How to Play Block Champ Game Like a Pro?

The gaming world is advancing day by day. Every day new games, new names, and new technologies are being added to this world. Not just kids or teenagers but adults and seniors are also getting engaged in these games. The Block champ game is one of those but do you know How to Play Block Champ Game like a pro. The name may seem unfamiliar but it is a quite familiar game. It is similar to 10× 10 classics with some twists and a few add ons.

How to Play Block Champ Game Like a Pro?

How to Play Block Champ Game

Is it your first time to hear the word ‘Block Champ?’ Confused about what this actually is? And how to play this game? No worries! This article is all about answering these questions.

So, without any further delay let’s get down to it. Let’s get introduced to a whole new thing.

What is Block Champ?

Block champ is basically a puzzle-type game. The name ‘Block champ’ already says a lot about it. This game is all about the blocks on the board. The players need to rearrange the blocks. Pretty much similar to candy crush. But here the blocks need to be slid whether right or left. The diagonal ones are not included. 

It is a very addictive game that makes the player want to play it more and more. The goal in the game is to vanish all the blocks of the board. 

It is designed with simple yet addictive tricks to keep the players hooked. They are simple enough to make players think that they can play this. At the same time, they have tricks and techniques that make the players think that just in the next round they can do better. Which may not be possible in the very next round as well. As a result, the players go for one last round and one last round after the last round. 

What happens in games like PUBG or Garena Free fire is that these attract a certain age group’s people. Because these have many difficult missions and functions. That requires the players to know them, understand them and invest a good amount of time to get involved more and more. Sometimes it requires the player to know how to read as well since the missions are assigned through talking with different characters most of the time. This requires a good space in the phone memory as well. 

But Block Champ isn’t like that. In no time, players start to get attracted toward it as they function to make it look simple. So simple that even kids can start playing it without understanding much. That leads many mothers to keep their children with this game. 

And so when people are unable to complete these, they become desperate to win and keep on playing. This is basic human psychology. Humans don’t mind much when they fail to complete a difficult task. But they get insulted and provoked when they fail to complete an easy-looking task. They take it as a challenge and keep going. And these games at first give away confidence and a sense of achievement, then make it difficult step by step. Thus, the player doesn’t get bored or give up easily.

What makes it more engaging is, most of them have the option to give challenges to friends to join and change the highest scores. These sometimes have the option to see the highest mark that has been ever made. That invokes a sense of competitiveness in players. Sometimes it becomes country-based as well. For instance, which country is the winner from or the highest score from one’s own country becomes a topic of gossip among friends.

Not only that, but Block champ also refers to other games to its players. There is often a section that says ‘block champ players also enjoy’ or ‘popular among block champ players’ etc. These let the players and their friend groups from one game to another.

How to Play Block Champ Game?

Now that you already have a picture of this game in your head, let’s make that clearer by answering how to play it. That will let you have a clearer concept. The player needs to slide the blocks in columns or rows to make them disappear. Once a row or column is filled with blocks, it moves away. But there are twists. There are frozen tiles on the board as well. They don’t move and hinder the player from moving blocks. 

But just to make sure that the player doesn’t give up, the game has lightning tiles too. Unlike frozen tiles, lightning tiles are to help the players. A player needs to collect 2 lightning tiles in a line to make the line disappear immediately. With the slide down of every line either with lightning tiles or without it, the score gets higher and higher. 

It doesn’t have any set bar to finish the game. It is not like some task game to finish the task and go have chicken dinner in the game. The more lines you can remove, the more points you get. So, it’s pretty much like having no finish. It will make players feel like there is more to do, more scores to achieve, and make them go on.

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Summing it up

So, here we are after a long explanation about this game and How to Play Block Champ Game. We hope we didn’t bore you. Even if we did, we hope it wasn’t much.

Jokes apart, it is nothing complicated not to understand as you can already see after reading the article. It’s just a simple and addictive online game. If you have read the whole article, it is relatively safe to hope that you have understood the game well.

So well that you will be able to clear the confusions of other people as well. If you still have any confusion, then what are we for? Hurry up and comment down below without any hesitation. 

And let us know in the comments section, whom did you hear the word ‘Block Champ’ for the first time from? It will be interesting to know. Let the comments section become a survey, guys!

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