How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling?

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling – Have you ever suspected that someone has blocked you? Generally, the best method to check that someone has blocked your number is by simply making a call to them several times and checking that the call rings once when it goes to voicemail.

If you do this for a week directly and it goes to voicemail then they blocked you. Also, there are chances that their phone may be on the DND or it is turned off, and doing this for a month in a continuous manner will reduce the chances and maximize the chance that they have blocked you. 

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number without Calling?

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling

When you call by a blocked number then the caller will hear one ring but the phone will remain silent. The caller will get informed that the recipient is not available and it will be diverted to the voicemail.

If this service is set up by the person whom you are calling then you may be able to leave a message if someone has blocked you but it will not be delivered if you have been blocked by them. 

The issue takes place when you don’t want to call them to check if the number is blocked or not. It may be an ex or someone and it may be weird to call rather than call them and it will be embarrassing that you have called them and you are not blocked and it is better for you to find out that they have blocked your number due to other reasons. 

Knowing that someone has blocked your number is all guesswork and there is no method to know truly whether you have been blocked or not.

So, calling someone is not the only method that you will get to know if someone has blocked you and it is best if you find out in another manner if you were close then they still have your number and it is good if you don’t call them as they will know that you are still trying to connect with them. 

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling?

There is no way to know if someone has blocked your number without calling them. There is nothing that you get when you are blocked and you will not get notified by the notifications and it is complete guesswork.

Also, calling them to know how many times it rings before getting into voicemail is not a certified method if you are blocked or not, and if it provides you the confidence that you are blocked. 

It is conceivable that you are blocked if your text message and phone call will not get to the intended recipient and if you don’t ask the person if you are blocked or not then you try to follow the methods to check if they appear on your phone as the suggested contact or not.

If they appear then it indicates that you have not been blocked and you don’t need to be concerned. 

  • Message Them On WhatsApp And Ask

Blocking someone’s number doesn’t block it actually and it stops the recipient from being notified about the calls if you are willing to know that you are blocked without calling them then you can simply message them on WhatsApp as your number will not be blocked on WhatsApp.

You can also ask them, did you block me? If they have you on the social media platform then it will make it less weird that you are asking them if theft has blocked your number. 

Simply keep this from becoming more complicated than it already is and find out the methods to contact the person and simply inquire why they blocked you.

If you don’t engage in a fight then they may provide you the justification for doing this. If anything happened lately or if you did something terrible and assume they will never find out then you will understand why you were blocked from contacting them.

Simply inquire why you are blocked and don’t overthink the situation and reach out to them so simply solve the issue and give the closure you want. When you ask them why you were blocked then don’t be defensive if you did something which hurt their feelings. 

  • Message Them on iMessage

If you look up the message details which is not as reliable an indicator as using text calls ten some details will appear under the iMessage which will be helpful for you to determine if someone is blocking you on your iPhone. You can check if you have been blocked or not. 

  • First of all, you need to open up iMessage. 
  • Now, open the conversation with the suspected blocker. 
  • Now, you have to check underneath the last message which you have sent. 
  • You have to check for a read receipt below the last message. 

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Lots of users have turned on the read receipt and if you will not see great underneath your sent message then you may be blocked or the person has turned off the read receipt.

If you don’t see a receipt under the last message then you need to check out for the delivery receipt under the last message.

If you use to see “delivered” when your messages get sent then you are no longer done and you may be blocked. The delivery receipt is mainly known to sow inconsistently so this method may not be reliable all the time. 

How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Texting Them

  • Call Them On No Caller ID

Another method to find out that you have been blocked is by making a call on no caller ID or by using an unknown number like a friend’s number see that the call goes will let you know if they blocked your number or not.

Also, it will allow you to know that you have been blocked if you call them in the past and it will never go through if you have not, and doing this will not allow you to know as much.

You are better off asking them directly if they have blocked you or not. If you don’t have WhatsApp then you can email them if you are in a professional setting and ask them if they block your number or not. 

  • Check If Their Number is Being Suggested

There is an autofill trick that you can use when you try to check if someone blocked your number on your android or not.

It may not be accurate all the time but depends upon your android and it may lead you to find out if someone blocked your number or not. 

  • First of all, you need to open the contacts app on your phone. 
  • Now, click on the number which you think blocked you. 
  • Now, make click on the three vertical dots which appear on the top upper right side. 
  • You have to select delete to remove the number. 
  • You need to open the contacts app again. 
  • Then, click on your phone’s search bar. 
  • After this, you have to type the name of that person. 
  • If you see the name of the person’s number which you deleted being suggested then it may be possible that the person is not blocking you. If you can’t see the number being suggested then there is a chance that theft will block your number. To ensure that it is foolproof then you need to test it with your other contacts. 

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Final Verdict

Being blocked may happen to anyone and it is something that you can get through. You need to try the above-given methods instead of bombardin the person who blocks you with calls and texts.

When you know that you have been blocked then you can decide if you want to connect and find out why you are blocked or if you are willing to move on sometimes.

You may think that you have been blocked when you are not blocked and the person’s phone may be switched off or they not have the proper network connectivity at their place. 

We hope you like this guide on How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling.

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