Is Hyper Plinko Legit? – Let’s Check with Hyper Plinko App Review 2022

I heartily welcome all the readers on the hyper plinko app review to understand Is Hyper Plinko Legit or not. I have really been bombarded by the hyper plinko ads in the last week at the time of testing the other money making games. The video ad is mainly trying to convince me that I can be able to earn money in a fast manner and also be able to cash out over $1,000 by PayPal. So, simply have a look at this detailed review carefully. 

Some of the apps like Hyper Plinko are mainly addictive due to the tokens and also they will provide virtual cash which can get turned into real cash. Also, they generally make it impossible to cash out by simply preventing the people from reaching the minimum payout amount or also by creating the issue. 

Is Hyper Plinko Legit?

Is Hyper Plinko Legit

Here in this detailed review on “is hyper plinko legit”, we are going to talk about the complete details related to the Hyper Plinko and also provide you with an honest review related to it. Is it a scam or a legit app? Will you get paid after dropping lots of balls and also by watching lots of ads? 

Simply keep reading this article till the end. 

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Hyper Plinko App Review 2022

  • Name: Hyper Plinko
  • Developer: Shape Keeper Ltd. 
  • Eligibility: The US (+17)
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $1 (Amazon), $100 (PayPal)
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: ⅕
  • Recommended: No

What Is Hyper Plinko?

Hyper Plinko is also one of the plinko style games which will provide virtual coins and also cash at the time when the balls hit the pegs on the way down. Simply drop the balls from the top of the boards by clicking on the screen. You will simply get the 5 tokens at the time when the balls hit the yellow star pegs and also $0.01 when they hit the green cash pegs. 

Hyper Plinko is also having a slot machine which will be helpful for the users to accumulate the rewards in a faster manner. Most of the time, the money-making game’s developer doesn’t allow the players to withdraw the money until they reach the minimum payout. Also, this match 3 game is one of the best games which will pay you in an instant manner. 

Some of the other similar games are also available on Google Play and also millions of people love to make real money which is not good news at all. This app is mainly operated by Shape Keeper Ltd which is one of the Hong Kong based companies which is having some of the other popular games like the Lucky Egg. The Lucky Money and is one of the very similar Plinko games. 

Mainly all of them will provide the virtual dollars in terms to attract as many people as possible. But the question is are players making real money?

Who Can Play Hyper Plinko?

On the basis of the terms and conditions of the Hyper Plinko, the people who are legal residents of the United States and are more than 17 years are completely eligible to play. They also said that the eligible person will get a chance to simply exchange the tokens and coins for the gift cards and also for the other goods as well. 

If the residents of the United States can be able to use the app and cash out then why not restrict the installation in other countries? Also, most of the people don’t read the TOS and also they continue playing and watching the ads and don’t get a chance to cash out. 

Is Hyper Plinko Legit? Does It Pay?

Hyper Plinko provides the expectation to the people to withdraw the real money by using Amazon Gift Cards and also Paypal. You can also be able to request a payment when you reach the minimum threshold of the payments. In terms of request for the $2 gift card, you are required to simply collect the 4 million coins and if you are willing to withdraw the cash balance by PayPal, you have to reach $100. 

The issue is that the algorithm of the game is mainly designed to provide you with less money when you get close to the payout sum. Also, when you think that you are reaching the goal then they will start providing fewer cash rewards and also make you feel like chasing a carrot. It is really frustrating as the number of ads will remain constant and you don’t know if the goal is achievable or not. This is why, when the penny drops and lots of people begin the search for the review. If you check out the reviews on the Google Play Store then you will find out that the incredible number of users said that they will not make any of the money despite playing regularly for months. 

You can also be able to scroll down the review page and the issue is always contents and the people get stuck before they reach $100 and they can’t be able to cash out the sum. Also, the user has been playing the Hyper Plinko for 2 weeks without earning any of the amounts as there are no green coins anymore. He also gets stuck at $90.48 forever. 

So, on the basis of several reviews, I can simply say that you can receive the payment. I cannot say that the hyper plink is one of the scans because the terms and conditions will provide the freedom to them to simply deny the payment. 

Coins and Tokens Are Not Real Money

If you check out the terms and conditions then you will be able to find out that the users are not getting paid. Also, by playing the Hyper Plinko games. All the eligible persons will get a chance to win virtual tokens and coins as well which they will be able to use in Hyper Plinko sole discretion, exchange along with the virtual goods which will also include the discounts, and provide the gift cards and some of the other services as well. 

In simple words, the company can simply select to pay you or not and you need to note that they will not mention anything related to the PayPal payments. It is really important for people to get to know that the app developers are earning great money all the time when you watch such types of overhyped ads. As per my opinion, if they are promoting the app as one of the coins to make real money then they will share a small percentage of their ad revenue with the online players. 

How Does Hyper Plinko Work? & Is Hyper Plinko Legit?

You can simply begin with the 30 balls and make a click anywhere on the board to simply drop the balls so that they hit on the green and yellow blocks. As I said earlier, you will get 5 tokens only if you make a click on the yellow block, and also you will get $0.01 only if you click on the green blocks. 

You need to note the slot hole which is moving right and left at the end. If the ball falls into the hole then it will show the slot machine and you will get a chance to win any of the rewards. 

Also, if the ball falls into the other holes at the bottom then you will also earn the rewards like the fruits, or some of the extra coin blocks or the extra blocks, and much more. When you run out of the balls, then they will also encourage the people to watch the video ad so that you will be able to earn the extra 30 balls. 


As you are one of the hyper Plinko players then you will be able to accumulate the tokens and the coins when you make a click on the redeem option, then you will be able to find out the two payment methods. 

Amazon Gift Cards

  • $1 – Collect 4 million tokens
  • $2 – Collect 9 million tokens
  • $3 – Collect 15 million tokens


  • $3 – Collect 15 million tokens
  • $100 – Collect 100 coins to cash out

You need to know that the Hyper Plinko will also provide the chance to win $1000 only if you collect the 25 kinds of fruits. Also, with the cash situation, it is really important for the people to collect all the fruits in their lifetime. 

Hyper Plinko App Alternative

As I know that there is no Plinko style game that processes payments. You have to simply avoid all the mobile games which say that you are able to withdraw cash by PayPal. Any of the lucky this or lucky that apps are the time wastage and also the wastage of internet data as well. 

If you are willing to try to test your luck then I suggest you take this sweepstakes app which will allow the people to simply enter into the raffle tickets for a chance to simply win more than $100. Also, the odds of winning are really low and you can ensure that the tickets are selected randomly 

If you still want to make money at the time of playing the games then this article will be very helpful for you. 

Hyper Plinko Maino advertised a chance for the people to make over $1000 but I think that they are not going to share a single penny. The game will allow the people to simply accumulate the coins and also the tokens in a very quick manner in the starting but after the $80, they will reduce the number of cash pegs and you will start getting stuck. 

I am completely sure that you will not play hyper plinko for hours and also watch hundreds of ads only to simply earn the tokens. Also, the games are not too bad and it is really boring for the people if they play without having any cash incentive. 

Unfortunately, several users don’t take the time to read such lengthy reviews and they end up wasting their time. I think that Google Play and the App Store are doing a really better job by simply preventing such types of apps from their database. Also, a sweepstakes app must need to have clear and proper instructions and also show you the proof that the users are getting rewarded. 

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Final Verdict:

Thank you all for the time to read this detailed my hyper plinko review so we hope now you know is hyper plinko legit or not. We hope that you like it. So, did you manage to achieve $100 or not? Let us know your experience by dropping your feedback in the comment section given below.

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