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  • Apply online for a reputable Walmart credit card in less than 2 minutes.
  • All Walmart Credit Cards are issued by the Synchronized Bank.
  • The approval is not guaranteed and the credit card will require good credit and substantial income.
  • In order to start the Walmart Card Offer Prescription Application, the customer will need an 11-digit acceptance code which can be found on the individual approval certificate portion of the credit card application form.
  • Once this 11-digit magical code is provided, then the applicant will have to provide his last name and then he will be prompted by the application’s heart. At this point, only Walmart Card Offer Prescription app needs only 1 minute to complete. Benefits of the Card

  1. Applicants with an 11-digit acceptance code are highly likely to be approved for a credit card.
  2. People without code are still allowed to apply.
  3. Walmart Credit Cardholders are eligible to earn rewards on purchases made with their Walmart Credit Card account.
  4. All credit cards associated with this offer are as per the license issued by MasterCard International Inc.
  5. Most approved applicants will get a 10% savings offer which is good for purchasing up to $ 250.
  6. $ 250 purchase bonus will be applied as a credit statement.
  7. Shopping on will save up to 3% on purchasing members of the card.
  8. Members of the card will save 2% while buying gas at Murphy USA or Walmart Gas.

Customer Support Number:

In many cases, you will need contact no. which connects you with the voice support department of walmartcardoffer com prescreen and this is how you get the answer to your query and information about it.

Questions of can be directed to 877-294-7880 or 866-611-1148. Please note that the Walmart Credit Card Reward does not end until the account is in good standing, and each Walmart Credit Card account is not limited to the number of prizes to be earned with the credit limit. Prizes will not be earned on cash advances, interest charges, and special funding offers.

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