Top 10 Apps for Digital Marketers in 2021

Every Digital Marketer in this world want to be free from cable life and in this thing, our smartphones or tablets play a big role.

Best Apps for Digital Marketers

Apps for Digital Marketers

If you want to be active all the time then apps for digital marketers will be your best friend so you can be active all the time for your clients and websites.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a technique in which individual can target and measure marketing efforts with the help of digital technologies. So, a marketer can know where visitors are going and how to convert them into potential customer.

The use of mobiles is not limited to making calls these days. It has become multi-functional and multi-tasking. A smartphone in your pocket can now be taken as a small packet of tools to manage various marketing business activities in professional life.

Top 10 Apps for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers can make the best use of it by installing some useful apps and using them on the go.

It is the perfect tool for bloggers and digital marketers to update and edit posts on the go. It also helps them to manage and reply to comments instantly even if they are on vacations. Replying to comments instantly helps them to interact with the readers and is available for them every time to keep them engaged. You can also share your location using geotags with your audience.

Facebook app is useful for all Facebook users as they can see the latest update of their friends as well as update their status on the go. Digital Marketers and business owners can be in direct contact with their friends or business associates on FaceBook and update them with the latest news of the business instantly.

By installing LinkedIn App on mobile one can avail of all the facilities offered by LinkedIn on desktop. User can keep constant contact with the professionals in their network and all the activities done on LinkedIn. Users can also read, post and update the content as well as can like and comment on the updates of the others.

It is the platform that people use to get reliable information regarding any subject. Marketers can seek the latest trends and information from industry influencers, follow them and get their guidance.
The app is made on the basis of the book by Annmarie Hanlon and Joanna Atkins. It provides answers to the top 100 Digital Marketing Questions. The app is highly rich in information and provides all information including techniques and tools and their uses, how to use tools for promotional practices, how to do guide, online branding as well as Managing, Measuring and Money Making online etc.
Digital Marketers can also use this app to flourish and excel by getting access to talk to the legendry and the most skilled professionals of the industry. The videos can also be downloaded and saved in the TEDTalks library to watch later anytime or many times.
It is the best option to save all the information including contacts and get carefree about losing it as it can be retrieved anytime and anywhere. User can also share their data with friends or colleagues.
It is also similar to Google Drive. People not having active Google account can make the most of this as it also keeps the data safe and fetches full backup whenever required. User can also share files, graphics and videos with their colleagues and peer group.
It is one of the most useful apps for Digital Marketers as it helps the user to manage all social media websites with a single touch. Social Media Managers can manage all their social media accounts on the go as well as they can schedule and manage the posts on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+ and Pinterest etc.
Last but not least is Outlook as it is Microsoft’s platform used by all business professionals to send and receive emails. It is the latest app of Microsoft’s Office which enables the user to check and manage outlook emails on mobile phones. The app was launched in January 2015 and works for paying Office 365 subscribers. It also allows the user to customize some features like swipe gestures to right or left for moving, archiving, deleting, flagging, scheduling and many more.
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All of the apps for digital marketers are highly useful. They have different utility and different facilities. Marketers having these installed in their smartphones can match the pace of the fast-moving digital marketing industry.

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