Best Property Search Platform Online 2022

Best Property Search Platform Online 2022 – Marketing experts and real estate professionals conduct a property owner search. Perhaps, you need the contact of an off-market property for a client—or maybe for yourself. You could also conduct research on property prices within geography. Whatever your reasons are, ownership verification can be dicey—and immensely stressful. 

It’s all about the route—understanding the best way to get the owner. For starters, you can knock on the door and ask about the owner (that’s if he would not point the long end of a double barrel at you or call the cops). 

Best Property Search Platform Online 2022

Best Property Search Platform Online

The charming and fearless realtors and property investors often just asked around. You’d be surprised what a good old-fashioned knock and ask can bring to you. If the property is abandoned, you can ask around. 

For the less adventurous, less charming men and women, the internet, public records, and dedicated property sites are your go-to.  

  • Property Owner Search: Use Public Records

Searching public records is monotonous—and you might need a tech guy—except you continue reading. Public records are diverse, from the county office to court documents and online tools. Each method has its complexities. For example, government records on government websites are usually terribly navigated; you’d think a high-school student created the UI. Property search tools are generally much easier to use, but then, there are properties on government records that have not been updated by a search tool. 

  • County Tax Assessor Office

You’d expect everyone that owns a property to pay tax on the property. Property tax records are found in the county tax assessor’s laps. Thankfully, the information can be found online. When you see a property, get the county and Google ‘county assessor.’ Input the county, and start to look. It should come easy if you are lucky or incredibly hard if the website looks like the state of every government’s middle-management productivity. To get streamlined results, you need the property’s AIN—Assessor’s Identification Number. AIN is also called APN or Section-Township-Area-Block-Lot. 

  • Visit the County Recorder: Online, Of Course

With the NETROnline domain, all you have to do is input the details of the state and county, and you will be directed to the appropriate sub-domain. NETROnline isn’t as easy to navigate as the former option but does give far more detailed info on the property. 

  • Focussed on Real Estate Marketing

Call your local title representative and ask for the Focused Real Estate Marketing detail. Such property records search contains the name of the property owner, features of the property, comparable sales, demographics (infrastructure, school, and hospitals), and property history. Not bad for property history public records, but it might cost you some bucks. 

  • Mailing List Companies

This route, by far, is the most expensive; however, you will most likely get value for your money. Mailing list companies have mastered the art of obtaining mailing lists within different jurisdictions. Looking for a property with certain characteristics within a geographical location, these experts can come up with an extensive list. 

Mailing list companies are the best option for real estate investors or realtors looking to do big business, by properties within an area, or realtors that have clients with specific tastes.  

  • Property Radar

PropertyRadar is one of the most sophisticated online property information searches. PropertyRadar gives you detailed information on the property owner, transaction history, age of the owner, gender, contact mail and phone number, mailing address, and other properties the owner owns. 

PropertyRadar is one of the US foremost property search tools. The website can be navigated easily, and the information is detailed. 

Whatever reason you want to organize a property owner lookup, it’s important to take the route that offers the least stress and the most information. Depending on what property owner you need to find, one method might work over the other. If all else fails, you can use a people and property search tool to get more information on the owner. 

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Let’s hit a scenario: 

With PropertyRadar, you find out that the owner of a condominium is John Starks, that lives in New York. Before approaching a property owner, most investors or realtors like to know a lot more information (it’s important to negotiate from a position of strength—and strength comes from knowledge). 

With a people search, you can find out a lot more about John Starks. You can find out what he loves to do, his other investment portfolios, social media accounts, bankruptcies, where he goes for the holidays, children, spouse… The list is endless and the best value for your property owner search.

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