How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself & Others 

We as a whole prefer to take snaps, isn’t that right? Indeed, even those of us who aren’t generally excellent at photography love to have an eye-catching picture. But do you know that you can make money out of these photographs you have or by clicking more pictures? Here’s You can learn how to make money selling photos of yourself or others and earn passive income from it.

If you are a professional photographer then this guide will help you to understand how you can earn extra income out of your photography business.

How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself & Others?

How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

Yes, you heard that right. You can earn a good amount of money from the photographs and photography skills.

Do I need a considerable amount to invest to start generting revenue by Selling Photos? 

This is the question that every one of us would be having in our mind before starting with the earning. So, let me answer this question and help you solve your query.

To do this smoothly, you required only two things a digital camera and a laptop. And that is all you need to start earning or to make money from your photography skills. But, remember that you need to be a professional pro photographer to generate money.

It’s true you can make a lot of cash by carrying out your hobby of photography. You already have a digital camera and a laptop, and you also required the skill of editing the pictures nicely. Then what stops you to start generating money/cash by the best use of the current available assets.

There are many methods and alternatives available for you to make money and I have listed the best methods out of them in this article. Here are the best money earning tips for you to make money from your photography and editing skills.

How to Make profitable Money Selling Photos of Yourself & Others people?

  • Make a Photography Blog

Create a blog of your own where you can upload photographs and drive traffic. A number of users search for portraits and pictures online to download for different reasons. Hence, there is an excellent scope for a photographer to drive more traffic to the websites. The pictures could also be sold using the blog as the medium. Another alternative is earning money through advertisements on your page.

  • Collaboration with the Tourism Industry

Many people visit various tourist spots very frequently. They would be looking for a photography guide or a photographer who can click their best pictures. You can collaborate with the tourist destinations and work as a part-time photographer for the tourist.

  • Create and Sell Photography Courses

Many people are searching for various photography courses online. There is a great scope of reaching out to that audience by creating your own course on photography. You can publish your courses on learning sites like Udemy, Unacademy, or by creating your own youtube channel.

  • Build your Social Media Following

Make an account on various social media platforms where you can share your photographs and experience. There is a great possibility that people may hire you to have their pictures clicked and you can charge a good amount from them.

  • Work as a Freelancer

You can try sites like freelancer to start your freelancing journey where you can complete the task requested by buyer and you can earn by charging them per photograph or took complete project from them as a freelance project. By this, you can easily make $500/month.

There are various freelancing websites where you can work as an online photographer for organizations and businesses. You can complete the job tasks provided by the clients accurately, then you would be honour or rewarded. You can create a freelancing account at,, etc.

  • Take Pictures at nearby functions and Sell them on the Websites

Functions are always pleasing and bright. There are a lot of things which you can take a picture and upload it for sale. You can start by taking the pictures of yourself, your friends, the functions and many other beautiful scenes which can draw the eyesight of the audience. You can edit these pictures and make them more attractive and upload it to various online stock downloading sites like,, etc. which would pay you the amount in return.

You can also promote your photographs in various social media like Instagram, Facebook and sell it directly to the persons who are interested in your picture.

  • Make Shirts and Different items with your Pictures

Fashion is something that has drawn more customers towards it. You can make the best benefit of your photography skills to earn money using fashion as the medium. You can get your photographs and pictures printed on white shirts, cups, phone case, etc. and sell them directly to the customers via various social sites or you can upload it on various 3rd Party applications and earn a handsome amount of money.

  • Sell Photographs to Magazines

The publisher of the magazines requires a lot of pictures to publish on the magazine along with the supporting articles. You can have a partnership with one of the magazine publisher and provide the required photographs to them in return of some money.

  • Sell Photos or pictures on website like eBay

The online market is a place that cannot be missed or overlooked. A lot of users visit Online sites to purchase the things that they require and eBay is one great example of such an online site. You can sell the pictures that you’ve clicked on eBay. You can earn a lot of money from such a source.

  • Clicking Pictures of your Neighbours or Colleagues

Today, in this photogenic world everybody wants to have a picture of them beautifully clicked by a skilled Photographer. Trends says Most of people nearby are willing to pay a handsome amount of money for clicking their photos or pictures. You can reach out to them and take their pictures by charging them a good amount of money.

  • Sell an Ebook

Another very effective way of earning money is publishing your own Ebook and selling it. You can hire a content writer for the content to be written. You can design the Ebook beautifully by the pictures and photographs which can easily catch the focus of the audience by this you have golden chance to earn a good amount of cash by selling the Ebook.

  • Sell Prints

You might have taken beautiful pictures. You can get them printed and sell those Printed Pictures using your social media or to the nearest photography stores. People who wants good interior can buy nature’s photo or photography for the interior decoration of their home.

Final Words – Earn Money Online from Photography

Photography is now the global trend with an extensive scope. There are multiple ways that could help you to make money by carrying different types of activities. I hope that this article on earning money online from photography helped you and motivated you to polish your photography skills becuase now you know how to make money selling photos of yourself.

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