USPS Lost Tracking Number? – What to Do If You Lost It

Have you lost your tracking number? Okay, don’t panic we are here to help.  We will tell you ways you need to follow in case you have lost the USPS tracking number or you can find it. We will tell you how to find the USPS Lost Tracking Number.

USPS provides a unique tracking ID number for each and every package that is been sent out for delivery across the United States or across the globe.  The tracking ID is provided on every mail server.

If you ask does priority mail include tracking? Then the answer is yes, USPS provides the tracking on first-class mail service, priority mail service, and every mail service provided by the organization to its customers.

USPS Lost Tracking Number

USPS Lost Tracking Number

With the help of a tracking number, a customer can easily track down the package in transit. The unique ID number is provided to track the mail item in the real-time location.

The tracking number is clearly printed on the receipt given to the customer against the mail item to be posted and it is mentioned on the outer packing of the item meant for shipping.

The tracking helps you in knowing the estimated timing when the package will be reaching the destination.

So usually people have this question of what they should do in case of lost or misplaced tracking ID number.

In the below article we explore the ways to get the tracking number. So start exploring form more information on the lost USPS tracking number

What to do if you Lost Priority Mail Express Tracking Id

USPS priority mail express service comes with the tracking IS. If you end up losing then don’t worry we will tell you how to get it back.

All the customer is available with the authority at USPS. The staff at USPS keeps your data safe including the track id number of Priority mail service.

Find out the nearest USPS center and make a visit to get the tracking id of the priority mail service.  You will be asked to provide valid photo ID proof and other details like name, phone number, email id, the content of the package, and likewise.

This information is important for the executive to verify that the package inquired about belongs to you and not somebody else.

Since you have lost the tracking ID, you will have to pay for getting it back. USPS charges you with the minimum amount to provide you the same tracking again.

Once you got it back you can track the mail item and know the status of your package in transit.

This option can only be availed if you have either one of the tracking receipts or the number. If no then read the below section.

What to do If You Lost USPS Tracking Receipt As well As Number

In the case where you have lost both of your tracking receipts as well number with it then going to the post office will not help you.

You can call the customer helpline number to see what can be done. But in most cases, it won’t be of any help.

The post office keeps track of the detail except for the tracking ID and Receipt number since it is meant for the customer and there is a number of customers who use the service daily. So once the tracking ID and Receipt number is in your possession post office does not keep them handy.

In such a situation, the best option is to wait for 2-3 days. Wait till the shipment reaches its destination. This time of delivery varies on the type and location of the receiver.

Please, note that for the international delivery maximum number of days is 28. If after the said period you contact your recipient and they have received the mail then your problem is automatically solved. But if the mail has not reached the said destination within the specific time period you will have to visit the local post office for help.

The post office will help you put in tracking the mail. As a sender you will have to provide them with the information like recipient’s name, the address of the receiver, how did you pay, means the mode of your payment that can be through credit or debit card, cash, e-wallet, etc. Telling the mode of payment will help in knowing the exact time and location of the package.

This information will allow the USPS to track your mail and the reason for its delay.

What to Do If Post Office Can’t Find Your Package

If you get stuck in a situation where even after the designated time your mail item has not reached the final destination and visiting the nearest post office was not helpful at all. Then you can request the claim if your mail package content was insured.

You can file an insurance entitlement for the insured mail, Recorded Mail, COD items, with the postal insurance facility, or Priority Postal Express posts. Every mail facility comes with a different timeline for filing the claim.

In the case where your posted content is received in the damaged form or if the package arrives with few missing mail item contents, you can file a claim without any delay.

Domestic Claims

  • For filling the domestic what the video titled How to File a Domestic Claim on the official website of USPS
  • After watching the video for filling the domestic claim. Follow all the instructions given on the same page as the video.

Read the link titled When May I File a Claim? On the USPS page

International Claims

  • To file the international claim you will have to click the link provided on the right-hand side on top of the claim page. The tab with the title, International Shipments.
  • This will help you in initiating the international inquiry.

Claim for Uninsured Mail

  • If your mail item is not insured you can initiate the inquiry for a lost mail search.
  • Delayed or Missing mail item also comes under the lost mail search in case if no insurance.

What do you need to file a domestic claim?

You need certain information to file the domestic claim

  1. The tracking number or the shipping label number is mentioned on the receipt received from the USPS and is 13 to 34 characters.
  2. Any proof of insurance made on the mail item. It includes the original receipt received at the time of insurance or the electronic proof of insurance.
  3. Evidence proving the value of the mail item. Include sales receipt, credit card statement, invoice of the payment, any other statement proving the value
  4. Any proof showing the damaged item. It should show that the content is damaged or is missing the package.

After 30 days, it is not possible to get the tracking number and you will have to file the claim. International claim kindly visits the official website or call the helpline number to understand the process.

United States Postal Service

USPS is the exclusive and extensively used mail facility all over the United States.  USPS send out a number of the mail item all over the United States and across the globe on daily basis.

USPS is one of the main postal services organizations. It is a self-governing agency that is explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.

USPS delivers dependable and appropriate postal facilities to its clients all over the United States. Oodles of Americans consider United States parcel service as one of the best at it works. The company claims 32000 retail offices across the state.  The annual revenue of USPS stands around $66 billion and it provides 40 percent of the postal mail service share shipped across the globe and in the United States

USPS’s staff works diligently round the clock and 365 days a year. Both internal and global package facility is enabled for the customer inside the country and outside the country.  USPS has gained a status due to its hard-working staff and the synchronized administration.

It promises to satisfy the customer needs by solving every problem and providing a quick and reliable system for that

Working hours and timings of USPS centers

See the below working hours and the helpline number for the maximum assistance on any problem that you are facing.

  • Timings from Monday – Friday are 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Timings on Saturday are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Sundays and other public holidays: office remains Closed

Call on – 1-800-275-8777 or send a text message to 1-800-ASK-USPS

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Final verdict

We have imparted information about the USPS Lost Tracking Number and how you can file the claim for the lost item. We hope that information was useful to you. Use the information to find your package both national and international.

You visit the official link and get the detailed help from the claim page which you will find in the help section of the main page

In case of any more questions kindly write in the comment section below.

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