www.FilinginOregon.con/Renew – There are lots of people who agree that having their own business is the major goal for most US citizens. As per the SBA estimates, there are more than 6 lakh new businesses that open every year in the United States from a sole proprietorship to partnerships, and all types of businesses are mainly popping up.

If you are the one who wants to register a business then you can simply make a visit to the Oregon Secretary of State’s website and there, you can be able to find out everything which you need to know about the business types and their regulations. 



If you are already having a business then you know very well that business renewal is one of the important parts to manage your business. Opening a new business is one of the alternatives to renewal and the latter is so viable for long-term success. Not only is the renewal cheaper but it also allows you to simply maintain the same clients which you used to have. 

How to Renew Your Business In Oregon at www.FilinginOregon.con/Renew

It is so easy and faster than ever to simply renew your business and what market it involves. You can do it online or also you can be able to make a visit to the local Oregon secretary of state office. You need to remember that you need to simply pay some of the additional fees and taxes which may vary from $50 to $200. 

Online Oregon Business Renewal

Online business renewal is one of the easy and simple processes which needs you to make a visit at www.filinginoregon.com/renew. There, you will simply be prompted to enter the contact email and also the Oregon registry number. Also, if you are having any issues in terms of finding out your business registry number then you will be able to use the Find My Business section in the form. 

When it gets completed then you need to have some more documents related to your business like invoices and employment agreements. Also, you need to pay some fee which completely depends upon what type of business you are having. The annual renewal fee for domestic corporations is $100 and you can check out the complete list of the fee at the official website of Oregon’s secretary of state. 

Secretary of State Office Oregon Business Renewal

You can make a visit to the secretary of state office in Oregon in order to simply renew your business license. Also, you may be able to find out the division that deals with the business registrations and renewals in Salem, Oregon at 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151. The office will open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 Pm. 

Because of the recent pandemic restrictions, the office is mainly closed to the public, and for the time being, all the services like business renewals are mainly available online or also by phone as well.

How Can You Contact The Oregon Business Renewal Services

If you are looking for the details which help you to connect with the Oregon renewal services then you can be able to check out the details we are sharing below and select any one of them to connect with the company. 

  • Phone: 503-986-2200
  • Mail: Public Service Building 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151 Salem OR 97310
  • Email: [email protected]

You need to know that due to the huge number of emails, it generally takes three days for your mail to be responded to and you may need to wait for a few minutes for the representative to be able to connect with you. 

Advantages of Online Filing With Oregon Corporation Division

When you complete the process of online filing then it will generally take a few minutes or sometimes a few days to get processed. When the process gets completed then a confirmation email will get sent to you along with the receipt of the payment to simply maintain the records.

Also, you will be able to get the confirmation email for filing with a copy of the filed annual report or also the renewal as well. Also, you can ask them for more benefits and also about their service by simply making direct contact with them by using their contact information which we have shared above. 

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Final Verdict:

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