DistributedCOM Error 10016 Windows 10 – Fixed

As you know, the distributedCOM error 10016 is one of the most common errors which takes place in windows. But, lots of people don’t know about it and if you are one of them then stay on this article to get to know about this error and also this article helps you to get to know about the methods of how to fix this error in a very simple manner.

DistributedCOM Error 10016 Windows 10


Basically, the distributedcom error 10016 windows 10 shutdown is one of the common problems which mainly takes place in all the windows versions.

Also, this error doesn’t crash your system immediately and you don’t face the blue screen of death at the same time. But, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to fix this error.

Here with the help of this article, you will get to know about the process of how to fix the DistributedCOM error 10016 on windows 10 in a very simple and easy manner. 

What is DistributedCOM | What is Error 10016?

First of all, we need to take a look at what is distributedCOM error 10016 and also we will discuss the common causes behind this error. 

Basically, Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) is one of the aspects of the networked or the windows computer.

It is one of the proprietary Microsoft technologies which takes the action all the time when any of the apps gets connected to the internet. Also, the COM will only access the information of the same device where distributedcom error 10016 crash will access the data by using the remote servers.

Lime, lots of websites are also the services using the scripts which will access a remote server. When your computer requests for the scripting then the DCOM will forward your request to the particular script object. 

A DCOM error mainly takes place when any of the app or the service requests to use the DCOM but doesn’t have legal permission. Also, several times, the DCOM error doesn’t affect the system but clogging up your event viewer.

Also, lots of users of Windows 10 don’t check the event viewer on a regular basis and the distributedcom error 10016 Reddit is something for which you don’t need to worry. 

But, if you really want to keep your system error-free and want to get rid of this distributedCOM error of the DCOM error 10016 then you have to keep reading this article till the end to know all the better solutions for this error. 

Method 1: Edit the Windows Registry to Fix DCOM Error 10016

You need to know the first port of your windows registry call. Sometimes, a simple registry or a tweak can be able to fix the distributedcom error 10016 freeze in an immediate manner. Before you start editing the registry, we suggest you take a backup of your system. 

You have to type the registry in the search bar of your restart menu and then you need to select the best match. Now, open the file > export > and simply set the export range to all, and then you have to save the windows registry in a simple location.

You need to know that these fixes will not damage your system but it is good to take a backup of your system in the process to restore if any unexpected issue takes place. 

How to Fix:

  • You need to type registry in the start menu search bar and then select the suitable match. 
  • Now, you need to delete the four registry keys. 
  • Then, simply close the windows registry editor, and then you have to reboot your system in a simple manner. 

Method 2: Enable DCOM

If it is not helpful for you then there is a long method which you need to follow. If you are having some individual app that is providing the distributedcom error 10016 windows 10 then the process will take longer as you have to repeat some of the steps for every error. 

The DCOM error 10016 message is the event viewer is having the details about the particular application or the process which is creating this issue. You need to search for the event viewer in your start menu search and then you have to select the appropriate option. Then, you have to enter into the windows logs > system and then look for the recent DCOM error 10016. Simply make a double click on that error message to expand that message. 

In the general tab, you will see the reason behind the distributedcom error 10016 black screens which will list the CLSID and APPID. Also, the CLSID and APPID will be string randomly. You can simply be able to use them to find out which application or the service is a cousin to the 10016 error. 

Locate CLSID and APPID in the Registry Editor

Below is the process of how you locate the service in the Registry Editor. 

First of all, you need to highlight the CLSID in the event viewer and then make a click on the CTRL + C to copy it. Now, you have to open the Registry Editor and then simply search for the registry. 

You need to know that you can simply copy and paste the address in the address bar of the registry editor. When the CLSID search gets completed then you can simply cross-reference the APPID by the error message by simply using your AppID which comes under the CLSID. 

In some of the cases, the DCOM Error 1006 is with the runtime broker which is a common reason behind this error. 

Edit the CLSID Permission

On the left side of the registry entries, you have to make a right-click on the CLSID error and then you have to click on the permission > advanced option. Here, you can be able to edit all the permissions of the service.

Simply highlight the administrators and then select the edit button. You have to switch to the basic permission which also has complete control and then make a click on the ok or apply button. 

Now, you have to restart your system and when it gets restarted then you have to input the component services in the start menu search bar and then simply select the best option. Open the computers > My Computer > DCOM Config

You will see a complete list of the services which are using the DCOM and you have to locate the service which is using the name and APPID and simply make a right-click and then select the Properties > security

Under the launch and activation permission, you are required to select the Edit > Add > Add a local service > Apply. Now, simply make a tick on the local activation box and then click on the Ok button and then simply reboot your system. 

DCOM Error 10016 Solved

So, we hope that the methods which we have shared above will be helpful for you to fix DistributedCOM 10016 errors in a very simple manner.

If this article and the methods which we have shared in this article are helpful for you then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited with this article.

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