System Interrupts – How to Fix High CPU Usage? [Full Tutorial]

If your computer system is suffering from high CPU usage and it will stop lots of resources then it happens due to the system interrupts. So, if you want to get rid of this problem then you need to keep reading this article till the end to know all the best methods and fixes of this problem. 

System Interrupts – How to Fix High CPU Usage?

System Interrupts

At the time when you find out that a process which is known as system interrupts is creating high CPU usage then it means that you are facing some issues with your hardware or either with your driver.

So, today here in this article, we are going to talk about what system interrupts and also how to fix high CPU usage in a very simple and quick manner. So, keep reading this article till the end to know all the details and fixes in a proper manner. 

What Is System Interrupts?

You need to know that the system interrupts will take place as the windows process which appears in the task manager of your windows but it is not a process at all. It is a type of representative that will report the CPU usage of all interrupts which happen at a very small system level. Also, the interrupts can be able to originate by the software or also by the hardware which will also include the processor as well. 

An interrupt will alert the processor to be a high-priority which needs the interruption of the latest code which was executed by the processor. Also, the processor will respond by simply suspending all the current activities or tasks and saving their state, and also it will execute a function which is known as an interrupt handler in the process to deal with the event. 

When any of the interrupt handler tasks get completed then the processor will continue to the state from which it was interrupted. Also, the interrupts are one of the communication forms of software and also hardware with the CPU. Like, when you type something by using your keyboard then the hardware and also the software sends the interrupt to the CPU to find out the processing of your input. 

Also, the interrupts will also tell the CPU that any of the errors take place and it may create a spike in the usage of the CPU of the system interrupts. If you are using a healthy system then the system interrupts will be in between 0.1% to 2% of the usage of the CPU and it will completely depend upon the CPU frequency, running software, and also on the hardware which gets attached with your system. 

Its highest peak is 3% to 7% which is considered a normal range on the basis of the setup of your system. 

How to Fix System Interrupts Causing High CPU Usage

If your system interrupts hogging in a constant manner which is more than 5% to 1-% of the usage of your CPU then there is something wrong with it and it may be possible that you are facing some hardware issues. So, in this case, we will help you to get rid of this problem. First of all, you need to try to reboot your system in order to get rid of this problem. If this problem still exists then you have to read and follow the methods which we are sharing below wisely:

Method 1: Unplug or Disable All External Devices

You need to know that if you are getting High CPU Usage which is caused by system interrupts then USB hardware may be a culprit behind this issue sometimes. You can simply try to unplug all your external USB device when you are in the device manager and then disable the USB root hubs like blocking external hardware from interrupting the CPU. 

In the device manager, you need to find Universal serial bus controllers and then simply disable the USB root hub entry which you have found. 

Method 2: Check Hardware Drivers

To find out that if you are facing a driver issue, you need to run the DPC latency checker. DPC which is known as deferred procedure call is one of the processes which is related to the system interrupts. At the time when the interrupt handler requires to defer a low priority task then it will call on the DPC.

DPC Latency checker is mainly created to find out that your system is handling the real-time audio or video or video streaming properly by checking the latency of the kernel-mode device driver. It is one of the simple and fast methods to find out the issues and also you don’t need to install it in your system at all. 

If you see any of the red bars then it means that something is off. You can simply try to find out the main culprit and if you face this problem the very first time then you need to update the recent drivers to their latest versions. Drivers which were creating this issue previously were AMD SATA, HD audio device, and also the missing Bluetooth drivers as well. 

Also, you can simply install and run the latencyMon which is a latency monitor in terms of finding out the driver files along with the high DPC count. You need to simply make a click on the start or play button and then simply switch to the driver’s tab and sort the files of the driver by using the DPC count. 

Method 3: Disable Internal Devices

Apart from updating your drivers randomly, you need to simply start disabling the separate device driver in order to find out the main culprit. If you already find out the main culprit then you have to disable the first. 

Simply enter into the start menu and then you have to search for the device manager and open it. Now, expand the peripherals listed below and then make a right-click on the device and then select the option of disabling. 

You have to do this for one device at a time. Simply check out the CPU usage of the system interrupts or also, you can re-run the DPC latency checker, and then you have to make a right-click on the device and then simply select the enable option before moving towards the next device. 

Mainly these devices are the culprits:

  • Network adapters
  • Internal Modems
  • Internal sound devices
  • Any add-on cards such as TVtuner card, ISDN or DSL adapters, or the modem as well. 

If any of these are not the culprit then you can simply proceed to disable the other drivers. Make sure not to disable the display adapters as the disk drive is running your system and the IDE controllers and also your mouse and keyboard as well. 

Method 4: Exclude Failing Hardware

If any of the corrupt drivers is creating the system interrupts issue then failing drivers as well. So, in this case, you have to try to update your drivers but sometimes it won’t solve the issue. But if you dispel the complete device then it will be able to fix this issue. You need to know that the system interrupts may also take place due to the faulty power supply or also due to the faulty laptop charger. You have to try to replace or unplug them as well. 

Method 5: Disable Sound Effects

If you are using Windows 7 then this is one of the solutions which will be definitely helpful for you. You have to make a right-click on the speaker icon of your system tray and then you need to select the option of the playback device and then make a double-click on the default device to open the properties.

Now, open the enhancements tab and simply disable all the sound effects. You have to confirm by making a click on the Ok button and now check whether the system interrupts issue gets fixed or not. 

Method 6: Update Your BIOS

Basically, the BIOS is one of the main parts of the software which is run by your system at the time when you turn on your system. Also, it will help your windows operating system to get the boot. First, it will find out your BIOS version in then check out the official website of your manufacturer for the updates and then also the process of installation. 

To get to know about your BIOS version, you have to make a click on the Windows Key + R and then type Cmd and click on the Enter button and then you have to execute two commands which is:

Systeminfo | findstr | i | c:bios2.wmic bios get manufacturer


You need to know that the / in/I is a capital i and not a small L. 

Also, make sure that updating the BIOS is not a simple process. Before updating it, you have to take the backup of your system. 

System Interrupts Can Be Tricky

You need to know that the high CPU by system interrupts may take place due to several issues. We have shared all the best methods in the above-given article which will be helpful for you to get rid of this issue in a very simple and quick manner.

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