5 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania

Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania – Do you want to hire dedicated developers in Romania? Great idea! Business service leaders in Romania and KPMG consider Romania the number one country for mature outsourcing markets.

Your software development dedicated team Romania will likely be experienced across a number of industries, although Romania is known for banking and insurance, industrial, and even startup work.

Engineering teams in Romania offer competitive rates, along with excellent tech and linguistic skills.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania?

Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania

Romania has shown growth in a number of sectors, growing its GDP and reaching a turnover of nearly 8 billion by 2021. This indicates great technology and economic progress in the country and promises stability to companies who want to hire a dedicated development team in Romania. 

Here are some of the reasons companies turn to Romania for their outsourcing needs:

  • Huge Talent Pool

There are more than 100,00 developers in Romania, backed by a great education system that keeps the talent pool filled with new developers all the time. You can easily find a Romanian dedicated development team with different levels of seniority for your project.

  • Expert Developers

Developers in Romania have great skills in a number of specialties, including the latest programming languages. They can develop AI, IoT technologies, mobile technologies, and more. Romania has a score of 81.9 on HackerRank for its development skills in Java, JavaScript, and Python, among others.

  • Affordable Rates 

The hourly rate for Romanian software development is around $15 to $25 per hour, compared to the US, where developers can command up to $50 an hour, or Western Europe, where it’s closer to $38 per hour. Romania may even be cheaper than some Eastern European neighbors of theirs. 

  • Communication Skills

While most people speak Romanian, your dedicated development software team in Romania will be fluent in English. The country is multilingual and multicultural, with experience communicating with international companies. 

  • Suitable time zone

Romania is close to many European countries, which means that time zone differences are negligible. It’s one hour ahead of some Eastern European nations and two hours ahead of Western European nations. This makes it very convenient for Europeans to use Romanian development teams. While the time difference is higher for the US, it’s only 7 hours ahead of the East Coast of the United States, so it’s easy to find some overlap in working together. 

  • Stability

Romania is stable and secure politically, despite the turmoil in other parts of Eastern Europe. The country is growing and developing rapidly and has great infrastructure so that downtimes and disruptions are kept to a minimum. The government has invested heavily in STEM disciplines, and 7000 IT graduates join the market every year.

What will you pay for developers in Romania? 

The average base salary for a software developer is around $27,000 per year. For junior developers, it’s closer to $19,000, and for seniors, it’s closer to $33,000. In the US, this figure can be much higher, with senior developers earning up to $100,000 per year. 

Before making a decision, make sure that you get to know the talent for your project. Arrange for a live interview and live coding sessions so that you can quickly gauge their expertise. Because you’ll be working together remotely, make sure that the developers will communicate adequately with you during the interview and recruitment process. If they aren’t responsive, or if there are misunderstandings, it’s not a great sign. 

Speak to a number of agencies and ask for testimonials. Make sure that the scope of work sets the right expectations and that there are contingency plans if they can’t deliver on time or if there is a turnover of staff. 

Both parties should be clear on expectations and know what they need to deliver, by when, so that there are no misunderstandings further down the line. 

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There are plenty of reasons why you should Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania, including a large talent pool, great skills, low rates, and a stable economy.

If you need a good team of dedicated developers to work on your project at an affordable rate, look no further than Romania.

However, if you are curious to learn more about alternative destinations and get some valuable insights, you can also find out more here.

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