Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money? Puppy Town App Review 2022

Welcome to the detailed Puppy Town App Review 2022 where you will get the answer to almost every user query “Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money?”. There are millions of people who are playing Puppy Town by hoping to cash out $100 and to win an iPhone 11 and also to win some of the other exciting prizes. The description of the apps says that you can easily be able to win money by simply merging the dogs and also by building the town for the puppy. 

Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money?

Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money

I have seen lots of YouTubers who are reviewing this app and claim that it is one of the great options to make online money. But, the fact is that they are completely lying to their audience. You are here on this post as you don’t want to waste your precious time by merging the puppies for fun. So, in this case, you are required to have a valid and solid answer for some of the questions like does puppy town pay? Is it worth spending hours on this game? Is it legit or fake?

You just have to simply read this article till the end to find out the answer. If you are willing to earn a full-time income by simply working from your home then you have to check out this app. It is one of the same programs which helps me to earn $1,600 per month and due to this app, I also quit my job as this app gives me a great amount of money. 

Puppy Town App Review 2022

  • Name: Puppy Town – Merge and Win
  • Developer: Meet Joy Studio
  • Eligibility: WorldWide
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1.5 stars

What is Puppy Town?

Puppy town is one of the addictive games of merging where all the players are required to simply connect with the two puppies at the same time at the same level by which they can be able to unlock new dogs. Also, the game is mainly introduced and developed by MeetJoy Studio and this game is mainly available for all android and iOS users. 

Whenever you merge two dogs then they will get replaced by another breed which is one above level. Also, the higher level dogs will provide you with more and more virtual cash by which you can easily be able to buy more and more dogs from the shop. By unlocking the new level puppy, you can simply be able to collect the coins which you will be able to redeem for cash and also for the gift cards. 

When you are playing puppy town then you are mainly forced to watch several ads to generate revenue for the app developer. Also, the longer you play the game, the more they generate money. 

By having more than 10 million installations, Puppy Town became one of the highly popular merging games on the Google Play Store. 

In this review, we have checked the outcome of the other apps which are similar to the puppy town like Dogs Condo and Doggy Go. Mainly, they all provide the false expectation to make easy money due to the widespread frustration. 

Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money?

Unlikely, the puppy town doesn’t pay you. May be possible that only a few lucky users will get the legitimate app and there is no proof available for it. You don’t have to expect to earn any of the money or also the iPhone 11 by simply using the app. I have checked out lots of reviews on Google Play and don’t get impressed because I get lots of complaints about it. 

After checking out several apps, I understand the tactics which they are using to simply maximize the revenue and also to avoid the payments. The knife throwing game is one of the rare games which will pay you and you are required to simply pay out for it for nearly 1 year in order to start earning $5 on the regular basis. So, what are you expecting from Puppy Town? As per the game, all the players can simply be able to redeem 10 coins for the $10 USD Amazon gift card. 

Also, there are lots of people who report that when they achieve the 9.5 – 9.7 coins, then the app will stop providing them more coins. Also, the players will get stuck and also won’t be able to cash out. It will break the heart of the people all the time when they read such types of comments. 

The same is with the puzzles. You are required to have 10 pieces of Puzzles in order to win an iPhone but you can’t be able to collect the last puzzle piece. Some of the people said that they won’t be able to merge the puppies at level 20. 

The puppy town has changed its reward system which I will tell you later in this article in a detailed manner. All the users are required to simply collect $100 to cash out or also to unlock the Lucky Puppy to simply earn the proper dividends. Also, the users are facing the same issue along with the diminishing rewards and also with the same pattern. You will also be able to unlock the puppy level in a very quick manner and also, you will be able to cash out the balance to grow in a quick manner from the start. When you get closer to $100 then, they can’t give you cash rewards and you will also get stuck in between $98 to $99. 

Is Puppy Town Legit?

The method by which they are promoting the app may be considered false advertising in some countries. The reason behind this is that it may not be considered a fraud due to which the Puppy Town’s “Terms of Use” says the below-given statement: 

In some other words, Puppy Town is mainly not obligated to pay anyone. Also, some of the other games also claim their rights to provide virtual items like virtual cash, coins and also the tokens, and much more. Also, there is no limit to the developers and they can also be able to advertise the games. Generally, they operate from Asian countries, and due to this, they will bypass the advertising regulations abroad. 

Also, they will not advertise in the other “money-making” games, and also they avoid tech platforms such as Google and Facebook as well. It is one of the highly important things about the Puppy Town app and if you are worried about its working then keep reading this article. 

If you are really sick and mostly try all the apps and tire of using those apps that don’t pay then I really want to suggest you start your own business. You don’t need to have any type of special skills to work with it. If you can be able to write the reviews and follow the simple instructions then you can easily be able to build up your audience and also be able to generate a full-time income by simply sitting at your home. 

How Does Puppy Town Work?

You can simply be able to install Puppy town on Google Play or also with the help of the App Store and simply start playing this game free of cost. There is no registration needed and they will also ask for permission to make the calls and also be able to access the location of the devices. The best news is that you will be able to deny the permission and proceed with the process. 

I completely understand some of the apps which need the location to simply show out the targeted advertising. 

How to Play Puppy Town?

Puppy Town has lots of features but it is not as hard to know about its works. You just simply need to swipe in terms to merge two puppies in the same level. Also, the puppies begin from level 1 and after getting merged to your first 2 puppies, you will automatically jump to level 2. 

Every dog of the Town will generate virtual cash on autopilot mode and you will be able to buy lots of dogs in the shop. The higher the level, the more you earn the cash. You need to keep one thing in mind that you are only able to use the virtual cash to buy the dogs in the game and you can’t convert the money into real cash. 

When you unlock the new puppy then you will be able to earn a particular amount of coins and the main aim is to simply grow the puppy levels and to collect the 10 coins. It will become hard and hard to unlock the new levels and you have to buy the dogs at a higher level from the shop to simply save your time. You can also be able to play the lucky spin by checking out the app and also by watching the video ads and also by unlocking some of the particular levels.

With the help of the lucky spins, you can be able to win an iPhone 11 Pro puzzle piece. Also, if you collect all the 10 pieces of the puzzle then you may be able to redeem an iPhone 11. 

New Reward System of Puppy Town

After writing this review to find out “Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money?”, the reward system of the lucky puppy has been changed. I installed the puppy town again and then I learned that they removed the system of coin balance and also the prize of roulette. Also, the players can also be able to redeem the coins to claim the prizes and also for the gift cards as well. 

As stated in the terms of use, they can simply be able to modify the virtual items anytime whenever they want. Now, they also added the concept of the lucky puppy and also the fortune puppy which will mainly work in a similar manner to the dog merging app. 

It also says that if you merge the two LV. 50 puppies then you will also get a chance to simply get a lucky puppy and also be able to earn the dividends of 200 USB for 7 days. The issue is that the players can only be able to get fortune puppies that will not pay any type of dividends. 

The puppy town also claims that you will be able to get the lucky puppy by simply unlocking the 5 fortune puppies. You will not be able to win 5th one of how many LV 50 puppies you are having. Now, you need to keep one thing in your mind that the puppy town will get 100 lucky puppies in a day. 

It is mainly impossible for the players to collect the lucky puppies if they consider the millions of players. Also, there is no method to confirm that these 100 lucky puppies take place or not. If you are one of the lucky ones to get the dividends then you can withdraw the money with the help of their PayPal account after entering all the required details. 

There are lots of people who are complaining that they get stuck before they reach the minimum payout sum which is $100 which is not surprising for me. Now, as you know all the details about Puppy town and now discuss the pros and cons of it. 

Puppy Town App Pros and Cons: “Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money?”

Puppy Town Pros

  • It is really fun and also one of the addictive games and mainly in the starting. 
  • This game also has excellent graphics. 
  • It is also available on Google and also on iOS devices. 

Puppy Town Cons:

  • Puppy Town will not allow the players to reach $100 and it will make it impossible for the people to cash out the money. 
  • Also, people can be able to change the reward system and also the requirements at any time. 
  • The odds of winning are incredibly low. 
  • Also, the ads will show out the other money making apps that will not payout. 
  • Also, there are lots of ads available. 
  • This game also drains the battery of your device in a really fast manner. 

Puppy Town App Video Review 2022:

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Final Verdict:

We hope that this detailed puppy town app review is helpful for you. If you find this Puppy Town App Review 2022 where you got the answer of “Does Puppy Town Pay Real Money?” article helpful then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefit from this article. Also, if you have any issue or query related to the puppy town app then feel free to connect with us by dropping your comment in the below-given comment section.

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