Websites Like Grammarly – Top 10 Grammarly Alternatives to Check Grammar Errors

Websites Like Grammarly – Are you facing small grammatical errors in your writing, which creates a huge difference and spoils the plot of your story?. Regardless of your profession, the most accomplished English speaker could make silly errors. However, this can be considered as a human error so we need certain software which serves as the best tool to check your typos and grammatical mistakes.

Websites like Grammarly

Websites like Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the hugely popular software and it can help you in the best way possible. A complete and attractive sentence is always free from grammatical errors. Whether you are a copywriter, editor, writer, business owner, student, web developer Grammarly is the basic necessity to everyone.

Grammarly is such a capable application that it detects and fixes more than 250 grammatical errors and allows you to write confidently anywhere over any web portal. It also lets you copy-paste your content or document on their website specially made for MS Office so that you don’t even need to log on to their website.

As you will start writing content you will be notified of the relevant error resulting in you ending up with a polished write-up with no grammatical errors. In order to get an advanced feature, you need to upgrade your Grammarly into a premium version, which costs you few amounts of money.

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However, there are few alternatives for this solution. Hence we have brought some of the best Websites like Grammarly.

Top Best Sites Like Grammarly 2021

  1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most easy-to-use grammar software, which is filled with a lot of features such as keyboard theme customization, spell checker, dictionary, predictive text, emoji, text reader, and language translation up to 40 languages.

The website also acquires a ‘personal trainer’ section with the help of which it can detect common mistakes which are made in the past. Ginger is accessible over a large range of platforms which includes iOS, Android, Mac, Safari, Windows, and Chrome.

  1. Slice Write

Slice Write is one of the most sophisticated grammar checker software in the world. Unlike all other software. Slice Write is available free of cost and is hugely popular.

Slice Write exhibits various features such as advanced setting customization, enable and disable hints, word associator, and is specially designed for professionals. The software delivers chrome extensions and firefox extensions.

  1. Grammar Check

In case you are looking for a simple and fearless alternative for Grammarly then, here you go with the best option Grammar Check. The website is user-friendly and allows you to insert your written text that you have written in order to check all the grammatical errors.

The website also allows you to proofread along with “Free Check” and “Deep Check”. The website also exhibits various other features such as check for plagiarism, write a book, and check on the most controversial topic, and many more.

  1. White Smoke

White Smoke is a well-esteemed grammar checker and is available on the online market. The world-famous Forbes magazine haver rated White smoke as the number one writing tool for any business kind.

The software checking revolves around three aspects that is spelling, style, and grammar. The software is supported on various platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Mac OS, and Windows.

  1. PaperRater

Paper Rater is considered to be the most favorite software for grammar checking by writers. The software is similar to White Smoke and allows you to check your text from plagiarism and many more.

Paper Rater allows you to proofread your text and suggestion revolve around vocabulary, sentence beginning, and identification of passive voice, readability, phrases, and many more. It is very helpful for the students and for all the pole who have to submit easy, or paragraphs in their school college, or any educational institution.

  1. 1Checker

1Checker is well-known software which is completely free of cost and allows you to transform your existing writing skills into more excellent work than before. All the tools of this software are efficient and work for grammar, spellings, style, and vocabulary.

The software is compatible with many devices such as Windows, Mac, and Windows 8 and also exhibits plugins for a wide range of browsers. You just need to register on the online portal of 1Checker in order to use it instantly.

  1. ProWritingAid

Pro Writing Aid is a website that exhibits excellent features and is often used to convert your text and take it to excellence. This website is currently used by more than 500 copywriters, editors, authors, students, and many other professionals.

The software offers an in-depth report and suggestions for pronouns, transition, diction, alliteration, clichéd sentence, words, style framer, and many more. There is an inbuilt dictionary in the software which is very helpful at times. The software is compatible with a range of browsers and applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Word, Windows, Google Docs, and many more.

  1. GrammarBase

Grammar Base basically resembles hodgepodge and is similar to the virtue of poor design. But the website is quite great in its work and one can say that it is one of the best alternatives for Grammarly.

You don’t even need to go through any kind of download or installation procedure. You just need to paste your content over the website and the result will be in front of you in just a few seconds. It allows your text to be free from grammar, spelling, punctuations, and contextual errors.

  1. Proofread Bot

As the name suggests this software auto-scans your documents and texts and checks in-depth for all the mistakes that are present in the content. Proofread Bot allows your text to be corrected with punctuations, style, tense, pacing, and readability.

You just need to copy your text and paste it over the empty box which is located over the homepage of the website. In case you wish to install the software over your PC or laptop you just need to download it. It is compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Android, Chrome, WordPress, Drupal, Firefox, Facebook, and many more.

  1. VirtualWritingTutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is another simple and smart alternative for Grammarly. Virtual Writing Tutor counts your spelling, checks your errors, grammatical mistakes, punctuations, offers suggestions, rephrasing your sentence, better your vocabulary, and exhibits many other important features which are needed in the content.

In case you are a professor or a writer and you need to increase your proofreading skills then this software is something that can help you out in the easiest way possible. The website is free but if you wish to check 3000 words you need to be a member of the website and if you are not a member of the website then your word limit is restricted to 500 words.

Final Words

Above we have mentioned some of the Websites like Grammarly. The list includes the top 10 alternatives of Grammarly and exhibits the best software to Date.

Sites like Garmmarly 2021 are the updated list and include the best replacement which is present over the web as per the current situation. Check out the list and choose the best pick as per your requirement.

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