Know Your Target Audience with 10 Ultimate To-Do Points

Have you ever shopped with a company and thought that they didn’t genuinely appreciate you choosing them over some other company? Or that they didn’t have a clue about who you were and that they probably wouldn’t care either? And in this situation companies should learn how to Know their target audience and give them the best value on the product or service.

Most of us have experienced this at some point or another, most likely with larger shopping chains that appreciate profit over customer service.

The same can sometimes be said of an online store if it’s not designed or laid out particularly well, and their planned ad campaigns.

Know Your Target Audience with 10 Ultimate To-Do Points

Know Your Target Audience

There are particular things you should know about your target audience if you’re going to expect their custom rather than just aimlessly hope for it.

Your advertisements need to grab their attention and not just give them a great deal, but make them feel as though they’re appreciated for what they like and enjoy, rather than for what’s in their pockets.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Your Target Audience

Follow these 10 nuggets of advice and you’ll hopefully soon be able to discover what your customers’ shopping behaviors are!

  • Customers appreciate quality service over how quickly you can push them through

If a customer can see that your company knows its stuff and can help them thoroughly rather than get them out of the way as soon as possible, it could pay offloads in the long run with repeated custom. Nobody likes being thought of as a number.

  • Customers are therefore happier to spend a bit more when ads are personalized to their tastes

There’s a higher likelihood a customer will part with their cash for your services or products if they’re presented with things that they’d be interested in buying. We’ve all had emails from companies who seem to think that we would enjoy a mountain bike because we once bought a bracelet, and nothing could be more laughable. If a person can see that an ad is geared towards them personally, they’ll be more likely to click through to your site.

  • Customers don’t just want to receive good deals on special occasions

While we all love it if we can save some cash when Christmas and birthdays come around, we don’t want to be thought of as sources for a company’s profit margins at special times of the year. You could randomize the way customers are approached with offers, i.e. send them a voucher every now and then and say that it’s because of how appreciated they are as an individual, or something equally complimentary.

  • You should really try to make an impact on a customer’s day, rather than just complement it

Whether that means giving customers free delivery on particular items at particular times or giving them a regular deal every week is up to you. Customers appreciate having something regular to look forward to in case they’ve had a bad week, and they certainly appreciate being given a mind-blowing deal that beats those of your competitors. It can make them so much happier on a bad day that they’ll return to you time and time again, regardless of whether you have deals on it or not.

  • Customers like Loyalty Schemes that actually bother to Reward them

There are plenty of loyalty schemes being offered these days, and unfortunately, not all of them are any good. The more you give back to customers in return for their custom, the more they’ll choose to shop with you.

  • Customers Want to be Listened to

Particularly if you have a strong social media presence, you should listen to what your customers are saying. Some great business ideas can stem from what your customers are telling you. Respect the fact they may actually have some good ideas that’ll work for you.

  • Customers Enjoy Reading about your Company History

This might sound preposterous, but believe it or not, your target audience will be interested to know how your company started, especially if you can put an emotive spin on it and make your brand sound both powerful and caring. If you make customers aware of how much your company has gone through to be where it is today, as well as how passionate it is about making them happy, they may feel like giving you the time of day.

  • Don’t Focus on Just Money

Depending on what your business is about, mentioning money too often could put your target audience off. If your business is either a discount company or a luxury item company, customers will not want to be confronted with money too often. They want to hear about what you sell first and the price of it second.

  • These customers will prefer being sold a ‘good time’ instead of being told that something is cheap

The value of a brand will shoot up if it manages to prove to people that they will have the time of their life by buying a particular product. While we all appreciate saving money from time to time, most of us can remember and cherish having a great time for a good deal longer than the fact we got 20% off something a few months ago.

Of course, your digital marketing strategy should know exactly who your target is in terms of demographics such as age, location, gender, and so on. However, it doesn’t always cover how you should market to them, so ensure that this is given a lot of thought and planned out first. Remembering for example that young people make heavy use of social media, B2B loves email, and so on.

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