How to Increase Instagram Followers? [Real Tricks]

With over one billion active monthly users around the world, Instagram offers tremendous potential when it comes to building a brand name. Leveraging Instagram as a marketing tool can help drive engagement and boost sales but for that, you must learn How to Increase Instagram Followers.

Service providers around the world use Instagram to market their products and services. You might have come across sponsored ads of various service plans like the ones for  Spectrum Mobile on Instagram.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

How to Increase Instagram Followers

Getting a large number of followers on Instagram can be a complicated process. Long gone are the days of using bots and buying followers. A good marketing strategy seeks to achieve consistent results over a period of time.

A dramatic boost in followers’ count might satisfy your ego, but it won’t do any good in the long run. That being said, let’s explore several proven ways to help you increase followers on Instagram.

Identify Your Target Audience

This is perhaps the most important step to building an online presence. Yet most businesses do not put much effort into it. A little bit of market research can provide you with great insights regarding your target audience. Jumping right into the action without knowing who your target audience is can alienate the existing demographic.

Identifying your niche can also help you create your own set of marketing strategies. Information pertaining to the age and search behavior of your target demographic is crucial to your business growth. Moreover, you will be able to consistently cater to the needs of your target demographic if you know what they want in the first place.

Clearly Define Your Marketing Strategies

Of course, your brand requires a mass following in order to grow. However, you need to come up with clearly defined ways to achieve your goals. Think of all the reasons why you want to increase the number of followers. What is your end goal? You may want to:

  • Create Brand Visibility
  • Boost Revenue
  • Improve Your Organic Reach

These business-oriented goals will help you maintain a consistent watch over your Instagram account. They will also help you create a loyal consumer base. Remember, it is difficult to retain customers in the long run rather than attract new ones. 

Tell Your Brand Story to Grow Followers on Insta

The world should know what your business is all about. Spread the word by incorporating images with creative captions. Your bio should not be too difficult to understand. Channel your inner creativity to inform your audience about your brand. The fewer words, the better. You can create curiosity by sharing just glimpses of your products.

Another great way to showcase your brand is through Instagram Stories. Create a need for your products and services by sharing rich images. The best way to achieve this is by adding a human touch to your brand. 

Optimize Keywords for Better Search Results

A little bit of SEO can do wonders for your business growth. Use keywords that are easy to understand and common in everyday life. Long-tail keywords are more specific. Make sure you use relevant keywords in your bio in order to improve brand visibility.

The right combination of keywords and hashtags can provide a tremendous boost to your follower’s count. Do not make the mistake of using keywords in your Instagram handle. Instead, use your brand name to improve your online presence. You can also add a catchy slogan to your bio for better results.

Insert Your Website Link In Your Bio on Instagram

Instagram is a free marketing tool. Utilize it to its full potential. Remember, your website is your main traffic puller and should be advertised on various social media platforms. That being said, your bio should be concise and complemented with a clickable link. URLs are a great way to convert leads into customers.

Relevancy is of utmost importance here. New followers are reluctant to visit business profiles with incomplete details and irrelevant bios. You should cover all necessary fields by inserting your contact information, email address, and other important details. Give users all the reasons as to why they should follow your account.

Creative Captions Create New Customers

You might have come across captions the length of a short story. You might have even read some of those. Words have great convincing power. Channel your inner writer to draft long captions for your Instagram profile. Your posts don’t necessarily need to be dramatic or give off the vibes of a soap opera. They should be compelling.

You can also test your writing skills through captions. If your caption exceeds 125 characters, it will not be completely visible to the readers unless they tap “more”.

You can also use emojis to convey your intent. Long Instagram captions are seen to boost engagement. Short captions, on the other hand, work well with crisp images.

Advertise Your Instagram Profile on Other Social Media Platforms

Social media is a free marketing tool. It is also extremely effective. If you have a Facebook page, advertise your brand’s Insta profile on it and vice versa. Your existing customers will be the first ones to view your business profiles on multiple platforms.

If you think free social media marketing isn’t working for you, try paid advertising available on various social media platforms. If you have a YouTube channel, insert the link of all of your social media profiles on it.  The more channels you cover, the better.


There is no one way to learn How to Increase Instagram Followers. You have to keep experimenting with various strategies in order to achieve desired results. Moreover, review your Insta Insights on a regular basis in order to keep track of your weaknesses and strengths.

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