How to Boost Internet Speed? – Internet Speedup Guide 2022

Experiencing poor downloading speeds, lagging gameplay, websites loading slowly, and interrupted streaming sessions? This means that your internet is super slow but learn How to Boost Internet Speed. When it comes to a slow internet connection, many things could be the culprit. Detecting the exact cause could be tricky. And fixing it can be time-consuming. 

How to Boost Internet Speed?

How to Boost Internet Speed

Reputable ISPs like Cox communications are offering Cox internet deals that assist their customers in getting high-speed internet connections at optimal pricing. Having low internet speed is very rare for their customers, fixing these issues, if the problem is at the ISP’s end, is usually quicker.

This blog post will discuss some of the common issues, which cause the internet to slow down. Furthermore, let’s talk about ways to speed up your internet connection.

Move Your Router Closer

Bringing your router closer to your gadget or moving your gadget closer to your router is one of the most effective ways to get strong signals. If your laptop, computer, or phone is far from your router, you will experience slower internet. The farther, the slower!

If you are binge-watching your favorite show, for instance, streaming will be smoother if your device is closer to the router. In addition, concrete walls and heavy furniture can block internet signals. So, place your router in a central location.

However, high-quality routers offer fantastic signal strength and their performance is not affected by walls or distance. But if you have rented your router from your ISP, they don’t typically give the best routers. Therefore, minimizing the distance between your gadget and the router may boost your internet speed.

Ditch Wi-Fi for an Ethernet Connection 

Wi-Fi is more convenient as it supports multiple devices. But with Wi-Fi, you get to share your bandwidth and it can result in slower speeds.

So, if you want to indulge in a bandwidth-hungry online activity such as online gaming, consider switching to the good old Ethernet connection.

This will ensure delivering fast speeds with a dedicated wired connection. You can potentially reach as much as 1GB per second.

Unplug/Restart Your Router or Modem

When it comes to the internet’s speed-boosting hacks, this is perhaps one of the oldest ones. And interestingly, it still works. Sometimes when there is a bug in the firmware or caching issue in the router, restarting your router is usually a guaranteed solution.

Moreover, sometimes the internet gets extremely slow for no apparent reason. And unplugging and re-plugging the router usually works in boosting the internet speeds. However, if the internet is slow on just one device and working just fine on the others, then check that particular gadget.

Consider Shortening Your Cable Length

It is a well-known fact that Ethernet cable is faster and more reliable compared to Wi-Fi. Still, make sure the cable isn’t too long. Also, the cable shouldn’t have any kinks.

Take streaming on Netflix for instance. If your Netflix keeps buffering and you are experiencing slow downloading speeds with a 50’ cable, consider shortening it to 30’. Also, invest in a fine quality cable. It is one of the guaranteed hacks to improve a poor internet connection.

Use a Heat-Mapper to Map Your Internet Signal Strength

Sometimes, it is not possible to move the router because of multiple users in the house. If that’s the case, a quicker solution would be using a heat mapper tool to determine the areas in your house with the strongest signal strength.

You can use one of the free Heat-mapper tools online to figure this out. All you need to do is to take a stroll around the house to provide the floor map of your house. This will result in the projection of the Wi-Fi’s strength in various rooms and areas of your home. It will also indicate the spots with poor and even worst signal strength. In light of these results, position your router in a way that ensures strong signals.

Check for Bandwidth-Hogging Unnecessary Apps/Programs Running in the Background 

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds on your computer or a particular device but it is working flawlessly on other devices, then the cables and router are not to blame. Check for apps and programs running in the background on that particular device.

Sometimes, bandwidth-hungry apps and programs run in the background unnoticed and slow down the internet.

So, maximize your internet speed and go to your Window’s Task Manager. In the Network section under the Processes tab, you will find how much bandwidth various apps and programs are consuming. If you don’t need or use them occasionally, it would a good idea to get rid of them.

This will allow your computer/device to utilize the freed bandwidth to run other online activities smoothly.

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So now you have the full-fledged internet speedup guide on “How to Boost Internet Speed” and learn the steps easier to use the full internet juice online.

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