Go Developer Salary: The Main Arguments in Favor of Choosing This Profession (or Not?)

Go Developer Salary – According to various websites that focus on salary aggregates, a Golang developer salary in the United States is between $73,691 and $133,572.

This means an average Golang developer in the US earns between $73,691 and $133,572, depending on their skills, locations, and other factors.

Golang Developer Salary

Golang Developer Salary

This article will discuss these factors, why this career is profitable and how to increase your salary as a Go developer. 

Factors Influencing Golang Developer Salary

Here are some of the factors that influence a Go developer salary

  • Location

Location is one of the factors that can affect how much a Golang developer earns. This means that where you live can influence how much you make yearly as a Go developer. Generally, living in large metropolitan areas means a higher salary. This is usually because those areas have higher costs of living. According to the statistics made by the Bureau of Labor, the highest and smallest salaries of Golang developers in metropolitan cities in the US are San Francisco, CA, and Oklahoma City, at $130,554 and $81,450, respectively. 

  • Experience 

Experience is another factor affecting the salary of a Go developer. Generally, the more years you have spent working as a Golang developer, the higher your salary. According to the National Compensation Survey and Bureau of Labor Statistics, a senior Golang developer salary in the USA is approximately $153,430. This is the salary of a Go developer with more than twenty years of experience. On the other hand, a Junior Golang developer with less than one year of experience earns $66,034. 

Why This Career is Profitable and Golang developer salary

The salary of Golang developers is still one of the most profitable in the world. And one of the reasons most people become Golang developers is because they can significantly increase their salaries as they become better at it. So, you can rest assured that you will get value and ROI if you increase your skills as a Golang developer. 

Another reason why this career is profitable is that you can work remotely. Working remotely means you will cut some expenses, including office clothes and transportation. Besides the decrease in expenses, you will also be able to work from anywhere around the world. Golang development is one of the careers that only needs your skills to qualify for a position. 

How to Increase Golang Developer Salary 

As earlier stated, several factors affect a Go programmer’s salary. However, there are also ways you can increase and boost your salary expectations as a Golang developer. This section will explain ways you can boost your salary. Let’s get into it:

  • Strengthen Your Skills 

As a Golang developer, keep strengthening your skills. Enhancing and pursuing skills that are in demand as a Go developer will significantly increase your salary and make you competitive for higher positions. Some of these skills include: 

    • Golang: This means writing codes in the Go programming language. 
    • Distributed Systems: This skill focuses on designing and implementing distributed systems through Go. 
  • Web Development:

Using Go to develop web applications.

  • Database Programming: This involves writing codes to interface using databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, and Cassandra. 
  • API Development: Using Go to create APIs. 
  • Talk to Recruiters 

It won’t hurt to talk to some recruiters if you want to raise your salary or get a new job. They will be able to give you updates about the Go language developer salary and the organizations that are willing to pay better than what you currently earn. They may even connect you with some hiring managers looking to add Go developers to their teams. 

  • Grow And Expand Your Network

One of the best and most reliable ways to boost your salary as a Golang developer is by growing and expanding your network. There are several ways you can expand your network. They include going to conferences and meetings centered around Golang, connecting with other developers, and reading articles and blog posts on Golang. Doing these will increase your knowledge about your career and place you in a vantage position to negotiate a higher salary when the time is right. 

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Final Thoughts 

Generally, Golang development is a profitable career, and Golang developer salary is good according to the market. However, a Golang developer salary is dependent on numerous factors. And this article has clearly explained these factors. This article has also highlighted how you can increase your salary as a Golang developer!

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