View Facebook Stories Anonymously with Facebook Story Viewer

Facebook Story Viewer – If you are not a friend or not following someone on Facebook and want to view the story of that person, they will have no method of telling you that if it was you. Facebook will not tell them that you view their story so that they don’t have any idea that you watch it.

Your view is anonymous as you watch their stour several times as you want without letting them know that it’s you. 

If you don’t follow them and they follow you then they don’t have any method to know that you view their Facebook story. There is a trick involved in this Facebook story viewer online method but to know it, you have to read this article till the end so that you can able gather all the details about it in a simple and easy manner.

Facebook Story Viewer 2022

Facebook Story Viewer

Can You Watch Someone’s Facebook Story Without Them Knowing?

There are lots of methods that help you to watch people’s Facebook stories without your name appearing in their viewer list. They will also not have any idea that you view their story as you will not click on their story directly and Facebook will not register that click as a view.

The Facebook story viewer order methods which we use to complete this task are never recognized by Facebook as a view so there is nothing to think or worry about.

How to View Someone’s Facebook Story Without Them Knowing?

If you watch someone’s story accidentally and don’t want them to know that you watch it then it can leave you in an awkward situation or you may be eager to view their story but you don’t want them to know about your actions. 

When you view someone’s story on Facebook then your name appears in a list of the people who viewed their story. In terms of viewing their story without knowing them, you need to remove yourself from the list or don’t come up in the first place on the list. 

  • Airplane Mode

One of the very first methods to view Facebook stories without appearing on the list is by simply putting your phone on airplane mode. When your phone is on airplane mode then your device will not be connected to the internet. So, in this case, Facebook will not be able to register that you view their story. 

When your phone is on airplane mode then you are required to refresh your Facebook feed and when it gets refreshed then you need to click on the story and simply watch it. Now, you can turn off airplane mode and the person will not be able to tell that you watch their story. Before taking off airplane mode, you need to ensure that you close the Facebook app. 

  • Half Swiping

When you swipe right from the previous story to the next story without letting go then it means that you are still one story whilst viewing the next one. Because you don’t let go of your fingers, Facebook will not register that you view the story of the person as you have not committed completely to watching it. 

  • Use Another Account

If you are having a burner account that does not have any traces of your identity then you can be able to use it to watch the IS stories of the people and they are not able to recognize that it’s you. If their account is public, then using the burner account is so easy and you can be able to view their story anytime. If their account is private then you need to be friends with them in order to view their IG stories anonymously. 

  • Blocking Them

If you have viewed their story already but you don’t want that name to appear in the list then you can simply block them. When the 24 hours gets completed you can unblock them and add them as a friend again. It will be awkward as when they get blocked then your profile will get removed from the list of the people who view their story. 

  • Deactivate Your Account

Another method to do it without blocking them and adding them again is to deactivate your account until the story gets deleted. Your name will get removed from the list of the people who viewed the profile as your profile is temporarily deleted from Facebook. When the story gets deleted then you will be able to make a login into your Facebook account. 

  • Watch Them In The Last Minute

Another method to watch someone’s Facebook story without knowing them is to watch the story when it is going to expire. To know when it gets uploaded, you have to look at how long the story has been uploaded and then calculate how many hours are left for the completion of 24 hours. 

  • Ask Someone to Send It To You and View The Thumbnail

If someone whom you know is friends with the person whose story you want to view then you can simply ask them to send it to you and you view the thumbnail in messenger without clicking it so that you will appear in the list of the people who viewed it. 

  • Ask Someone What Was On Their Story

You can be able to ask someone what was on someone’s story so that you don’t need to view it yourself. You can phrase it simply as you think that they have blocked you from watching their story. It only works if you know someone who is also friends with this person and if their account is private and you don’t know anyone who is friends with them then you will need to use another method to ask them. 

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Final Verdict

So, these are some of the best and proven methods to get an answer on how to view Facebook stories anonymously with Facebook Story Viewer 2022.

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