearsFeedback.Com survey website also provides information to you. If you see, you will have to click the last winner link on the homepage. And then, you have to get the names of the Sears Survey winners you want.

About: Sears Holdings Company Profile

For information, Sears is also popular with Sears, Roebuck, and company names. Yes, you can say that there is a series of Sears Department stores in American. In the first place, Alvah Curtis Roebuck, Richard Warren Sears, as well as Julius Rosenwald opened the first Sears store in Chicago, Illinois in 1893. Yes, you can start receiving Sears Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

If you see, Sears has some subsidiaries like Sears, Innovel Solutions, Inc., and Western Auto. In addition, Sears’s original organization is Sears Holdings and Transform Holdco LLC. Nowadays, you can start going to all 223 Sears Locations in the United States.

Sears Holdings Customer Service Official Team

So, some of you may need more information about Sears Holdings. Don’t worry! You should get all the information you need about the company. Here, you can check the following Sears Holdings Employee contacts:

  • Sears Holdings Corporate Office Address: Sears Corporate Office, 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179, United States.
  • Sears Holdings Official Website: www.sears.com
  • Sears Customer Service Department Number: 1 800 549 4505
  • Sears Delivery Service Department Number: 1 800 732 7747
  • Sears Online Customer Service Department Number: 1 800 697 3277
  • Sears Installation Department Number: 1 800 326 8738
  • Sears Parts Department Number: 1 800 366 7278
  • Sears Repair Department Number: 1 800 469 4663 or 1 800 877 8701
  • Sears Craftsman Club Customer Service Number: 1 800 682 8691
  • Sears Rewards Department Number: 1 800 991 8708

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Final Words

Do you want to win the $500 Sears gift card? Now, you’ve got the answer. Of course, you should be interested in being part of the Sears Feedback Survey takers. If you see, you will not have to sacrifice anything for the next official Sears Survey winners. Instead, you will simply go to SearsFeedback.Com and complete the Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey. Well, it should be good that you try to take this precious opportunity.

Here, if you have three receipts, you can take three sewer home services customer Satisfaction Surveys. And, if you have completed three Sears Customer Feedback Surveys, you can join the three Sears Sweepstakes programs. Is not it good to be the next Sears Hometown Feedback Survey Winner? Get ready!

Now, if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then you can comment below in the given comment section and share your experience with us, we will get back as soon as possible.

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