www.Citi.com/RefundInquiry – If you are a registered user of Citi.com/refundinquiry then you might be knowing this platform which helps you out with the recovery of your amount in case of any loss.  We have included the customer support no. which is toll-free and also the address which you can contact in case of emergency.

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  1. Citi customers who are registered with Account care, balance protection, credit protection, payment safeguard, credit protector, pay aids, watch-guard, and/or job loss protection services.
  2. City and Department Stores National Bank, N.A. has sent letters to customers who may be entitled to a refund.
  3. Customers who were enrolled in one of these programs without their consent would be entitled to a refund.

www.Citi.com/RefundInquiry Top Benefits

Before you opt for the service section of Citi bank you must know the below benefits it offers to you. Here are some of the benefits it offers to you. Check out those.

  • Account Holder, Balance Protector, Credit Protection, Payment Safeguard, Credit Protector, Payment Aid, City Identifier, Watch-Guard Favorites, and/or Job Loss Protection Services are the offered services by citi.com and you can access them easily via citi.com/refundinquiry
  • Customers of the City can claim a claim by dialing the toll-free number found on the back of the credit card.
  • Those who received a refund inquiry letter from the city, but dialed 1-888-849-1215 after losing the reference number.
  • com/RefundInquiry can also be used to update an address.
  • It is not known at present any amount that any claimant will get.

In order to submit a claim for a possible refund or credit, the customer must provide the reference letter and the reference number present according to their name (please enter the exact name associated with the city account).

Contact www.citi.com/refundinquiry P.O Box Address

Customers interested in contacting CitiGroup’s corporate office regarding this issue can write to 399 Park Ave. New York, NY 10022.

And in order to access the address and reach it Please include your account number, your name, and your return phone number or address.


Sometimes you might be searching for customer support no. related to www.Citi.com/RefundInquiry which will help you out with the direct connection of it many of the guides easily.

Citi.com/RefundInquiry is operated and provided by CitiGroup and any questions regarding the Citi Refund web page can be directed to 888-849-1215. Those who received more than one notification letter, have to file a separate claim for each incident.

But even though they are given the rebate that is to file a claim, the customer is not required to be a current cardholder or a City Account member.

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The article above has helped you out with the www.Citi.com/RefundInquiry section of Citi bank which not only helps you out with the recovery of financial loss but also you are guided with how to recover it. You are also given the customer support number and direct contact address which will help you for your next time easy connect with Citi bank customer support for any of your help.

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