How to Enable Secret Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger?

How to Enable Secret Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger – Although we are excited that the system-wide dark mode has been released for iPhone with iOS 15, the app developers have started exercising these features in their applications.

According to the recent headlines, we got to know that the Facebook Messenger app is going to bring us a beautiful dark mode and you can add beauty to the app if you know how you can activate it.

As a matter of fact, the feature is still undergoing multiple tests and examinations; however, it has not gone public yet. But, as smart users, we always know the alternatives.

Here, we are going to tell you a secretive way to enable it on your device.

So, if you are eager to see a new dark face of your Facebook Messenger, Stay with us and read the full article that will help you enable the same on your device.

How to Enable Secret Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger?

How to Enable Secret Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Since the inception of Facebook, the digitally social world got extended and added fun and entertainment to our lives. To add extra beauty and excitement to Facebook Messenger, we have an easy process for activating the dark mode.

If you don’t give a few minutes to read the article, the probability is that you would not know to enable dark mode.

Having said that, if you want something new to happen, you are suggested to read the article and learn to enable dark mode in some easy steps which are easy to comprehend and easy to act upon.

Following are the steps which you must follow carefully:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger and Send the moon emoji to any of your contacts. If you hesitate to do that, you can even send it to yourself.
  2. When you have sent the emoji, Facebook will notify you that you have found a dark mode.
  3. You just need to click on “Try in Settings” and then enable the “Dark Mode” Toggle.
  4. When you are done enabling it, this is what Messenger chats will look like. Isn’t it cool?

Needless to say, this process of enabling dark mode on Facebook Messenger is thrilling and it is also quite sharp for users who certainly discover this mode themselves.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger: Add Beauty to Facebook Messenger 🙂

It is really delightful to see that companies are making genuine efforts and include such simple nuggets to give quality and exciting experiences to their users. We also like the idea that Facebook Messenger has used the actual deep dark mode but not the one having shades of blue or gray.

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