USPS Return Receipt Electronic: All You Should Know

USPS Return Receipt Electronic is the important document that confuses many customers of USPS. Usps Return Receipt Electronic is the receipt that the user needs as domestic return receipts.

Filing the electronic return receipt confirmation of receiving the delivery can be sent back to the sender. Although this receipt is available online, you can get it in the hardcopy form as well. PS form 3811 is the hard copy of the electronic receipt.

PS form 3811 instructions are available on the official webpage of USPS but if you find it too complicated to fill you can always opt for certified mail return receipt electronic.  Even certified mail form 3811 is authentic to use.

USPS Return Receipt Electronic

USPS Return Receipt Electronic

In the below article we will understand from where and how you can receive the USPS Electronic Return Receipt,  when do you need it and how you can fill it to initiate the request of sending back the package to the sender.

A customer can either fill out the electronic receipt form online or can buy the physical form of PS form 3811 from any post office.

So let us explore this topic of Electronic which can help you to resolve the problem of sending back the package quickly and easily.

What is PS Form 3811?

PS form 3811 is a domestic return receipt it gives the sender an assurance of delivery to the receiver. It shows the date and time of delivery along with the sign of the person who has received the package. Recipients’ address claims the right delivery.

USPS also facilitates the tracking to the PS form 3811 or Electronic Return Receipt when its send back to the sender.

In short, it is the way of knowing that the mail item is in safe hands and has reached the desired location.

In case you make a purchase of this return back receipt then the post office will not give you any hard copy of getting back the slip or PS form 3811. You will rather get the online slip it will have the sign of the receiver of your posted item. The receiver signature is in electronic format and thus it reaches you quickly as soon as your mail arrives at the destination.

How can I get the New USPS Electronic Return Receipt?

You can buy the Electronic Return Receipt at the time of using the shipment. As you will go to the post office to drop the mailing package or if anybody picks it up from the doorstep you can buy it at a minimal cost.

To see the status you will have to wait for all the formalities to complete. On the completion of the delivery and getting the signature, the USPS will notify you about it through the email that you have filled at the office or online.

As soon as you get the notification you can always download the copy to keep it in the record.

Steps to download the copy of your delivery record

  1. Visit the official website and look for tools at USPS.
  2. USPS provides you many types of tools for tacking and many other services and this is one tool you can use for tracking the package in a real-time location.
  3. Look for the search bar and enter the id or number written on the mailing label.
  4. You will the E-return receipt or electronic receipt, type in your valid email id
  5. Now check your mail and you will see the mail from USPS.
  6. In this mail, you will get the full details of the delivery of your shipment
  7. You will also see the electronic signature of your receiver.
  8. You can download this record and save it in the system, if important you can take the printout as well.
  9. Keep a record of your confirmation emails.

Please make sure that to have the take-back slip in electronic format, you should have in your possession the barcode number given in the article. The barcode number of the article will be written on any proof of making the particular purchase.

Without the article barcode USPS will not provide the customer with any back slip information in the mail.

Keep your proof of purchase of any article that you have mailed safely. You will first need to sign up on the USPS official website to avail yourself of the information regarding any service.

So we suggest you sign up when you visit the official website the first time. Becoming a registered member of USPS will save you lots of time and confusion. USPS update you about all the latest changes in the service and policies as and when they are made on the website.

When Will I Receive Electronic Return Receipt

Now, this is the most asked question by the customers of USPS. When can I get my return receipt? Getting the receipt takes time. You will only get it after the completion of the process and for that, you will have to wait.

Sometimes a wait depends on the type of service that you have selected. In priority mail service you can get an electronic receipt in 48 hours, in international service you will have to wait for 2-3 days. In another first-class mail service also you will have to wait 1-2 days.

Waiting time excludes holidays and Sundays if federal or postal holidays come in between then the waiting time might increase or if the package is heavy then also the time of receiving the receipt will increase.

The time of getting the slip is majorly affected by the time when you have claimed the request about it on the tracking page of USPS. If you have requested the return receipt before the final delivery, you will get the return electronic receipt after the completion of delivery along with the signature of the receiver of the mail item.

Proof of delivery is mostly sent within 48 hours keeping its promise. But with the help of the service of electronic service, you can get the electronic receipt returned to you in the matter of hours calculated from the time when you have made the request.

So don’t expect to receive the electronic return receipt before at least 2 days that from when you have claimed for it at the time of delivery.

USPS Electronic Return Receipt Tracking

USPS Electronic return receipt comes with the feature of tracking when the receipt is sent back to the sender. You can easily track it by following the instruction on the official website.

Most importantly a customer needs an article barcode to track the USPS return receipt electronically. This article barcode is written on the slip which you get at the time when you make a purchase from USPS.

USPS will always provide you with the slip with the article barcode. Misplacing it will not allow you to track the return receipt. The barcode is the unique id with the help of which you can easily see the location of your electronic slip which has been sent back by the receiver.

We have already explained to you the way from which you get the return receipt and can download the information of the final delivery for the record. Now let us see how you can track the return receipt.

Step to track USPS Electronic return receipt

  1. Click on the official page of the USPS.
  2. Go into the tools section and look for the tracking search bar.
  3. The tracking bar helps you to track mail items and packages at different locations.
  4. Log in to your account and enter the barcode given on the receipt.
  5. Entered barcode is the proof of purchase.
  6. Now click on the track button and you will have all the information about your return receipt.
  7. You will get the status and time in which you are going to receive it.
  8. Take a screenshot or save it for the record.
  9. Even if you won’t save it in your system you will have the details of the return receipt in the activity history of your account created on USPS

Cost of Electronic return receipt

USPS does not provide this service free of cost the sending back of the receipt to the sender will cost you. As a sender, if you want the receipt then you will have to claim the request and pay the price for it. Sending back the hard copy takes time and effort it is almost like sending a post.

Currently – An electronic return receipt will cost you $1.45 which you have to pay at the time of making the request.

PS form 3811 will also cost you $1.45 payable when you purchase it from the post office.

This is the additional service that you will have to buy in order to make sure that you should be informed when the mail items reach the final destination.

Important Points

  • Customers who usually send emails in bulk can become the part of USPS bulk proof program. Doing so will ease their job, they will be sent signature as proof in the form of signature data in the form of signature extract copy files.
  • If you have send out multiple emails then also you can opt-out from the mails on which you don’t need confirmation for each posted item.
  • The records are kept for 2 years in the USPS system. Your back slip info will be kept in the archive after 2 years and such backdated info is required again by you will have to personally request. Even after 60 days, it will take time to get the information back.

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Final Verdict

All the info about USPS Electronic return receipt and how it is different from certified mail form 3811  is described in the detail.  We hope you make the best use of the information provided by us. Now you know what to opt for and how to obtain the receipt.

Certified mail return receipt electronic can easily be requested by following the online system available at the USPS official website.

Kindly share your comments on the article in the section below. Write to us in case you need and more information about USPS Electronic return receipt or PS form 3811 instructions.

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