How to Fix Laptop Fan Noise [HP, Acer, Asus, MSI, Lenovo]

Laptop Fan Noise: If you are also questioning why your laptop fan is so loud then you need to know that there are lots of reasons behind this issue and also there are lots of solutions available for this laptop fan noise problem

You can not be able to beat a laptop computer at a time when you are doing your work in your favorite situation. But, the heat buildup is one of the issues which generally takes place and also all thanks to the cramped space which is inside the laptop and also due to the high battery capacity. As these things get hot and then you will find out that your laptop starts creating issues. 

Fix Laptop Fan Noise Problem

Laptop Fan Noise

But the question is still the same: why is your laptop fan making noise and how to quiet that noise. So, let’s begin this article to know all the possible reasons and fixes of this laptop fan noise when charging

What You Need to Know About Laptop Fan Noise

If you are wondering about why your laptop fan noise at low speed then you need to know that the laptops and the touchscreen hybrids and also some of the other devices are having fans due to one reason which is to dissipate the heat by simply circulating the air on the parts. 

Several times when your fans fire up then it is supposed to be it. But, it can also be distracting sometimes and loud as well. Also, some of the expensive devices like the MacBook Pro also sound like a drone taking off by providing loud fan noise.

In a hot environment, your laptop requires you to work hard in terms of dissipating the heat and it means that it produces more fan noise. Also, if the vents of your device get covered with something then your laptop becomes hot. 

If you are also playing any of the 3D games with the help of the webGL or the rendering video then you will also get heat buildup in your device.

If the sound of the fan is normal but still continuous then the fan unit is the issue. If your laptop is overheating regularly then you need to check out the solutions for this problem as well. But, here we are going to share some of the best solutions to silence a noisy laptop fan.

So, keep reading this article to know all the possible solutions to the laptop fan noise while charging

Method 1: Kill Your Processes to Stop a Noisy Laptop Fan

You need to know that sometimes the fan spinning into the action without showing any warning happens due to the demand of the hardware and mainly because of the GPU. One of the best methods to eliminate this demand is by simply killing the process. 

If you are using a Mac then you can simply isolate and be able to kill the unwanted processes by simply using the activity monitor and if you are a Windows user then you can simply use the task manager. Apart from that, if you are using Linux then you can simply use the kill rogue processes as well. 

If the heat is still a problem then it may be due to lots of processes taking place at the same time when you reboot your computer. Also, the windows 10 users are able to edit the startup folder and the mac user can simply enter into the system preferences > user > startup and then simply remove all the unnecessary processes. 

Method 2: Using a Mac? Reset SMC & PRAM to Make Your Laptop Fan Quieter

One of the quick methods for the mac user who are falling the fan noise is to reset the SMC. Also, the SMC is mainly responsible for all the management and the out-of-control fans are mainly the symptom of the issue. 

Method 3: Laptop Fan Running Loud? Cool It Down

You need to know that the best laptop coolers can get used for the places of metal along with the fan in the base and also they are mainly designed in terms to maximize the airflow. Also, nowadays, they are mainly covered with LEDs and also with wind speeds and temperature sensors and they are also having in-built USB hubs. 

Coolers are mainly food for the laptops if you are using a laptop on a desk or in any of the static positions. Also, they are mainly compelling the purchase of the people who are playing the 3D games and also who are rendering the video or putting lots of loads on their devices for a long period of time. Also, for the cooling base plates on which you place the laptop, you can also be able to use the vacuum fan coolers which mainly suck the hot air in a straight manner from your machine. 

The Opolar LC05 is one of the major examples which is mainly designed with rapid cooling. Also, the reviews are really positive but some of the laptop models will find this device which will be helpful for you. 

Method 4: Laptop Fan Noisy? Clean Your Laptop

As you know that the laptop fan noise not overheating means heat and if your fans are loud then it means that the laptop is hot. The dust and the hair buildup can be avoidable and only serves to reduce airflow. Also, the reduced airflow means the dissipation of the poor heat and you are required to clean the machine physically. If your machine is in warranty then make sure to not open it because it will void the warranty of your device and if you don’t know about what you are doing then it may damage your parts. 

In terms of cleaning the machine, you are required to use compressed air and also a screwdriver in the process to open the laptop and have some patience. You can also be able to use the anti-static wristband and simply unplug your device from the power socket in the process to avoid internal damage. 

You can also use the air on the short bursts in the process to remove the dust and also the hair from the internal components and also the fans and heatsinks. 

Method 5: Laptop Fan Running Loud? Try a Software Fix

There are lots of laptops that will allow the users to control their fan speed with the help of third-party software. Also, they are having some built-in features as well. Also, these apps will enable the fan speed adjustment of the laptop and also initialize the cleaning routine in terms to expel the dirt and also dust as well. So, you can simply be able to reduce the noise of the fan of your laptop by simply reducing the speed. 

You need to know that it will make your laptop hot and also it will reduce the lifespan in long term. Also, the third-party fan management apps are also available for Windows, Linux, and also for the macOS device. If you are using Linux then you are required to simply install the Lm-sensors and fan control package. 

Method 6: Fan Making a Weird Rattling or Buzzing Noise

If the fan of your laptop starts to make a different sound and also makes it loud or buzzing then there is definitely a problem. Also, the issue is mainly with bearing the fan. You need to resolve this by simply replacing it and when the jammed bearings get fixed then it will no longer install a replacement fan. 

You can simply be able to switch the fan and replace it with a new one is not a difficult process but it is not familiar with a laptop repaid. Also, the underlying principle is also having the laptops and models from different companies and they are also having different procedures. 

Method 7: Get an Expert to Check the Loud Laptop Fan

If the fan of your laptop is still nosy then you need to talk to an expert. If your laptop is under warranty then you can take it to the store of the manufacturer. If you buy your laptop online or from any retailer which is too far from your location then you can make a visit to the PC repair show.

One of the best scenarios is that they can be able to clean the laptop and also replace the fan. Also, you must prepare yourself for the bad news as well. In some of the cases, the issue needs to be replaced with any of the important hardware such as the motherboard. 

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So, hopefully, we have shared all the possible details about how to silence a noisy laptop fan. The methods and tips which we have shared above will be helpful for you to get rid of this problem.

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